today gave me an opportunity to link up with brummymummyof2 for #Wickedwednesday! Apologies for the bad quality picture, I wasn’t trying to take a picture of a master piece. Although in the grand scheme of mess, I think this could be classed as one! I think this picture does justice to just how naughty and Mischevious Finlay has become recently!

So on Wednesdays I look after Finlay’s little friend while her Mummy works. They went running up stairs to play in Finlay’s room as I shouted up after them “be good while I sort the bags and coats”. I was gone no longer than it takes to put lunch in the fridge,hang coast on the pegs, put shoes in cupboard and collect the snacks. Up I walked the two flights of stairs to be met with 7 empty toy trays and a closed door. The door opened about an inch before it got stuck,an inch was all I needed. There was mess everywhere.

The meticulously sorted toys were everywhere. Not just the toys trays, but the bookshelf, the car trug, the wooden kitchen, the fluffy animals. It was like the pair had turned into stealth Ninjas. In minutes there was no floor, just a scattering of toys and books. The picture does not do the mess justice, Finlay’s room is huge, so imagine another 5 photos like this – that just about does it. It took an hour and a half to clean – Oh that little rascal!!!




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