CompetitionsI have been entering competitions regularly for well over 6 years now. In that time I have won some fantastic prizes. This has included:

  • Samsung 46″ 3D Smart TV
  • An Ipad Mini
  • A Sony Smart Watch
  • GTEC Cordless hover
  • Jawbone Fitness Tracker
  • £500 of Make-up
  • £500 B&Q Gift Card
  • £200 Virgin Experience day Voucher
  • £100 Spa finder Voucher
  • 2x Smart Phones
  • Kindle
  • Toys Galore
  • Food and Food Hampers
  • Clothes
  • Various Electronics

I could go on forever, to be honest, I have forgotten half of the items I have won because there has been so many! I was once so close to winning a 5* All inclusive holiday to St.Lucia, but I was peeped to the post last minute, drats. However, that’s the way it is. You win some, you lose some!

I’m always described as being Lucky when I tell people what I have won. However, the reality is competitions are a numbers game and I make my own luck. I try to enter on average 100 competitions a day.  Now life gets in the way sometimes and it’s not always possible, but don’t stress. There’s always another competition to enter! There is no way on earth I would describe myself as lucky, in fact, a nickname given to me by a friend at University was Bad luck Brown!! However, I would say on average I have won £1500 – £2000 worth of prizes a year and I’m forever taking breaks, it depending on life! The best thing is though, you don’t pay tax on your winnings!

I have taken probably my biggest hiatus from comping, it’s been about 6 months since I was regularly entering them. This kind of coincided with my issues at work and just generally feeling hmph. I probably should have carried on the wins are great pick me ups, but I just didn’t have the drive. That was until this week, and I got the bug again. This made me think, why not share my knowledge with you all that I have learnt over the years.

My Tips and Tricks

  • Set up an email address only for competitions – you will get spam
  • Sign up to the Mail Preference Service and the Telephone preference service to reduce unwanted calls and junk mail.
  • Use autofill form – I use Lastpass – This saves loads of time believe me!
  • Register with a competition site such as The Prize Finder or MSE has a great Competition Forum. That way you know the comps are going to be legit!
  • Have a system, sort the boards, don’t just enter all over the place. I like to sort by date as to not miss any closing earlier.
  • Make a note of those you enter, MSE has tick facility – you can get disqualified on most if you enter more than once.
  • Have a daily target, but don’t stress if you don’t hit it.
  • Open uploads of tabs if your computer will let you, it saves time.
  • Only enter for stuff you really want or can gift to someone who would want it. Why enter to win a wedding if you’re married? and leave the family holidays for families if your single or a couple.
  • Always read t&c even if it’s a glance you may find you are not allowed to enter or you can’t attend.
  • Look out for tick boxes – they are sometimes hidden, always opt out of communication if you have the option.
  • I find Twitter and Facebook slow for wins, but quick to complete (others win loads on these). If something’s not working for you, and your time limited pass those ones by.
  • Lower value prizes and local comps tend to have lower entries.
  • Effort comps take longer but you have more chance of winning, personally, I don’t tend to enter effort comps unless it’s something I really want and just speed through the easy ones –  do what feels right or works for you.
  • Dont ever pay to enter a competition!
  • Keep a spreadsheet of your wins – sometimes you might need to chase them up!
  • Dont give up – your not going to win straight away (you might!) but most comps take a good while to get back to you after the closing date if you win anyway. If you enter for a few weeks and give up, you haven’t given it chance, believe me when I say you really have to keep going to start seeing the prizes arrive, but when they do, you realise it’s worth it!

Finally, remember wins are not guaranteed, I find them like buses, you don’t win anything then you get a flurry!! I would also recommend having a mooch on over to Di Cokes site, Super lucky for inspiration, competitions and heaps of great advice!

Do you comp? have you had any big wins, or perhaps you’ve just experienced your first win? I would love to hear.

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