Good Reads: Children's books week 33/17

When I first published my ‘Good Reads‘ post way back in October last year, I had all good intentions of sharing different children’s books every week. To perhaps introduce you to books, you may not have discovered otherwise.  As I said before, life got in the way, My cat got poorly (then he died), I was stressed at work and I was pregnant and then got diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. My blog took a back seat while I got back on track. Thankfully, I have found my blogging mojo. I have a nice little routine and my blogging is going from strength to strength.

So Good Reads is back! I’m not sure it will be weekly, but I think Bi monthly will be a good start. As we know books are important for children’s development. I don’t religiously read to my children. Some weeks it may be every day, some weeks perhaps once but generally it’s about every other day. Life happens, we can’t be perfect parents and anyone that says otherwise is kidding themselves (or has lots of help!).  So here’s this weeks selection of Children’s books:


Good reads: Books selection 33/17


The Tiger who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr

This is a classic story first published in 1968. Finlay’s Aunty introduced us to the book as it was a favourite of hers when Finlay’s cousin Sophie (Sophie is also the character in the book) was little. Sophie and her mother are enjoying afternoon tea, when an uninvited tiger turns up! He eats everything in sight and Sophie then has to explain to her daddy why he has no tea. The concept of the story is really simple and it’s a beautiful read. The book has recently been converted to a stage play and is currently on tour across the UK.


The Cherry Thief by Renata Galindo

This is a great little book with few words and beautiful illustrations. Chef Armand is a famous patissier, Cherries being the signature of his creations. When his cherries start going missing Chef Armand must figure out who the thief is. A great little story, with a sweet little twist for youngsters.


Catch That Rat by Carly Hart

This is a jolly little story with a jolly little rhyme that continues throughout the book. A little jumper wearing rat causes havoc with a little girl, her family and the rest of the town! A chase starts and the poor little rat is chased right up into space. It isn’t until an alien makes everyone look at the chase from the rats perspective that things change! Finlay gets really excited when reading this book. We start of nice and calm and as the story continues we add more and more energy until we meet the alien and we calm down again. I love how this book teaches children to look at things from other peoples perspective.


Pi-Rat by Maxine Lee

Although this book is not gender specific, boys boys will particularly enjoy it. Pi-Rat is a fearless little rat and along with his swashbuckling crew, there is nothing they are afraid of! They proclaim they don’t have to follow the rules and make up their own along the way. That is until they meet something that makes them re-think their naughty little ways! This book again has few words but high energy drawings, so a really easy read. A simple story arc that Finlay loves pretending to be part of and joining in with the antics.


Worrisome Wilf’s Beastly Bedtime by Martin Gordon

Wilf is a little boy that doesn’t want to go to bed. He is convinced that he is surrounded by the all the scariest things he can imagine. What the book helps demonstrate to children is that sometimes the things we make up in our head are not really there and bedtime really isn’t that scary after all. It’s a fantastic little book with a great rhyme through out. Finlay loves it, but then he does love scary things in general!


what would you add to the list?








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