Diabetes, no one plans to develop diabetes, especially not mums to be. In fact it probably wouldnt even cross most womens mind when they have just found out they are pregnant. However, Gestational Diabetes (GD) will affect around 5% of UK pregnancies. Once diagnosed there are so many misconceptions within society, these women end up feeling guilty. Thinking somehow, they have caused it to themselves. Support from the NHS OK, but hindered by offering advice based upon Type 2 Diabetes (a low fat diet due to the link with obesity). GD, however is hormone driven. Most women will struggle to follow type 2 dietary advice, due to the fluctuations of their hormone levels during pregnancy.

Hopefully this post will give you a brief overview of the condition, how you can help yourself manage GD and quash a few misconceptions associated with it.

gestatational diabetes

What is Gestational Diabetes?

GD is defined as Diabetes that develops or is first diagnosed during pregnancy.… Read More