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Thanks for taking the time to visit Southern Mummy a UK parenting and lifestyle blog. I’m Heidi, a 30 something mum to one very spirited little boy. I have been with my partner Chris for 6 years and we are currently engaged.

I began blogging a few years ago, when Finlay was born to raise awareness of Flat Head Syndrome, a condition he was born with. However, I have decided to take the plunge into a more general parenting and lifestyle blog as it really has become a hobby I love. I hope to share our adventures as a family and provide useful tips and tricks when it comes to parenting naughty spirited little boys!

When I am not blogging I work part time as an Administration Supervisor. I also have a love for nature and conservation and have Postgraduate Degree within the subject. Ideally I would love to become self employed and work from home, as it is becoming ever increasingly difficult fitting work around childcare and the financial burdens associated with it. I hope to document my journey to this and inspire other mums in the process.I am a bit of a self confessed money saving guru, I love a bargain, and always on the hunt for deals. Hopefully this will make my journey a little bit easier!

Finlay, was born in February 2013. He is the light of our lives, affectionate, caring, funny, loud, naughty…did i mention spirited?! He is a whirlwind, and loves nothing more than to climb, jump, shout and stomp. He loves being outdoors,if hes not scooting on his scooter he is down the forest skiding around with his dad on his balance bike.

Chris is in his late 30’s and works as a full time fiance Team Leader. His favourite hobby is mountain biking. When he’s not riding, he likes to think bikes, talk bikes and watch bikes. When everything ‘bike’ has been exhausted, we love nothing more then to cuddle upon the sofa with netflix!


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