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Finlays Fairy Garden: Review and Giveaway

Fairy Gardens, magical little oasis right in our backyards. Did you know that fairy Gardens can be dated right back to 1893? Created to lure fairies in to your garden and bring with them good luck for your home! How magical! Who believes in fairies? Put your hand up, I do! I do! I’m a big believer in magic! As well as the chance of luring little fairies into your garden creating a fairy garden is also a great way to ignite your child’s imagination, 2 birds 1 stone!!

I was so excited when Gardens2you provided Finlay with his very own Fairy garden kit to review. Together we want to help break the mould, fairies don’t just have to be for girls and their gardens definitely don’t have to be pink and fluffy! Finlay has thoroughly enjoyed setting up his fairy garden. It is by no means finished, but that’s what I love. They don’t have to be finished they can grow!

The Kit

Gardens2you provided us with a starter kit, consisting of a fairy door and 4 red toadstool mushrooms all created with Hand-finished polyresin and a large mushroom ornament  made from coloured resin. All the items are weather resistant which means come rain, snow, sun or frost the fairy garden will stand strong. Which is great, once you have your fairies they have no excuse to leave (although fairies can be quickly offended, so do not speak ill of them or they just pack up and go).

The kit is really pretty and well designed. They feel very sturdy and I really love how well they blend into the garden. The door is so very cute, the attention to detail is amazing, all down to the little handle. If red doesn’t take your fancy, the kits come in different designs and colours too. The large mushroom ornament is probably my favourite. It has a rounded stake so you can easily insert it into the ground. The little ‘fairies welcome’ sign is the icing on the cake. The mushroom is beautifully crafted and complements the kit beautifully. Gardens2you also sell many additional types of mushrooms, in a variety of colours and many other accessories to complete your fairy garden. The choice is yours and the possibilities endless!

Our creation

I knew straight away where I wanted the fairy garden. Finlay has a little blue whimsical wooden playhouse at the bottom of the garden. I knew it would be perfect if we had it nestled alongside that. We have many pots, rocks, solar lights and a few little garden ornaments. So I suggested to Finlay that we use all these bits for our Fairy garden! As Finlay is a boy I wanted it more natural and rustic looking so he could relate to it.

I found a large terracotta pot with some perfect plants and weeds growing in it. I layered up some of our garden rocks and placed a few pine cones about. Finlay wanted some of nannies garden animals so we swiped them from her pots as they were just the right size for the fairies. We placed the door against the pots and places the mushrooms around the door and rocks. with the large Mushroom ornament in the pot above the door. I actually got the scissors out and cut a path up to the door. Finlay then lined it with stones and cones. We placed a few lights, a wishing well and an old rustic watering can about and voila we have our Fairy Garden. It is not finished, I want to add some fairy type plants and make some little furniture, but for now, I have to say it looks amazing!!

How do I know it’s amazing, well I heard some little laughter down the bottom of the garden. I told Finlay to Investigate and the fairies had moved in and left him a mini transformer present by the door – so cute!

I would highly recommend Gardens2you fairy garden range if you are considering creating your very own fairy garden, there is so much to choose from and I guarantee you will not be disappointed!


Gardens to you have kindly given me the Red Door, 4 mushroom starter kits worth £24.95 to give away. This kit is currently sold out online so if you want one hurry up and enter today! To win simply tell me what your name would be if you were a fairy and why, in the comments below. I think I would have to be Chestnut strawberry lips – because I have brown hair and love strawberries!

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5.The name of the winner will be published on this website within 14 days of the competition closing.
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Lamaze Toy Review: Phillip Pelican & Stacking Starseeker

Lamaze HeadingEvery baby needs at least one Lamaze toy, its a right of passage. If your an established parent, then you probably know of Lamaze. If your a new parent, then this will not be the first and last time you hear of them. Lamaze is a fantastic toy brand that produces energetic and fun learning toys for children 0 – 24 months. I remember Finlay loving his Lamaze toys when he was a baby and so I didnt hesitate in finding Emmie some of her own, she especially loves her Emily Doll. So I was really please when Lamaze got in contact recently to ask if we wanted to review a couple of toys that are new for 2017, I didn’t hesitate in saying yes!

Phillip the Pelican

£11.99 from Lamaze, Age: 0+


Lamaze -Phillip PelicanPhillip is part of the Lamaze clip and go rang and is new for 2017. His unique feature is he has a little peek a boo fishy hiding in his beak pouch! You can open his beak by giving his tummy a good old squeeze. Its a little tricky and definatley designed for the adults to do when engaing with their baby in play. However the beak lifts open very easily anyway, so baby can get to the fish quite easily if they are playing on their own. As well as a fish a little mirror is hidden on the underside of the top beak.

Just like all Lamaze toys Phillip is full of brightly contarsting colours and a number of different textures and crinkles to encourage play and exploration. Philip has a clip attached to his head which enables you to hook him to a buggy/stroller/carrier/bag for on the go fun.

I have to admit when Phillip first arrived I loved him as I adore pelicans, but I wasn’t sure how Emmie would take to him as he was quite large and I wasn’t sure how well she would be able to grip on him. She is after all only 14 weeks old and not long been taking an interest in things. Initially I sat him next to her, but she just couldn’t get a good enough hold and he kept falling away.

Then I had my urika moment, Doh! I realised he wasn’t designed for this. He was Clip and Go, designed to be strung up. So I put Emmie under her play gym (and bouncer) and strung Phillip up and Emmie was mesmerised. He hung at just the right height, she could grab hold of his beak. She’s a little young and uncordinated to pick out the fish, but I popped it out and she really enjoyed holding it. She gave it a really good examine.

What was really good as well, as Emmie knocked Phillip about he twisted and turned. This gave her access to his back and tail, which has some little brightly coloured tassles, again a different texture for her to explore. I really liked how many different textures are on Phillip and then how these are used differently to really help stimulate her senses. His wings crinkle and crunch and are really easy for her to grab hold off. He is extremely bright, really colourful, silky and fluffy and even has beans in his bottom! Emmie really enjoys playing with him. This really suprised me considering how little she is, well done Phillip and well done Lamaze, Thumbs up from us!


Emmie with Lamaze Phillip

Stacking Starseeker

£19.99 from Lamaze, Age: 6m +

Lamaze Stacking StarseekerStacking Starseeker is part of the Lamaze Activity range. The star Seeker Rocket, breaks into 4 different pieces. Your baby can stack it up, break it apart and stack it again enabling the development of fine motor skills. The segments are easy to hold and hidden inside is a brightly coloured plush astronaught. They can also discover a little pocket with a teether on the front. Both to encourage put in and take out play. This rocket is brightly coloured with contrasting pattens and lots of crinkles to stimulate your babies senses as per usual with Lamaze toys.

I really liked the concept of this rocket when it first arrived but as it said 6 months +, I wasn’t sure if it would be suitable for Emmie. After I had a good nose at all the bits and parts I came to the conclusion the age grouping was not a safety issue but based on development. So I propped her up and gave it to her to play with. Sure, she wasn’t going to sit there stacking it up, but she might enjoy it anyway.

As soon as I gave it to her, she started smiling and gooing. I think she liked it. The two middle parts of the rocket house the astronaught and are hollow. This enabled Emmie to really get a good grip.  She was really pleased with herself and was waving it about everywhere.

The bright colours really caught Emmies attention and she sat for ages taking it all in. Really concentrating at what she was looking at. She then found the teether, which again she could grab nice and easily. She hasn’t quite managed to guide it up to her mouth yet, but I think she will really enjoy it when she does as she dribbling like a good un.

The rocket also features a number of different textures, the top is all crinkly and crunchy. There are loads of fluffy and silky parts as you move down and the bottom section contains a rattle. The rocket ‘stablisers’ are attached to this segment which means baby can easily grab these and give it a good shake. As I said she’s too young to play with it as an activity toy, but with all the colours and textures, it still engages and stimulates her, and she gets to grow into it.


Emmie with Lamaze Stacking Starseeker

Well after these reviews I have to admit I am now an even bigger fan of Lamaze, especially after seeing how well Emmie has responded to these toys. They still come highly recommened by me, a couple more for the xmas list I think!

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Zippy Bib: Review and Giveaway!

Win a set of zippy bibs. review and giveaway

I have to admit I am a bit of a sucker for a good bib and Zippy do do a good bib! I remember using Zippy Bibs when Finlay was a baby and was always impressed by their quality. So I was very excited when Nicole, the founder got in contact and asked if I wanted to review some bibs. I didn’t hestitate. They arrived last week and Emmie has spent the last few days drolling them through their paces.

Zippy was founded 5 years ago by Nicole, a mother herself who wanted to make useful baby products for mums designed by mums. Today Zippy sell a number of different types of bibs, clothing, muslins, swaddles and blankets. Zippy products are in fact so useful and well designed, they have won a number of awards!

zippy variety and awards

Zippy bibs come a huge variety of designs for boys, girls and unisex. The bibs are made from 100% pure cotton and premium quality fleece making them super soft and highly absorpant. This ensures that babies are kept drier for longer. I couldn’t wait to put them to the test!

I belive bibs are one of the main essentials that any parent needs for their baby. These little humans just love to leak wether it be milk, sick or dribble. Sometimes though, you need more than just a bib. you know? When you have a gorgeous outfit?  Then you cover it with a drab looking bib? Well Zippy bibs are the answer. These bibs are a very functional, stylish accessory!

Nicole let me choose which design I wanted and I was spoilt for choice. I really found it hard to narrow down to just one set as they were all super cute. In the end though I decided on a pack that had two bold designs and two pastels. I couldn’t wait for them to arrive, especially as Emmie has started drooling like Niagra Falls.

zippy bib review

The bibs were delivered in a cute little box and were neatly rolled into place. Before I even opened them, I was thinking I would be really impressed to recieve these as a baby shower gift.

On opening, you could tell how high quality these bibs are. They felt thick and soft, I had no worries over how comfortable these would be against Emmie’s neck. I’m super excited at this point! The back of the bib is really soft and thick and is what makes them highly absorbant. The colours were gorgeous. I especially loved how bright the bold bibs were and was impressed how well the prints had been transfered on. I inspected the poppers and seams, they were all faultless and really well made. I just hoped these Zippy bibs would stand up to the test!

The bibs have two press studs on them, which means they grow with your baby. The neckline is slightly rauched and stretchy. This means the bib fits snugly. I popped the first bib on Emmie and fastened it the smallest I could (Emmie is a bit wee). It fit really well, not too tight, but close enough to catch that dribble and anything else that came up! Cue the dribble, no sooner than I popped it on, the drbbling began. Usually Emmie soaks through a bib quite quickly. I kept checking, but her clothes remained dry (I hadn’t doubted they would), even though the bib was quite damp. They had passed the dribble test with flying colours. We continued using them over the next few days and I wasn’t once disapointed, nor was Emmie once damp. They also looked fabulous against her clothes, theres nothing drab about these bibs!

One extra thing that I was keen to test, was how the bibs performed after a wash. I think a definite sign of quality is an item that performs just as well after a spin in the machine. The bibs went in on a normal wash and I hung them up to air dry. I was actually surprised, expecting at least the feel to be slightly different. However they felt like new, still really thick and soft, disapointedjust as bright and no less absorbant! I really am impressed with the Zippy bibs.


Zippy bib review (2)

I would definitely recommend these bibs to anyone, you will not be disappointed. They are bright, cute, fun, thick and most of all functional.

Zippy bibs start of at a bargain price of £3.50 for a single bib.

Nicole has kindly offered my readers a chance to win a multipack of 4 bibs of your choice worth £12.00. To enter follow the instructions on the rafflecoptor widget below. If you can’t wait then pop on over to Zippy!


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1.Entry is open to UK residents aged 18 and over, excluding anyone professionally associated with Southern Mummy blog or Zippy.
2.The prize is non-transferable and there is no cash alternative.
3.The prize draw starts at 12am on 14th June 2017 and closes at 12am on 05th July 2017.
4.Entry is free and must be made by visiting the zippy facebook page (, commenting on this blog post and filling in the Rafflecopter widget. Entrants can gain bonus entries by liking the competition post on Southern Mummy’s Facebook page, following @Southern_mummy on Twitter, tweeting about the giveaway, following @zippybibs on Twitter, following Zippybibs on instagram, repinning the competition pin from Southern Mummys pinterest page and then completing the Rafflecopter widget featured in this post.
5.The name of the winner will be published on this website within 14 days of the competition closing.
6.Southern Mummy Blog’s decision on all matters is final and binding on all entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.
7.By taking part in this competition you agree to be bound by the competition terms and conditions.
8.Southern Mummy Blog reserves the right to disqualify any entrant and / or winner in its discretion and without any notice in accordance with these terms and conditions.
9.Once the winner has been selected at random using Rafflecopter, I will inform Zippy of the winners’ name and address and they will then send on the prizes. Southern Mummy is not responsible for any prizes getting lost in the post or arriving late.

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How to save money on your weekly food shop: Approved Food Review

How to save on your weekly food shop: Approved Food review

As a mum who works part time, I am always looking for ways that I can save money. Especially as I had my hours cut late last year at work and now I’m also on Maternity leave. Every saving helps. A big spender for most families is the weekly food shop. I have recently switch supermarkets which saves us a hefty amount each month. However, I was still keen to see if there were ways I could save further.

This is how I came across Approved Food – an online retailer where you save up to 70% on the RRP of selected items. Approved food specialise in food that is past its best before date (but not past their use by date) and surplus stock.

As a nation, we throw away food on a daily basis, simply because it is past its best before date, some of which may only be 1 day over. Most people presume that once a food has passed its best before date, it’s out of date and unsafe to eat. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Best before dates are about quality, not safety. After this date food may begin to slowly loose flavour and texture (see NHS guidelines)….that’s it! So there really are some bargains to be had and great opportunities to save money buying these goods.

Our latest order

I have recently started shopping with Approved Food and I wanted to share with you some of the fantastic savings I have made. I still do my main shop at our local supermarket for our fresh goods, but I stock up on store cupboard essential, pet foods and treats from Approved Food. Due to the nature of the retailer, you can’t guarantee what’s in stock. However, I have never been disappointed with what’s on offer. A recent favourite bargain was 160 Yorkshire teabags for 50p!

Nairns Gluten Free Cheese Oatcakes 135 g £0.50 2 £1.00
Santa Maria Pulled Pork Dinner Kit 405g £0.99 2 £1.98
School Of Wok Jeremy Pangs 15 Minute Singamore Noodle Kit £0.99 2 £1.98
Rowntrees Minis 20 Pack 300g £1.49 1 £1.49
Synergy Health Synergy Health Assure Antibacterial Hand Mousse 50ml £0.17 3 £0.51
Sharwoods Chow Mein Stir Fry Sauce 195g £0.50 2 £1.00
Bonners Finest Kung Po Chilli Stir Fry Sauce 200g £0.50 2 £1.00
Bonners Finest Massaman Curry Paste 200g £0.39 1 £0.39
Vets Kitchen Salmon Cat Food 110g £0.50 4 £2.00
Old El Paso Mexican Street Market Soft Taco Kit Smoky Chicken Tinga 395g £0.99 2 £1.98
Old El Paso Sizzling Fajita Kit Smoky BBQ 500g £1.49 1 £1.49
Nature Valley Protein Peanut and Chocolate 40g £0.33 6 £1.98
Santa Maria Santa Maria Enchilada Kit 460g £0.99 1 £0.99
Kinder Chocolate 21g £0.13 8 £1.04
Coca Cola 330ml £0.17 12 £2.04
MEGA DEAL Ferrero Raffaello 40g £0.10 2 £0.20
Don Mario Penne 500g £0.50 2 £1.00
Napolina Whole Wheat Linguine 500g £0.50 2 £1.00
Kelloggs Coco Pops 550g £1.99 1 £1.99
Kelloggs Corn Flakes Honey and Nuts 375g £0.89 1 £0.89
Kelloggs All Bran Original 750g £0.99 1 £0.99
Ribena Winter Spice 850ml £0.99 1 £0.99
Applaws Chicken Topped With Tomato In Jelly 12 x 70g £3.99 1 £3.99
Gourmet Fishermans Delights With White Fish 85g £0.33 3 £0.99
Sub Total
Shipping £5.99
TOTAL £38.81


The full RRP this shop would have cost me £89.50 but I paid only £32.82 at Approved Food, that’s a 63% Saving!

With this order I did find a slight error, I had orginally ordered 3 anti bacterial hand gels, but only 2 arrived. This seemed silly to compain about as the offer was 3 for 50p. I then found I had 2 fajhita kits when I only ordered 1, so swings and round abouts! This has never happened before so I will put it down to a one off. I have actually heard great things about their customer service, but is something I can’t comment on personally.

Delivery is £5.99 for one 25kg box or £8.50 for two 25kg boxes. This can push the amount your spending up, and you have to have a minimum basket value of £20.00. However, there are often delivery code coupons floating about. I have secured both free and half price delivery (Currently at the time of print code APFDHALF will get you half price delivery on orders over £40). I find my order usually arrives promptly a few days after placing it. However, you can easily track your package and you are kept up to date with its progress through emails.

I love that with Approved Food I can stock up my storecupboard with a range of items at such discount prices. Items are updated every day, throughout the day.  You can even grab yourself some Mega Deals (items placed on a special offer for a limited time). You can even grab some bargain items for as little as 1p. I love Shopping at Approved Food and I hope you will too!

What are you waiting for? Head over to Approved food and start saving money on your weekly shop today!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for writing this post. I found approved Food while I was researching how to cut cost and supplement my income. Approved Food was in no way involved with this post. All views are solely from my own personal shopping experience with them.

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Monkey Bizness: Soft Play Review

Monkey Bizness Soft Play review

Monkey Bizness is a huge indoor soft play warehouse catering for young babies to younger teens. There are 4 locations across the country: Gosport, Hull, Lewes and Sheffield.

Locally to us is Monkey Bizness: Lewes. Although not on our doorstep, we are more than happy to travel the half hour car journey. Although some of our towns soft play areas are great, the sheer size of Monkey Bizness puts it ahead of its competitors. Especially if you’re after making a half day or day of it.

Opening times

  • Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm
  • Saturday – Sunday 10am – 5pm


Prices can vary depending on whether the days is classed as Peak. So check on the website. However, the general prices are:

  • Under 1’s: Free – peak and off-peak
  • 1 – 3 yrs: £5.25/£6.25
  • 4 – 12 yrs: £6.25/£7.25
  • Adults and 13 yrs+: £1.25/£1.25

Monkey Bizness also offer quite a few deals such as during term time 1 adult and 1 child can get in for £4.00. They also offer a Play and eat deal and Marvins meal deal, restrictions apply so check the offers page.

Also on offer are a number of Entry Packages, which cover annual, 90 day and 30 day passes for the more regular visitors.


Parking is a little restrictive. In Lewes, the warehouse is located on an industrial estate. There are some parking spaces outside the lot, alongside the road and a small overflow car park about a minutes walk to the centre. However on our visit at 11am, off peak, there were no free spaces anywhere and we ended up pulling off down a back lane and parking about 5 minutes walk away. The lane was very quiet traffic wise, but not the best if you also have a buggy in tow. I would say arrive earlier to secure a close parking space if you can.

The Play Area

You enter through press button release doors, which is great for safety. You can let you little ones run about knowing they will only ever be in the warehouse. To the right, you find the babies area, especially for under 2’s. This is small square with soft climbing blocks and a ball pit. Also on this side is the Toddler soft play area. A two story area, with a small slide and activities scattered throughout, Large enough for the toddlers to explore and feel independent, but small enough they can be seen at all times. Directly in front, as you enter is the seating area with tables, chairs and sofas. To the left and behind is the cafe area and directly left is the multi story soft play area.


I counted the main play area as three large stories high, but in places each level was semi split also, making it huge! There are three different slides coming down at different levels and different designs. There are numerous activities inside, balls to play on, bouncy climb ons, climbing ropes, a football area and tubes to climb through.

Adults are allowed into the play gyms with the little ones. Chris had the pleasure today. He bumped into another man right at the top and secretly I think they enjoyed it just as much,if not more than the kids!


Inside Monkey Bizness you find the Amazonian Cafe. Although the food is nothing to rave about. It is adequate and caters for a variety of palettes. Hot when it arrives and fresh to taste. It’s a lot better than some soft play places I have eaten in. Another great off peak deal is if you spend at least £4.00 on an adult meal, you can have a child’s meal for £1.50 saving about £2.50 on the average child price, bargain!


In General, the place is really clean, the floors are tidy, the soft play areas are not Sticky. The toilets are clean and fresh. I have to say Monkey Bizness is one of my favourites. Service with a smile, clean and tidy and vast area for the little ones to tire themselves out in! Highly recommended by us!





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Little Dish Family Cookbook: Review

Little Dish Family Cookbook ReviewBaking with Little Dish

Many of you that have found your way here probably already know Little Dish as producers of healthy pre packed Children’s meals made with 100% natural ingredients. Well the Founder Hillary Graves, has produced this Fantastic little cookbook with a wide selection of healthy recipes to cook together as a family!

I have had the Little Dish Family Cookbook for a good ten months now. Actually, I was super Lucky and won it in a competition last year, excited was an understatement! I am always on the look out for healthy new recipe’s that I can cook for the family and I knew that Little dish had released this. However, as I like to try and remain thrifty I tend to get my recipe’s of the internet, therefore I refrained from buying it. Winning it was a real Bonus!

Whats inside?

Little Dish - whats inside?I adore this book, its not just about cooking healthy wholesome meals for the whole family. The book actually actively encourages you to get your children involved in the cooking and preparation. Therefore, is especially great for encouraging fussy eaters to try new things.

The book is laid out really well, It has clean crisp design with splashes of colour, accompanied with beautiful, mouth watering photos. To add a little bit of fun, each recipe has a cute little character. He or she advises what your little one can do to help. A fun little bonus with this book is the sticker chart and stickers. Finlay really loved choosing his stickers. Its a great way for your child to see what and how many new skills they are learning, very innovative!

The Book is nicely split into the following sections:

  • Breakfast
  • Smoothies
  • Lunch & Supper
  • Savoury Snacks
  • Puddings & Desserts

The book also has very clear contents and Index pages. I cant stand not being able to find what I want in a cook book.

Lets Get Cooking!

As an afternoon activity, I always turn to the back of the book to either Savoury Snacks or Puddings and Desserts. I had my friends little girl also, therefore what better way to spend an hour or so baking with the tiddlers. Together we selected the Delicious ‘Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies‘!

Little Dish Baking

These cookies were really simple to make. They only required a few ingredients, Rolled Oats, Flour, Butter, Egg, Light Brown Sugar, Raising agents and chocolate Chips. The little ones could really join in with this recipe, due to all the mixing and stirring (it was messy!!). As the book suggest they really loved rolling out the mixture into balls and squashing them with forks. A huge bonus is they only take 10 minutes to cook. So we were soon sampling the fruits of our labour and these cookies always get a huge thumbs up from us!

Little Dish Chocolate Chip Otameal Cookies

This book gets the thumbs up from us and is most defiantly one of my Favourite toddler orientated cookbooks!

Finally, at time of writing this post this book is available on Amazon for £7.00 – Bargain!


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