Good Reads for Toddlers

I started ‘Good Reads for Toddlers’ on my old blog and have decided to resurect it. An area where you can come and discover books for toddlers. It may be recommendations of those very famous books every toddler should read, or some fantastic less known ones. As I have also said, I am not a parent who religiously reads to their child every night. I work and sometimes I honestly just do not have the energy. Does this make me a bad parent? Maybe according to the ‘reading police’ but I say NO of course it doesn’t! Finlay is read to regularly, he has loads of books which sometimes he just loves to look at. So don’t feel guilty if your child doesn’t have a story every night. Actually a little trick I learnt recently, if you are too tired. Get your child to read to you! It doesn’t matter if they don’t tell the right story, but it helps develop their imagination and storytelling!!

This week Top 5 Good Reads for Toddlers

‘Stick Man’ by Julia Donaldson

stickmanOne of Finlay’s (and mine) favourites. Poor old stick man sets out for his morning run. He leaves his family at home, but a normal run, leaves stick man miles and miles from home. He tries desperately to find his way back, but the weeks turn into months and his poor old family ever wonder if he will come home. A surprising friend comes tostickman’ss rescue, but does he make it home? I really love how this book takes you through the seasons, which is a great learning tool and discussion point for you and your toddler.

Mighty MoMighty Mo’ by Alison Brown

A year ago Finlay wanted this book read to him all the time. So much was it his favourite that i even modelled his 2nd birthday cake on the main character Mo. Mo is an enthusiastic little racoon, but sometimes his enthusiasm is a little bit too much. Try as he might Mo just can’t seem to find his place amongst his friends. That is until Big Ron the robber starts causing trouble! This book is great for teaching kids about feelings, and also a great lesson in that you do not have to be good at everything to be special.

The boy who lost his Bumble‘The boy who lost his Bumble’ by Trudi Esberger

This actually one of my favourite books.I love Bee’s and they have such an important role in nature, with their decline on the rise I think it’s great this book is to help Children see their importance. In this book, a boy loves the Bee’s in his garden and loves to watch and follow them. The boy notices as the seasons go on that he sees less and less of the bees. One day they are gone and the boy is really sad and he wonders if they have gone forever? Will they come back? A great book with an even greater underlying message.

how to catch a star‘How to catch a star’ by Oliver Jeffers¬†

once there was a little boy who loved stars, one day he decided he wanted to try and catch one. This story follows this little boys journey as he tries with all his might to catch his very own star and boy does he try so hard. This book is just magical and has the most beautiful illustrations. As you read it you cant help but fall into the magic of the story. I love using this book to talk to Finlay about if he were to try and catch a star, how he would do it. He always comes up with some rather imaginative ideas!

Abigail‘Abigail’ by Catherine Rayner

Abigail is another book that is just beautiful to look at. Another of my favourites. Abigail is a giraffe, a giraffe that loves to count. Abigail is trying to count many different things in the wilds of Africa, but each time her attemps are scuppered. She is just about to give up when she has a fantasic idea! What I love about this book is how easy it is to practice counting. You and your little one can learn and practice counting skills as you count along with abigail.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Good Reads. What are your favourites? I would love to hear! Join me next week for more toddler Good Reads!