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Bump Watch: Tiny Tuppen #2 Week 22

week 22

Another week has flown by, I feel I am beginning to feel like a broken record, somehow I have got to week 22 already. For those that have been following my bump watch, No I haven’t made any further progress getting organised, hey I have about 18 weeks! That’s looking back to say July, that’s aaaaaaages right? Oh Crumbs maybe not! Actually, I bought a packet of newborn nappies this week, there, progress, I’m getting there slowly! Anyway, there are far more pressing things to think about, Halloween is now over which can only mean one thing, Christmas planning!

Week 22

I think my hormones have been really messing me this week, I have been a little bit of an emotional wreck.  Getting upset over a few things like my cats health. To be honest, I will probably be upset whether pregnant or not, but I have gone from happy to crying in seconds, which must be my hormones. However, crying over accidently crushing a snail is definitely the pregnancy hormones (I’m a softie)!

I feel that the hormones are also playing havoc with my anxiety. I have felt quite good the last few weeks and have pushed myself to get out and do a few things with Fin, which I just avoided in the Summer. However, I have found myself worrying more and more about the birth and what could go wrong. My anxieties, as do most peoples tend to go from something benign like eating an apple, to how that apple then ends up killing you. Ok that sounds dramatic, but anxiety is a horrible horrible thing.

So this week me thinking about the upcoming birth and a nice pleasant VBAC has on a few occasions left me sobbing thinking I will need to have a C-section and then bleed to death. It’s irrational and I try hard to remind myself that. I’m quite lucky that I can pull myself out of it quite quickly, but it’s just silly and annoying.

Also, I had my Eye check up this week and I suddenly felt quite anxious, I find myself looking for the door for an exit, not that I would ever just run out. That would be too embarrassing! However, as I sat there I suddenly thought to myself Do I smell of Poo? I have no idea why this thought entered my head, I don’t think I have ever smelt of poo. Not even when I had a pooey newborn. Also having showered an hour before, it was doubtful I would smell of anything. There was no poo I recall on my walk from the car, Why little head would you plant that seed? Well, it had been planted and I spent the next 45 minutes hoping I didn’t smell of poo, embarrassed and uncomfortable!! I definitely blame the hormones, My eyesight has also got worse! Boooo!

I have begun to feel lots of kicking this week which is really nice and reassuring. Mostly down the right side of my tummy which makes sense as that is where the baby was sitting during the scan. I have tried a few exercises to encourage baby to move from the breech position. This involves me elevating my pelvis higher than tummy for 30 seconds at a time. I found the easiest way for me to do this is to lie on the floor and lean my legs and hips up the wall. I did try the one leaning off the sofa/bed but that made the blood rush to my head and I don’t like that.

Hopefully, this will be enough encouragement to boot its bum out my pelvis! Its early days those so I’m not too concerned right now. If in a few weeks it’s still breech I may have to spend the next weeks walking on my hands!

There doesn’t seem to be any pattern at the moment to the movement, I guess the placenta is cushioning a lot of the movement still. There’s been the odd moment when I have had a good wallop, especially in my bladder, so baby is definitely getting stronger. I look forward to getting to know a more regular pattern in the coming weeks so I can keep a better watch on the babies health.

I have quite a few restless nights this week. Not that I can’t sleep, I feel I could sleep for the world right now. It’s more relating to getting comfy. I wouldn’t say the bump is huge right now, but I feel it has really got in the way sleeping. I leant on it too hard the other night and woke myself up. It must have pulled on a round ligament. So as a result of disturbed sleep, this week I have been really sleepy too!

You can read about Week 21 here in my previous instalment, but otherwise join me next week for week 23!





Bump Watch – Tiny Tuppen #2 Week 21

Bump Watch week 21

Blink and you miss it so they say, well here’s to week 21 and it certainly feels like I almost missed it! I can’t believe there’s only 19 weeks to go. I realised I am actually heading into my 6 month of pregnancy….what?!? I’m beginning to panic, I basically have everything somewhere from Finlay, but I am not feeling prepared! I still don’t feel like I have my head around this pregnancy. Perhaps that is completely normal for the second one?  I shall just keep telling myself that, that will make me feel better, maybe I will write a to do list…..maybe…if I get round to it!

Week 21

This week I say a fond au revoir to my belly button. It was nice knowing you. I admire how you faithfully returned last time a little worse for wear. If you return again, you may have to give me the heads up as I don’t think I will recognise you. You will be missed and I will reminisce those days when we would go out partying, showing off to the world. Thank you for being such a stunning belly button. p.s sorry, I keep hitting you on things, I am not used to you being the furthest point of my tummy!

This week I think my hormones are reeking havoc with me. I feel my moods are swinging constantly. Especially relating to my positivity. I had a little blip last week and really started to panic about having a successful VBAC. I think a combination of hormones and finding out the baby was sitting breech at the 20 week scan put me into panic mode. However, some lovely reassuring comments on a few of my post have put my mind at ease. I’m going to take a list of things I want to discuss about it at my 24 week midwife appointment. Hopefully, I can get some answers to everything that’s a bit unknown still.

I think the hormones are also messing a little with my Blood Pressure. I had a few funny feelings this week. Nothing bad, but just weird. I remember getting light headed on occasions with Finlay the first time around and it was just down to random drops in BP. I have also been experiencing some funny feelings in my tummy, tightening combined with what I can only describe as going over a hump back bridge in a car, just less intense. I’m guessing this is probably the baby pushing on something of flipping about. If it carries on then I might mention it to be on safe side.

The baby has been moving about quite a bit this week. Although I wouldn’t say I feel regular movements yet due to the anterior placenta, It definitely has a good jiggle a few times a day. In fact, the other day in bed when it was happening I lifted my top. I was just in time to see the teeniest movement on my tummy!

This week I have really begun to notice Chloasma, on my face. This developed with Finlay also, luckily only really by my left eye. It does look just like my freckles, but they tend to fade in the winter where as this gets more pronounced. I have begun to use my bio oil on it, hopefully, it won’t get too bad. The good news is if it does it will disappear at some point after the birth anyway.

I have been looking into Doulas quite a bit recently. Most probably due to  all my overthinking, I was looking for ways to find reassurance. I would really love to hire a doula for the birth. Just to have somewhere there to support me and help make my wishes heard. I just think it’s going to be impossible financially, though. We only just make ends meet each month, so unless I come into some pennies, I don’t think it will happen. It makes me quite sad as I have heard such wonderful things about doulas, from friends and reading blogs. I really think it would be so good for me, I’m still holding out some hope!

So Finally, back to the raging hormones – I have been having weird dreams about Vampire Weekend (The Band)!


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Bump Watch: Tiny Tuppen #2 – Week 20


It Seems Bump watch has naturally fallen into place on a Monday. This suits me fine and it means I can link straight up to #MaternityMondays hosted by Emma at Farmers Wife & Mummy. It also means I get a couple of extra days to add any extra updates as my new pregnancy week starts on a Sunday! It has been quite an exciting week this week as I have hit 20 weeks. That means I am half way through (for a normal 40 week pregnancy). How did that Happen? 20 weeks also marks the week of the anomaly scan, and if you want to find out the gender, as long as baby is playing ball, you should get find out Pink or Blue at this appointment! What did we do? Keep reading to find out!

I was having a conversation with a friend on Sunday about the pregnancy and I said I feel that I am in denial, but my mind is excited! What do I mean? Well I know I’m pregnant and I very very excited to have a new addition to our family. However, I feel I have not paid much attention to the fact I am pregnant, apart from the developing Bump. I am too busy just trying to brush my hair and clean my teeth and generally make myself publically acceptable. Last week I even made it out with eyeliner on one eye only. If I can’t even think about dressing both eyes properly, how on earth have I got time to think babies!

Week 20

This week was the week I finally began feeling little movements. It has really eased my mind. I don’t know if the baby has moved ever so slightly that is now allowing me to feel the movement. Perhaps it’s just the fact it’s now getting that little bit bigger and stronger. Either way, I am pleased and reassured to be feeling the new little life inside me.

I have developed a strong case of heartburn and indigestion this week. Uncomfortable is an understatement and I can’t imagine it getting any better. I lived on Tums when I was pregnant with Finlay, so I think a trip to the chemist is in order! It will be interesting to see if this baby has a lot of hair as the old wives tale goes!

This week I have started to use Bio Oil daily on the bump. I used this with Finlay and I only developed a couple of small stretch marks in the last couple of weeks of pregnancy. So I am hoping for the same this time round. Although my tummy is in full bloom now, so I guess we’ll see how much I balloon in the coming weeks!

This week I have seen a marked improvement in my energy. Finally, I am feeling more energised, actually wanting to get up and about and do stuff now. Although I know I probably haven’t got too long before my energy levels start sinking again. I am going to try and make the most of it while I can!

20 Week Scan

So we had our 20-week anomaly scan, those who read my 19-week update will know how was unsure about finding out the sex of the new addition. Well, I was still so unsure, even as I headed into the room. When asked the question I just blurted out ‘I don’t know!’ The sonographer was so lovely, she said that was absolutely fine and she would start and if I want to know to say. Chris asked at that point if she would write it down for us ‘Of course’ she replied. So we still don’t know!! To be honest I am very happy with my choice but know I can find out if I have the need too.

bump anomoaly scanSo baby is looking really healthy. It was being a little bit of a monkey and had tucked itself right down in my pelvis, with its chin resting on its chest, and its arm across its heart. Finally, after a few prods of the bump, the sonographer got what she needed. Everything appeared to be working as it should and nothing of any concern was found. My placenta is anterior which explains why it’s taken longer to feel movement. It is however high up, so shouldn’t cause any issues.

The baby is measuring a lot smaller than Finlay at this stage at 368g, with a prediction of 7 and half pounds at term. That’s quite a difference to Finlay’s 8lb 15oz. I guess we will see though! Its head and legs are the smaller end of the scale. So it takes after me with my short legs and pea head.

I’m not sure if I got any gender clues, I was trying to have a little peek and guess. Where Finlay made it very obvious. There was nothing obvious about this one. In fact,  I’m not sure I could see anything there and it was pretty clear potty shot. I asked Chris what he thought and he couldn’t see anything either. We have both got a little thought that perhaps it could be a girl, but I am not going to get my hopes up. What will be will be!

The only piece of news that has made me feel anxious is that baby is currently sitting breech on the right side of my pelvis. It has its bum wedged tightly in and feet waving in the air. The sonographer advised it was pretty normal at this stage to be breech and there was plenty of time to turn. However those who have read my Birth Trauma post will know that Finlay was an undiagnosed breech, and was the start of a series of events that left me feeling quite traumatised. I just hope this baby turns.









Bump Watch: Tiny Tuppen #2 Week 19


Running Late with Bump watch again! Is this the start of pregnancy misorganisation? Quite possible! I knew I was going to be busy over the last couple of days and with all good intentions I was going to draft my post. However, I forgot, oops, baby brain! Am I allowed to say that before baby arrives?

Today, Chris and I actually had a rare toddler free day, we are both off work and Finlay was in Nursery. So we went for a lovely romantic stroll down the forest. It rained. We found a creepy blair witch style twig house to huddle in, it was kinda cute. We then went for a tapas style Thai Lunch, then back home for feet up and a movie snuggled on the sofa. These days are so rare, I just couldnt open my laptop. However come this evening, I was so excited to see I was selected for Farmers wife & Mummys Favourite from #maternityMondays linky last week. That means a lot to me especially as my blog is relatively new, so a big thank you.

Week 19

I was19-weeks in torment this week, as I really wanted to document my growing bump on Bump Watch. However I am terribly camera shy, I hate my picture taken and usually hate every picture ever taken off me. After about 20 change of clothes and I cant even remember how many shots, I found a picture I was semi happy with. I am not a selfie kinda girl, no one said taking a self was so difficult! Anyway, we have a 19 week shot, hello from bump!

I think I was saying last week how small I felt, can we erase that please. I feel I have doubled in size this last week. Even my team colleague at work said how she hadnt noticed my bump before, but this week she could really see it!! Eek,I hope this isnt asign of things to come, I am only small. I dont think I am ging to fit in my normal clothes much longer either, Maternity shopping is a must on my to do list!

I think I am carrying this one differently too, I was looking back at old picture when I was pregnant with Finlay. I was so much neater, bigger, but neater. This bump just seems to overtake my whole tummy!

I have been experiencing back ache quite a bit this week, I think this has been down to long drives and traffic congestion. The Southern rail tarin strike is effecting everything. Its not been that bad, but I think I really need to keep an eye on my posture at my desk, to prevent it getting worse.

I still havent felt movement this week, Im not too worried as I have obviously grown. I thought I may have felt something Friday Morning, Milo our cat wandered in our room while we were sleeping. He layed across my tummy as I slept on my side. He woke me doing so as he has the loudest purr and as he has been so ill, he is allowed to disturb me. Anyway there he was purring across my tummy and I am sure I felt two little nudges, Perhaps its the start and I will begin feling more movement this coming week.

Apart from all this, I feel in very good health. It has been so different from my last pregnancy. There is no sign of any bleeding which is great and no sign of any other nasty things I suffered with. I feel a bit more energized this week and my appertite has gone overboard. I havent had any crazy cravings, but Chocolate has become a good friend…..I write this and think perhaps theres a link between my blossoming tummy haha! I also devoured a box of picked green chilli peppers, but I love them anyway so not a craving.

I still havent got anything organised. I havent really thought about maternity leave, sorting baby clothes, telling HR, stocking up. I think it still doesnt feel that real. Last time everything was about the baby, but this time its still about that baby, but he now a toddler and so much more demanding, everything else takes a backseat!

Finally, it’s only a week until our 20 Week scan, how has that come round so quickly? I thought I had ages to decide if I wanted to find out the sex, but I am still undecided. Everyone has different opinions as it seems I do too. Chisn’tisnt really bothered either way. He would be happy to find out, but If I dont want to, then he will happily wait. I really don’t know. Did you find out?









Bump watch: Tiny Tupen #2 Week 18

bump watch

I apologise Bump watch was delayed this week as I intended to post it every Friday. Last week, however, was a pretty heart-wrenching day. Our beautiful old cat was rushed to vets with breathing difficulties. He has been diagnosed with heart failure and heart disease. I was pretty heartbroken and penned a post to him. I could really think about writing much else. Today I’m feeling a bit more positive, so here’s this week’s instalment of Bump watch albeit a little. On a plus I get to link straight up to #MaternityMondays

Week 18

I still feel pretty small for 18 weeks. Not that I can remember how big I was with Finlay. I never documented it so I’m relying on my terrible memory! I don’t remember being able to hide the bump so well last time round, so that’s what makes me feel I am smaller. It may be just because I didn’t have to hide it last time. I do remember not fitting into my jeans by 20 weeks and using a band to hold my button together!! This time, however, I still feel quite comfortable in jeans. Although I guess I have another two weeks to expand!

I have finally gained about 1lb back in weight this week. I had been dieting before I fell pregnant and lost 3/4 of a stone.  Nausea during the first weeks, however, caused me to lose about another 4lb on top. So I’m quite pleased to finally be putting a little bit of weight back on this week.

I have been experiencing tightening’s across my tummy this week. It has at times been extremely uncomfortable as it’s not as easy to move around/bend etc. This happened a lot of last pregnancy, but not this early on. I have also been experiencing pings of round ligament pain, but nothing to complain about.  Guess it just shows baby is growing nicely!18

This week I plucked up the courage to tell my boss about the pregnancy. I was worrying quite a bit about this, especially with everything that had gone on at work. An informal email to let her know in the first instance seemed best. I wasn’t sure if I would see her this week face to face and I really wanted to let her know . My boss took the news well, which surprised me. She asked a few questions and seemed quite happy for me. It’s a weight off my mind. It has also been nice to finally be able to talk about The pregnancy. Having now has a few chats with the girls in my team about babies.

Emotionally, it has been tough this week. Finlay is having the tantrums from hell.  Finlay’s current idea of a good morning at 6am is screaming, hissing, spitting and punching fits and it’s taking its toll. I feel exhausted most of the time and have been asleep by 8.30pm most nights. Friday, I spent most of the day sobbing over the cat, imagining him not around was hard. Luckily if the medicine works, we could have him around a few more years. This makes me happy.

This baby must be in a completely different position than Finlay was at this stage. If I remember correctly, I began feeling movement about 16 weeks with Finlay, but still nothing as yet with Tiny Tuppen #2.

I haven’t decided if I want to find out the sex of the baby. I really love the idea of a surprise, but would I be better prepared to know? We have most stuff stored from Finlay. As it the same time of year, everything will suitable season wise, so a boy would be good in that respect. If not we will need to shop. Also, I would really love a princess this time (not that I don’t want a boy), the main thing is it’s healthy, but I worry if I end up with a surprise boy I might have an initial ‘oh’ moment. However, I just love the idea of not knowing. Eeek decisions!



Bump Watch – Tiny Tuppen #2 Weeks 1 -17

bump watch

Welcome to my first ever Bump Watch post. It seems so long ago now when I first found out I was pregnant with Tiny Tuppen #2. In fact, I think initially, I was in a bit of denial. It wasn’t that this baby wasn’t planned or wanted, but I was smack bang in the middle of a work dispute. Chris and I had been discussing expanding our family earlier in the year, but when I was issued with my ‘At Risk of Redundancy’ notice. The sensible option was to wait and see if I still had a job.

I learnt my job was safe and babies once again became a topic of conversation. However, as the universe likes to test us, I was then told my working pattern no longer fitted the  organisation. My hours were cut, and my working pattern completely changed. It left me in a very difficult situation financially. My dispute began in June and I also fell pregnant in June!!!

So with all the stress and my mind being on other things, I wasn’t keeping track of my cycle. It wasn’t until I was about 2 weeks late that I mentioned it to Chris, but I convinced myself it was due to stress. About a week later, we finally got a test and a BFP! Chris was over the moon, all I could think about was work. I was between contracts, signed off with stress, on garden leave and I had been served my redundancy notice unless I could agree to the change of terms. So to protect myself, I had to keep it very quiet and hence my first bump watch at 17 weeks!

The First few weeks

The first few weeks were a bit of a blur with everything going on. However, once the sickness set in about 7 weeks, I was nauseous from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to sleep. Thankfully I was never sick, but I struggled to eat and drink and I lost about 4lbs in weight. In addition to the nausea, I was sooooo tired. I had never experience anything like it. I would wake up from long undisturbed nights sleep, completely dazed and shattered. I felt constantly hung over minus the headache!

Getting through the day was hard especially with a very active 3.5 year old. I thought this period would never end and I longed for the 12 – 14 week respite all the books say. Well lucky me, it carried right on and I can honestly say its only really last week that I have slightly more energy. Although I’m not nauseous now, my appetite isn’t great, but its slowly getting better. What we do for our babies, the joys!!

Booking in and the Dating Scan

I had my booking in appointment at 10 Weeks and my EDD was 09th March 2017. To be honest it was pretty much as I remembered it with Finlay although I don’t remember it taking quite so long at an hour and a half! Lots of questions about family history and in addition previous birth this time. As I disclosed my Anxiety issues and there was a tonne of paperwork to complete and people to copy in because of it. At the appointment I had my bloods taken, dating scan and my consultant appointment booked (due to previous C-Section).

At 13 weeks exactly we had our dating scan. I was worried that Tiny Tuppen wasn’t OK, however I had no need to worry. Tiny Tuppen was present, with a good heartbeat, with everything that it should have, nothing that it shouldn’t. Tiny Tuppen also was very active (I think another boy!). Tiny Tuppen measured as 13+4, resulting in EDD as 05th March. However, I ended up missing the Combined Screening test through lack of communication.

Consultant Appointment

At 15 weeks I had my consultant appointment. This is when it came to light I had missed the combine screening test. Chris and I were not told to go the get bloods taken on the scan day. We remember the conversation about the Screening and when we would find out the results. It seems odd we would both miss the part about going to get blood tests. The Hospital were sure we were told. Anyway, the consultant advised we could have a Quad screen test combined with the NT measurement taken at the dating scan.

The appointment with my consultant was pretty straight forward. I really want to try for a VBAC with this baby and the consultant had no objections as long as Tiny Tuppen is not Breech. To help reassure us the consultant has booked us in for a scan at 37 weeks to double check the presentation (Fingers crossed with this one). If it’s all good, we can go for a VBAC.

A few days after this appointment, we got the good news that Tiny Tuppen had screened negative for Downs and Edwards. The results were 1 – 2300 and 1 in 50000 retrospectively, which I think are pretty good odds.

16 Weeks Appointment

The Midwife called me 40 minutes before my appointment, which really annoyed me. As I was the only one booked into the Clinic she had made the decision to cancel my appointment. The midwife asked me to go somewhere else that afternoon for the appointment, but I couldn’t as I had plans. I felt like it wasn’t my fault and why leave it until 8.20am when my appointment was at 9am. I guess she had her reasons.

I had my appointment a week later with a different midwife. Surprisingly I found out that midwifes no longer check the babies heart beat at 16 weeks. I was really looking forward to this, especially for reassurance, but that’s the new government guideline’s. Apart from asking a few questions and filling in a few notes, BP and urine checks, that was pretty much it. My next appointment will be at 24 weeks (apart from the 20 week scan).

Worries so far with this pregnancy

  • unexplained bleeding (had my first bleed with Finlay at 16 weeks and regularly after)
  • Hoping stress hasn’t affected baby.
  • Is VBAC right choice?
  • How will work take the news?
  • Is baby OK?
  • Plagiocephaly
  • Breech presentation

Symptoms Vs Last pregnancy

  • No current bleeds – Touch Wood!
  • Loads of nausea – (None last pregnancy).
  • Tiredness – Much more severe this time.
  • No appetite.
  • No Nasty candida – again touch wood (constant from start to Finish with last pregnancy)
  • No movement felt yet – Pretty sure it was 16 weeks with Finlay
  • No Cravings – same last pregnancy

Well, that was a crash course through my first 17 weeks of pregnancy. I tried to keep it brief, I could have gone into so much more detail, waffling about this and that.

Find out next week how things are going and how work take my news!