Today I am 7 months old find out what milestones Emmie has met


It’s October! Somehow, even though I am heavily involved in Blogtober17 and Blogoween, I am relatively on time with this one bar a few days. The only reason it’s slightly late is that when Emmeline turned 7 months on the 06th October it was in the middle of weigh in days. So I opted to go to the one after, which was today, rather than the one before. It does seem like it was only yesterday I posted Emmeline’s 6 month update. However, I was a few weeks late with that one! Well, this month has been a bit different to the normal. Find out below in Emmeline’s Today I am 7 Months old!


Weight: 15 lb 2.5 Oz


Weigh in has confirmed Emmeline is still a little one. She hasn’t moved up or down the percentiles but is nicely following the 13th percentile. I do worry because she is small. However I remind myself that anything between 1 and 100 is within the normal range, so although she is small, she isn’t abnormally so. I think I’m still comparing her to her chunky brother who was always near the upper end of the charts. As she is little she still fits quite well into some of her 3 – 6 month clothes and some of the 6 – 9 month clothes are huge!

As I mentioned this month has been a bit different to normal. Emmeline really hasn’t had a happy month. At 6 months I began introducing her to baby rice and purees. This didn’t agree with her and she became constipated. I cut back on the food and began again once she cleared. This time, staying away from the baby rice, but it happened again which I think may have been Banana. So these first weeks she was very uncomfortable, waking 3 – 4 times a night. Slowly I have increased the types of purees again, although she is not constipated she still seems to have tummy ache. I have also been giving her finger foods like cucumber, boiled carrot sticks and Broccoli as I really like the concept of Baby Led Weaning, this is going well, she loves her food despite her tummy issues.


today i am 7 months old baby milestones


In addition, the past few weeks have really seen my usual happy smiley Emmeline tearful and unsettled. She hasn’t got any teeth yet, but I have a feeling they are going to make an appearance very soon. Her fist is constantly in her mouth, she is pulling at her ear and her cheeks have been slightly pinker than usual. I would say the last week she has consistently woken up 5 – 6 a night. She is obviously tired and grumpy, come on teeth!

On a happier note, we started Sing and Sign this month. I used to attend this class regularly with Finlay when he was a baby and I really loved it. Our teacher is so friendly and really lovely, I was so excited to go back. I have actually been using a few signs with Emmie for quite a few months and she has picked up the ‘Milk’ sign and has been using it in context this month which is really exciting. I can’t wait to see what she picks up next!


today I am 7 months old baby milestones


Emmie pretty confidently sits now, but I still have cushions around her if she is not on her foam play mat as sometimes something catches her eye and she just lunges at it! She isn’t crawling yet (thankfully) but she now spins on the spot when she is on her tummy. She also likes to flap about, what I can only describe like a seal dragging itself down the beach, yet she doesn’t move, quite. It might not be long though. Nappy changes are now awful, she just wants to roll over and she is so strong. She just laughs when I firmly say NO, cheeky!






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