#MySundayPhoto – Bathtime Fun

Bathtime Fun#MySundayPhoto – Bathtime Fun

Bathtime will always guarantee smiles in this house. I was scrolling from some of my pictures over the last few months and this one made my heart smile. I won’t lie, parenting Finlay over the last few months has been such a struggle. He is so headstrong and independent and has really started pushing the boundaries. Every day is a power struggle filled with tantrums, screaming, hitting and spitting. The slightest thing will set him off most of the time, but I know I need to remain strong and consistent, and hopefully this phase will pass sooner rather than later. Still, it doesn’t stop me questioning if I am a bad parent!

The smiles, laughter and love are what get us through, and in between the monster that erupts, we have the sweetest,funniest little boy. Finlay loves bathtime and it will always guarantee half hour of fun and laughter. I captured this photo a little while back unexpectedly. I think sometimes the unexpected pictures make the best ones. Finlay loves to smile for the camera, but his smile pose is very cheesy. I love how this picture is so natural, his smile, his eyes. This picture is pure happiness and fun. It makes my heart smile and reminds me, the hard moments are just that, moments.



Old Wives Tales: Gender Prediction

Gender Prediction Old wives talesOld wives tales and Gender Prediction

As long as women have been getting pregnant, so has there been the old wives tales of gender prediction. Those that have been following Bump Watch know I am having a dilemma about whether I want to find out the sex of Tiny Tuppen or not. I so love the idea of having a surprise, but I feel the need to prepare for being the only girl in the family! It’s not that I don’t want another boy, It’s just I would love a girl. I worry that if I don’t find out, I might have a moment of disappointment at the birth. I’m sure and I’m certain that I won’t. I was hoping for a girl with Finlay, we found out the sex and although I had worried, I was was over the moon. obviously, the most important thing at the end of the day is a happy, healthy baby, but what the heart wants, it wants. So, you may think find out, but the desire for a traditional surprise is so strong too.

Anyway, The scan is next week and I am still very much undecided. Until then I thought for a bit of fun I would try out some of the old wives tales on gender prediction. I obviously take this very light hearted and with a pinch of salt, there’s no getting my hopes up, I am convinced anyway this new little monkey is a boy.

Baking Soda

Quite rank really! Basically you pee in a glass and add a tablespoon of baking soda to the mix. If it fizz’s its a boy, it nothing happens, its a girl.

RESULT: It fizzed like I had never seen anything fizz – Boy!

Chinese calendar

The Chinese gender predictor is based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar, the age you were and the month when you concieved. I thought to start with this was going to predic boy, but you actually have to work out your lunar age which is different to your actual age. Dont just go by an image chart, find a calculator which converts everything for you.


Morning Sickness

They say if you suffer with morning sickness, then you are more likely to be carrying a girl. I didnt have any sickness when I had Finlay, this time I had nausea from the moment I woke to Moment I went to sleep. It lasted to about week 16.



If you crave salty, savoury foods expect a boy, or sweet and citrus expect a girl. I have a very sweet tooth in general. I did lose this with when pregnant with Finlay. This time, I craved ornage juice for my first and when I felt ill I found chocolate helped and I cant stop eating it!



If you find your experiencing more headaches now that your pregnant, its a sure sign of a boy. I havent been getting any headaches, to be honest I dont remember experiencing more headaches with Finlay either.


Babies Heart Rate

Anything under 140BPM indicates you are carrying a boy, anything above, a girl. I havent heard Tiny Tuppens heartbeat yet, so this remains a mystery!

RESULT: Unknown

Sleep Position

Pregnant woment who favour sleeping on their left are said to be more likely to be carrying a boy. Those who favour the right, a girl. To be honest I always sleep on my left, I prefer it and often wake up to roll myself back over. I have noticed I have been waking up more on my right, but i just roll back again. I dont know with this one.

RESULTS: Inconclusive

Mayan Prediction

The ancientMaya civilisation ue to predic gender in the following way. If your age and the month you concieve are BOTH either odd or even numbers you will have a girl. If one is even and one is odd you will have a boy. For example I was 33 when I concieved in June (Odd/Even).

Result: Boy

Gender Dreaming

The old wives tale says if you dream of boys, you are carrying a girl and to dream of girls indicates you carrying a boy. Go Figure. I have had one gender dream quite early on, where I was having the 20 week scan and they said it was a boy.


Wedding Band

Take a thread and loop it around your wedding band. Lie down, hold the thread above the pregnant belly (you may need help with this bit!). If it swings in circles you are carrying a girl, if it swings to a fro, then expect a boy. I dont have a wedding band to try this one out!

RESULT: Uknown

Cold Feet

If your expecting a bad case of Cod feet once you got pregnant, you could becarrying a boy. If theres no change and your tootsies are warm and cosy, it may be a girl. No change there for me then.



6/11 = Girl, 2/11 = Boy, 3/11 = Unknown – ITS A GIRL!! We shall see.

Have you ever tried any of the old wives tales? were they right for you? Do you have a favourite? I would love to know!













Halloween Costume and Accessory Ideas


Halloween Goodies 2016

With Halloween just around the corner, I have been looking at all the ghoulish Halloween goodies on offer this year. I have probably left it a bit late again, like I do every year. I promise myself I will be more organised next year, but it always seems far too early, and then far too late!! Anyway, in my search of Finlay’s very specific Halloween Costume Request. He wants to be a spooky super-hero, he has accepted Batman’ The Dark Night’ which I think just fits the Halloween theme.

However, in all my searching I came across some great little Halloween costumes and some bargain accessories, so I thought why not share them with you, in case like me, you too are doing a last minute spooky shop!

Asda George

  • Halloween spider two piece Fancy Dress Costume, 1 – 4yrs, £9.00
  • Kids Grey Inflatable Bat Wings, £5.00
  • Teen Neon Fairy Fancy Dress Costume, 9 – 16yrs, from £13.00

Sainsburys TU

  • Halloween Black Vampire with Sounds and Lights, 3 – 12yrs, from £12.00
  • Kids Black Halloween Ballgown Witches Set,3 – 12yrs, from £11.00
  • Kids Green Monster Costume, 9 months – 5 yrs, From £11.00


  • Children’s Pumpkin Dressing Up Set, 3 – 5yrs, £3.99
  • Frankenstein Trick or Treat Tin, £1.79 (Also available in Purple Bats, Spider and Bats and Skeleton)
  • Spider Halloween Treat Bag, £2.49 (Also available in Witch, Pumpkin and Frankenstein)

John Lewis

  • Glow in the Dark Skeleton Onesie, 3 – 14yrs, from £20.00 (limited sizes available)
  • Monster Claw Slippers, size 9 jnr – 6, from £15.00


  • Frankenstein Character Loot Bag, £1.00
  • Purple Ghost Loot bag, £1.00
  • Many other loot bag characters and designs available


  • Halloween Witch Top Hat Hairband, £2.00
  • Kids Werewolf Halloween Costume, 4 – 11yrs, £12.00

Tesco, F&F

  • Halloween Devil Dress up Costume, 1 – 14yrs, from £10.00

You can check out My other Halloween posts here, if you are looking for some not so spooky Halloween books!











#WickedWednesday – The Biggest Mess Ever!



today gave me an opportunity to link up with brummymummyof2 for #Wickedwednesday! Apologies for the bad quality picture, I wasn’t trying to take a picture of a master piece. Although in the grand scheme of mess, I think this could be classed as one! I think this picture does justice to just how naughty and Mischevious Finlay has become recently!

So on Wednesdays I look after Finlay’s little friend while her Mummy works. They went running up stairs to play in Finlay’s room as I shouted up after them “be good while I sort the bags and coats”. I was gone no longer than it takes to put lunch in the fridge,hang coast on the pegs, put shoes in cupboard and collect the snacks. Up I walked the two flights of stairs to be met with 7 empty toy trays and a closed door. The door opened about an inch before it got stuck,an inch was all I needed. There was mess everywhere.

The meticulously sorted toys were everywhere. Not just the toys trays, but the bookshelf, the car trug, the wooden kitchen, the fluffy animals. It was like the pair had turned into stealth Ninjas. In minutes there was no floor, just a scattering of toys and books. The picture does not do the mess justice, Finlay’s room is huge, so imagine another 5 photos like this – that just about does it. It took an hour and a half to clean – Oh that little rascal!!!




12 ‘Not so Scary’ Kids Books for Halloween


I can’t tell you how excited I am that is almost Halloween. There’s something about when you have kids that makes the holidays that extra bit special and magical. Halloween especially. Finlay being a little boy loves anything monster related as it is. However, he is extra excited about upcoming Halloween. We are going over to Aunties house for a party again this year. Finlay had so much fun last year dressed up as a little vampire playing with all his friends and eating way too much junk (he still remembers waking up and being sick, Oops bad mummy moment!)

I love to find books and crafts that relate to all the different seasons and events associated with it and so does Finlay. I think a great way to build up the anticipation is to read and collect Halloween books. What better way to get everyone into the spooky spirit than a huge collection of witches, monsters, skeletons and ghosts!! However be careful, you don’t want to frighten the younger children. I have put together a list of 12 firm favourite Spooky Halloween reads from our house, which will get you and your children into the spooky spirit. I have been extra careful to try and pick out the not so scary reads for our smaller or more nervous readers. However, I would still recommend that you have a quick glance through any Halloween book before reading them to your little ones just to double check it is suitable. If your little ones are anything like Finlay, Once you start something, they wont let you finish and you may end up with a little person sharing your bed in the night!


Our Top 12 Halloween Reads for Toddlers


Ten Spooky Skeletons

Where’s My Mummy

Meg & Mog

Worrisome Wilfs Beastly Bedtime

Boo To You!

Ten Little Monsters

Peppa’s Pumpkin Party

Maisy’s Halloween


The Fearsome Beastie

Room on the Broom

Scaredy Cat, Splat!

What are your favourite Halloween reads? Please share them in the comments!


Bump watch: Tiny Tupen #2 Week 18

bump watch

I apologise Bump watch was delayed this week as I intended to post it every Friday. Last week, however, was a pretty heart-wrenching day. Our beautiful old cat was rushed to vets with breathing difficulties. He has been diagnosed with heart failure and heart disease. I was pretty heartbroken and penned a post to him. I could really think about writing much else. Today I’m feeling a bit more positive, so here’s this week’s instalment of Bump watch albeit a little. On a plus I get to link straight up to #MaternityMondays

Week 18

I still feel pretty small for 18 weeks. Not that I can remember how big I was with Finlay. I never documented it so I’m relying on my terrible memory! I don’t remember being able to hide the bump so well last time round, so that’s what makes me feel I am smaller. It may be just because I didn’t have to hide it last time. I do remember not fitting into my jeans by 20 weeks and using a band to hold my button together!! This time, however, I still feel quite comfortable in jeans. Although I guess I have another two weeks to expand!

I have finally gained about 1lb back in weight this week. I had been dieting before I fell pregnant and lost 3/4 of a stone.  Nausea during the first weeks, however, caused me to lose about another 4lb on top. So I’m quite pleased to finally be putting a little bit of weight back on this week.

I have been experiencing tightening’s across my tummy this week. It has at times been extremely uncomfortable as it’s not as easy to move around/bend etc. This happened a lot of last pregnancy, but not this early on. I have also been experiencing pings of round ligament pain, but nothing to complain about.  Guess it just shows baby is growing nicely!18

This week I plucked up the courage to tell my boss about the pregnancy. I was worrying quite a bit about this, especially with everything that had gone on at work. An informal email to let her know in the first instance seemed best. I wasn’t sure if I would see her this week face to face and I really wanted to let her know . My boss took the news well, which surprised me. She asked a few questions and seemed quite happy for me. It’s a weight off my mind. It has also been nice to finally be able to talk about The pregnancy. Having now has a few chats with the girls in my team about babies.

Emotionally, it has been tough this week. Finlay is having the tantrums from hell.  Finlay’s current idea of a good morning at 6am is screaming, hissing, spitting and punching fits and it’s taking its toll. I feel exhausted most of the time and have been asleep by 8.30pm most nights. Friday, I spent most of the day sobbing over the cat, imagining him not around was hard. Luckily if the medicine works, we could have him around a few more years. This makes me happy.

This baby must be in a completely different position than Finlay was at this stage. If I remember correctly, I began feeling movement about 16 weeks with Finlay, but still nothing as yet with Tiny Tuppen #2.

I haven’t decided if I want to find out the sex of the baby. I really love the idea of a surprise, but would I be better prepared to know? We have most stuff stored from Finlay. As it the same time of year, everything will suitable season wise, so a boy would be good in that respect. If not we will need to shop. Also, I would really love a princess this time (not that I don’t want a boy), the main thing is it’s healthy, but I worry if I end up with a surprise boy I might have an initial ‘oh’ moment. However, I just love the idea of not knowing. Eeek decisions!



#MySundayPhoto – Dear old Friend Milo

Milo#MySundayPhoto – Milo.

Some people are not animal people, some people are. I fall not the latter. My family would not be complete without a little furry friend part of it. As far as I can remember animals have alway been a big part of my life and I would not have it any other way.

Milo entered my life 13 years. A present for my 21st birthday. I always thought of myself as a dog person, but to have a dog would have been unfair as I worked full time. So I decided I would love a cat to keep me company. Independent enough to not need me 24/7 and that I could go to work and not worry.

Milo slotted into my life perfectly, he was my little fur baby. Unlike most cats he was actually very needy. He was a brute in size, but scared of anything and everything. I ended up being his comforter and protector. Although he had a nervous disposition he was actually really friendly. He has one of the most placid temperaments I have ever known in a cat, a real gentle giant. Never has he got mad, even now with a toddler running around. The bond between us was and still is inseparable.

Friday evening came the day I knew would one day come. I had hoped later rather than sooner. He came up to our bedroom panting and struggling to breathe. Milo relaxed after a while but something was obviously wrong. In the morning, we rushed him to the vets straight away. I honestly thought we would lose him. I was heartbroken. After a day of tests and scans he was diagnosed with primary heart disease and first stage heart failure. I cried my eyes out.

The vets were great, there was some hope. Although he was very poorly, he was in good spirits. Alert, inquisitive and feeding. The vet had seen worse cases where the animals had lived happily for a few years. We can control the systems with medication as long as Milo will take them. He wouldn’t be in discomfort or pain and could live happily for another few years. All I can say is thank god for dreamies!! In went the pill into the centre of the treat and Milo swallowed it whole! It’s still early days, he needs a review next week and another scan, hopefully the news will be good. Until then he is being spoiled rotten, my dearest and oldest friend.



My Dear Friend – Where did the years go?

my-dear-friendMy Dear Friend,

Thirteen years ago I met my dearest friend, that friend, was you. Little did I know that the gangly little ball of ginger fur would become a huge part of my life. Your dedication to me never faltered, for that, I thank you so much.

You were such a character from the moment you came home with me. Huge for your age, but terrified of your own shadow. How you made me laugh. One time I remember, putting you in the lounge so you didn’t finish your smaller brother tea as you always did. You were only a few months old. The crying made my heart melt and I opened the door pretty much as soon as I closed it. There I found you sitting in a small patch of wee. I don’t know if you thought we were all going to abandon you, but you never had to worry about that. You were mine forever.

Night times would consist of me putting you at the foot of my bed, and me waking up to find you snuggled into my neck. I loved your warm cuddles and something I really appreciated in my darkest days.

You grew into a strapping handsome boy, you could have owned the street with your brute behind you, but instead you preferred to try and make friends with the neighbouring cats. A fighter you were not. You developed the most docile of temperaments I have ever known in a cat. Never once to this day have you spat, hissed or gone for anyone. Even the many times I have accidently trod on your tail. You developed the nickname, Lenny. This was because you were never the brightest of cats, but what you lacked in brains you made up in with love. My beautiful loving boy.

There was a time when it was just you and me. I was finding life very hard and lonely, every day you were there to greet me after work and spend the evening snuggled on my lap as I cried into your Fur. You never once complained, as if you knew. You were and always have been my constant. I really couldn’t imagine my life without you in it.

As time passed, our bond remained, even when I met Chris. To you, he was another lap to sit on and another hand to give you tickles. I, however, owe you an apology. The last few years have been tough and since Finlay arrived he has taken up so much of my time. There were times when I was tired and I pushed you away, times when I shouted at you because you tried to tell me I hadn’t given you breakfast yet. Perhaps i haven’t given you the love and respect you deserve as you entered old age, for that I am so sorry. I took you for granted. After all, you remained fiercely loyal to me. You even accept the toddler torture in your stride. To my surprise, your docileness has never faltered, never once have you told Finlay off. My special boy, how I love you!

So when this morning, I noticed you were struggling to breathe, we rushed you straight to the vets. They confirmed that you were suffering from Primary Heart disease and were in heart failure. It breaks my heart writing this and tears are falling down my cheeks. How did I not notice you were so poorly? The hours passed like days as I waited for news. Although the prognosis is not great, the vet feels that it can for now be controlled with medication.

Suddenly thirteen years seems such a short amount of time and the realisation that you will not be here with me forever is heartbreaking. Our time is slowly coming to an end and I can’t ever imagine you not being here, what will I do without you? I don’t know how much time we have left together it could be months or if were lucky a few years. However, my dear boy, that is up to you. However long it is though, you must promise me you will let me know when you are ready and I will hold be there right next to you, just like where you have always been for me.

In the uncertainty, all I know is that we have been given some precious extra time together. I am going to cherish and appreciate every last moment we have left together. Never take you for granted again. Thank you my darling for allowing me to share your life with you, it really has been an honour friend, here’s to our last precious chapter.

All my love


Twin Mummy and Daddy

Good Reads For Toddlers

 Good Reads for Toddlers

I started ‘Good Reads for Toddlers’ on my old blog and have decided to resurect it. An area where you can come and discover books for toddlers. It may be recommendations of those very famous books every toddler should read, or some fantastic less known ones. As I have also said, I am not a parent who religiously reads to their child every night. I work and sometimes I honestly just do not have the energy. Does this make me a bad parent? Maybe according to the ‘reading police’ but I say NO of course it doesn’t! Finlay is read to regularly, he has loads of books which sometimes he just loves to look at. So don’t feel guilty if your child doesn’t have a story every night. Actually a little trick I learnt recently, if you are too tired. Get your child to read to you! It doesn’t matter if they don’t tell the right story, but it helps develop their imagination and storytelling!!

This week Top 5 Good Reads for Toddlers

‘Stick Man’ by Julia Donaldson

stickmanOne of Finlay’s (and mine) favourites. Poor old stick man sets out for his morning run. He leaves his family at home, but a normal run, leaves stick man miles and miles from home. He tries desperately to find his way back, but the weeks turn into months and his poor old family ever wonder if he will come home. A surprising friend comes tostickman’ss rescue, but does he make it home? I really love how this book takes you through the seasons, which is a great learning tool and discussion point for you and your toddler.

Mighty MoMighty Mo’ by Alison Brown

A year ago Finlay wanted this book read to him all the time. So much was it his favourite that i even modelled his 2nd birthday cake on the main character Mo. Mo is an enthusiastic little racoon, but sometimes his enthusiasm is a little bit too much. Try as he might Mo just can’t seem to find his place amongst his friends. That is until Big Ron the robber starts causing trouble! This book is great for teaching kids about feelings, and also a great lesson in that you do not have to be good at everything to be special.

The boy who lost his Bumble‘The boy who lost his Bumble’ by Trudi Esberger

This actually one of my favourite books.I love Bee’s and they have such an important role in nature, with their decline on the rise I think it’s great this book is to help Children see their importance. In this book, a boy loves the Bee’s in his garden and loves to watch and follow them. The boy notices as the seasons go on that he sees less and less of the bees. One day they are gone and the boy is really sad and he wonders if they have gone forever? Will they come back? A great book with an even greater underlying message.

how to catch a star‘How to catch a star’ by Oliver Jeffers 

once there was a little boy who loved stars, one day he decided he wanted to try and catch one. This story follows this little boys journey as he tries with all his might to catch his very own star and boy does he try so hard. This book is just magical and has the most beautiful illustrations. As you read it you cant help but fall into the magic of the story. I love using this book to talk to Finlay about if he were to try and catch a star, how he would do it. He always comes up with some rather imaginative ideas!

Abigail‘Abigail’ by Catherine Rayner

Abigail is another book that is just beautiful to look at. Another of my favourites. Abigail is a giraffe, a giraffe that loves to count. Abigail is trying to count many different things in the wilds of Africa, but each time her attemps are scuppered. She is just about to give up when she has a fantasic idea! What I love about this book is how easy it is to practice counting. You and your little one can learn and practice counting skills as you count along with abigail.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Good Reads. What are your favourites? I would love to hear! Join me next week for more toddler Good Reads!


The Terrible Threes no one told you about!

terrible threes

The Terrible ones, twos and threes

Whoever termed the phrase the ‘Terrible Twos‘ blatantly never had kids. They obviously never experienced the ‘Terrible Threes’.  I knew when Finlay began crawling just shy of six months I was in trouble with this one. Very determined, very head strong. Little did I know what was in store for me!

As Finlay turned one, the tantrums began, we seemed to hit the magical Terrible Two’s a whole year early! Most things would result in a huge meltdown. Not being able to balance his toys, the offer for help, not being able to get to get somewhere quick enough, anything and everything would set him off. The worse part was watching him hurt himself. Nearly every tantrum would involve Finlay furiously banging his forehead on the floor at full ferocity. The resulting bruise almost became part of him, it was always there.

Was this behaviour Normal?

I sought advice from the health visitors over and over. Each time I was told not to worry, it’s normal, it’s frustration, ignore it. Well, I can say it didn’t feel normal. It was impossible to ignore. Especially when at the park, Finlay would throw himself down screaming. Banging his head as hard as he could on the ground. All while the other mums stared. All because the swing wasn’t free or we had to go. It was extremely embarrassing. I questioned if I was a bad parent. Had I been too strict or not strict enough? Did I feed him the wrong foods? is it something I did when pregnant?

This wasn’t an irregular occurrence either. We were lucky if we had a meltdown free day. We were drained as a family, not knowing how to deal with the anger! Mostly I ignored it as much as I could, it was my way to cope, but Chris found it more difficult. He wasn’t able to just switch off. Finlay’s tantrums would result in us all shouting at each other. My only respite was the fact this was ‘normal’ it would end hopefully, sooner than later. If we hit this stage early perhaps we would bypass the terrible twos phase.

The Terrible Threes!

That was wishful thinking. Moving forward we have endured the terrible twos and moved into the terrible threes. There was a small respite period where the head banging seemed to disappear, but recently it has begun rearing its ugly help. The tantrums remain. I comfort myself with the fact that he has good reports from the nursery. His behaviour isn’t perfect (he is, after all, a little boy), but nothing has been flagged up that would ring alarm bells.

Sometimes, Finlay’s behaviour reduces me to tears and I sob my heart out wondering if I went wrong somewhere along the way. Of course, I love him dearly and unconditionally, there’s no questioning that. In between the tantrums, Finlay really is the most loving, caring little boy I know. Always concerned when people are sad, giving cuddles of comfort. However, as baby number two grows, I can’t help but worry. What if it’s just like Finlay, how on earth will I cope?

As I sit here in soft play, he’s currently lobbing balls at every poor unsuspecting victim, his character makes me smile, but I am well aware he is the only one doing so!! However, I do feel recently, the tantrums although more intense, seem fewer and far between, perhaps this is the light at the end of my tunnel?
Have you experienced the terrible ones, Terrible twos and terrible threes? I would love to hear your stories,your tactics and coping mechanisms!