Today I am 4 months oldI’m running a few weeks late with this update. My excuses reasons are: Allergic reaction to conjunctivitis (me), Sickness bug (Emmie and Fin), Head Injury (Fin), Birth of new Cousin (Aunty) and a week off together (the four of us)!!

However, on 06th July Emmie turned 4 months! I feel like a broken record but really, has a month passed since Emmie’s 3 month update? Time continues to fly by incredibly fast and Emmie is growing bigger by the day, the past month has been incredible and we have hit some exciting milestones before they were even expected!

4 Months

Weight: 12lbs 6oz

So this past month, Emmie went bald!!! Not completely, she had a fine covering, but considering she was born with lots of dark hair, she has turned into a little egg head. I expect it will grow back like Fin’s as they seem to be quite similar in colouring, time will tell. For now, we have a little Gary Baldy.

On the subject of her head, I was still concerned about the shape of her head. I think this is natural having one baby who has already had Flat Head Syndrome and been in Helmet Therapy though. I have been ensuring lots of tummy time, lots of carrying and if I know I will be out for a while, her Lilla Kuddis Plagiocephaly Pillow comes with us. I actually think this made a huge difference and as we moved to the end of this month, her head is looking a much better shape. There is still a mild flatness, but not to the extent I believe she will need a helmet. I think continuing with the above will be enough to prevent any lasting flatness or ill shape.

4Months old (1)

At the start of the month Emmie had her 2nd round of vaccinations. I think she has quite a reaction to the Rotavirus vaccine. I remember her last month been a little uncomfortable, but as she came out in Chicken Pox I thought it was to do with that. However she was once again very uncomfortable and had a little bit of a runny bottom (more so than usual) for a good few days afterwards. I am not looking forward to the next lot. I hate seeing her in discomfort and not being able to do much.

Emmie continues to feed well (we’re still Breast Feeding!!). I had a bit of a blip when I thought I wasn’t producing enough milk, but this was mainly due to people innocently suggesting she was hungry every time she cried. I am however, very confident in feeding her and she is now a pro at feeding. She is still a bit diddy, but exactly following along the 25th centile as she has done since she regained her weight after birth. She is just a small girl like her mummy (once was, not so much now, reminds me I must diet!!).

Giggling is now mastered, she loves a good tickle. Emmie also pulls the funniest faces and makes the greatest facial expressions!

Emmie is beginning to pull herself into a sitting position with help. She does not like to be lying down any more and wants to be up so she can have a good nose. So nothing has changed there since the last update! She obviously isn’t strong enough to sit yet, but she has very strong muscle when supported, sitting straight with her head up. I wonder if she will sit before Finlay did? He was lazy sitting and was almost 7 months before he mastered it. I think it was because he could crawl so he didn’t need to sit!

4 months old (2)

I can tell that Emmie’s vison has come on leaps and bounds. Emmie will spot me from across the room and just stare and follow me. She can also grasp and hold things really well now and will intently look at anything she is holding (before it goes in her mouth for a taste!). One of her favourite things to hold is a muslin, she will scrunch it and pull at it. They are so easy to hold and she especially loves her patterned ones.

So most excitingly at 16 and half weeks, Emmie Rolled!! She had been having a good try but I honestly thought she wouldn’t roll. Then bam, she rolled. Accident I thought! Nope! she did it again and again and again. The clever girl mastered this before Finlay did AS a baby, please don’t let her crawl before 6 months too! She is growing far too quickly for my liking but I am so excited for her growing up and exploring the world!

Goodby 4 months, hello to 5 months!







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