Welcome to Southern Mummy, I’m Heidi. I am passionate about two things. One is looking after our Planet. The other is inspiring my children to love and value nature whilst having fun. Let me guess, you are here to find ways to teach your child about nature conservation? or you are looking for some simple children’s nature based activities? or perhaps you have stumble upon my site because you want to find out the benefits of increasing outdoor time for your child? Whatever the reason, you have come to the right place, but first let me first give you some really important background information and the reasons to why I blog about the subject of Nature and Children and why it’s so important to me:


  • UK nature is being lost – with a 56% decline over recent decades
  • Fewer than 10% of children have access to regular outdoor play in a nature type environment
  • We only have 12 years left to save our planet from Global Catastrophic Climate Change


Nature and Children



Nature and Children – What does it mean to them and us?


It means if we don’t intervene we could eventually loose over half of the UK’s wildlife over the next few decades. That our grandchildren or even children may never see or touch some types of wildlife that we may have taken for granted. Their lives will be 56% less brighter than ours were. It also means that 90% of our future generation may be oblivious to this loss. Not unwilling to help, but just unaware. The recent IPCC report on Climate change predicts that if we can’t keep a global temperature rise of below 1.5 degrees than the world can expect serious changes to weather, sea levels, agriculture and natural eco-systems. Wildlife and habitats changed, if not gone forever!


Nature and Children


How does nature benefit children? I like to think of children and nature as a symbiotic relationship. Children and nature need each other to thrive. It has been proven time and time again that children benefit in so many ways from connecting with nature and as we lose nature, we  begin to lose those connections and benefits, such as:


  • Intellectual Benefits – Nature provides countless opportunities for discovery, creativity and problem-solving
  • Emotional Benefits – Nature promotes peace and calm. As well as allowing children to run, jump and shout reducing tension, anxiety, and restlessness
  • Social Benefits – In Nature, children often collaborate to make up games and rules because there are no prescribed sets of instructions
  • Physical Benefits – Nature offers endless opportunities for physical activity, exposure to Sunlight (Vit. D) and reducing childhood obesity


How do Children Benefit Nature? I think this one goes hand in hand really. By fostering a passion for nature from a young age, children will grow up much more likely to support nature conservation in the future. If a child has fond memories of playing hide and seek in the forest or bird spotting at the park than they are much more likely to grow up wanting to preserve those tree’s or birds so that their children and grandchildren can also create those memories.


Nature And Children


What I hope to give you all is the knowledge that Nature and Children are so important to each other. That you don’t have a science degree in Environmental studies to teach your children the importance of conserving our planet. All you need is to do is get your children outside and have fun. They will enjoy themselves in so many different ways. They will squeal with delight as they experience the natural wonders of the world.  Grow their love of outdoors and forge a bond with mother nature, the rest, the want to conserve and protect, will then come naturally as they grow.


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