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One of the reasons I got back into blogging was to have a place to document ways I have been Saving Money. Not Just saving money, but also making money. With the hope that one day, I may be able to start working from home one way or another. I realised the other day that while I have been busy beavering away, researching. Silly me, hasn’t actually documented anything on the subject. I don’t claim to be a money saving expert, but my finances have always been very tight. Therefore I have many years experience of living on a shoestring budget (I wish I hadn’t but hey I appreciate every hard earned penny I have!). So I would suggest don’t cut your hair or wash it, wear your clothes out until you get confused for a tramp, don’t…. Only Joking!!

Really, I have been looking into ways to increase my earnings from home over the past few months. I have found many interesting and genuine opportunities, and some great places full off advice. However Until I have a little bit more experience with them I do not feel it right to be sharing that with you right now. It would be the blind leading the blind!! When I am confident in what I am doing I promise I will share everything I have learnt. Until then here are some of my best tips I can offer so far!

Top Saving Money Tips from Southern Mummy – Websites/Online

  1. HotUKDeals – Possibly my most favourite website in the world for saving money. I was introduced to HUKD many years ago and I would say I visit nearly everyday. This site is a forum based site where members of the public post their hottest finds. It not only advertises deals but a number of other relevant money saving offers too. It is easy to navigate through and you can even narrow down your search to specific areas. These include Kids, fashion, travel etc. If I am looking to buy something I always head here to check if there’s a hot offer on anywhere. Even if I’m not looking for anything specific, I always have a nose. I have picked early xmas presents up doing this. My star find was when B&Q discontinued selling sheds in store. They were selling them off cheap and I picked up £250 wooden play house for £64!!
  2. Topcashback – Did I say HUKD was my favourite? Oh its close, because I Love topcashback. You can make money just by shopping! Yes you did hear me correctly! Now the amounts vary and often its only a small percentage, but every little helps. If your a big shopper you will make more and if you by a lot of insurance or utilities there’s more money to make. If like me, you shop little, don’t think its not worth it, Over the past 4-5 years I have made about £500 (and I am a little shopper). The downside is money is not guaranteed, so don’t purchase expecting the cashback, but in all honest I have only had a few declines in all the years I have used it. Follow the rules which are stated clearly on each offer to minimise rejection.
  3. MySuperMarket – A great site for those who do online grocery shopping. You can actually do your grocery shop through this site and it will compare where has the cheapest deals, definitely a great tool if your looking to save money. I don’t tend to do my shopping online as I like to hunt for my bargains, but I do use this site, especially if I have vouchers and coupons. It means I can find where has it on the best offer and combine it with one of my many vouchers.
  4. Supersavvyme – This website has lot of tips, tricks and reviews for the savvy shopper. SuperSavvy has a section for coupons for house hold items which can either be printed or used online. I then see what coupons  there are and search HUKD and My Supermarket – you can guarantee there are always more ways to save pennies! I also love that they have a savvy circle. You can request to join and bid to review items!
  5. Megabotshop This is a bit of a kooky website actually. I think its a bit like Price Runner, where you can pop the item in your looking to buy and it will search the web and list the prices it finds. Its a bit kooky, but so am I, perhaps that’s why I like it!
  6. Camel Camel Camel I can’t remember how I initially found this website, but its a good un! Camel camel camel links to Amazon. Enter the product you want to buy and camel camel camel will bring up the historic price listings for it. It will show you its highest price and its lowest and how long it remained at that price, so you can see if its currently on a good deal. Now the best bit. If your browsing and want to buy at a later date put in the price in that you want to buy that item at and if that item drops to within that price range camel camel camel sends you an email! Now this is dependent on a price drop and you can usually tell by trend if that’s likely. If its never been that price or anywhere near it, don’t get your hopes up. However if you start putting prices in now for items you want for xmas, you are likely to get a few money saving hits before the big day!
  7. Approved Food – I have only just found Approved Food, but it was a find I had to share. Approved food, sells clearance foods at huge discounts. These are foods that are either close or past their best before date. However Best before relates to quality, not safety. The food therefore just begins to gradually lose its flavour and texture after that date. Don’t confuse this with ‘Use By’. Delivery is £5.99 for up to 325kg, but The savings you can make on food is massive and if you live near the warehouse, you can collect it free of charge!!!

Top Saving Money Tips from Southern Mummy – Ways to save and gain

  1. Try some surveys – As I mentioned at the start of my post, this is an area I am new to. I have put little effort in and I have made about £50 over the past 4 weeks from survey sites. I am working my way through a fair through to see what works for me. There are a lot about and payment varies greatly. I would suggest having a play around and see what works for you. When I have gained some more experience I will produce a whole post dedicated to surveys.
  2. Mystery Shopping – Yes, This is great!! There are a lot of opportunities out there. If you cant get out much there are a couple dedicated to online shopping only. Again a new area for me, but I don’t want to put anyone off trying it as it can be quite lucrative.
  3. Competitions – I am the competition queen among my friends. I have been doing competitions for 4- 5 years now and I have won some Fantastic Prizes. To name a few: 46inch Samsung Smart tv, £500 B&Q gift Card, GTEC Cordless Hoover, Sony Smart Watch, Ipad Mini, jawbone Fitness Tracker, Mobile Phone, Toys …loads. I have to state you are not guaranteed to win and winning is usually down to effort. I enter on average 100+ a day and sometimes I can go months without a win and then like buses I can get several in a week. Often Friends will start and then give up because they haven’t won. However its a long game. you have to keep going. Sometimes like recently I will win little, I get fed up and stop for a few months, but I always start again. If you have time to put the effort in then give it a go, you might win some nice treats!
  4. Charity Shops – Love them, clothes for me, clothes for Finlay all costing pence!! Don’t be proud, especially today, people give away nearly new stuff, it is a great way of saving money!


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