2019 update regarding my ALDI baby product swaps post: I have had to revise this post to no longer include Aldi’s Mamia First Milk, as it could be seen as a breach of the WHO code. There are a lot of questions arising over the cheaper Milk brands but First step Nutrition state in their Cost of Infant Formulas Marketed in the UK, that ‘As all first infant milks must meet current EU regulations for infant formula composition, there is no need for families to buy more expensive formula’. The reason some brands are priced lower is due to the brands not making claims through marketing and advertising and this saving is passed onto the consumer. While I am not promoting the use of formula over breastmilk, I understand the right that every parent has the right to choose how to feed their baby and some parents can not breastfeed. I believe these parents should have access to information to allow them to make informed decisions and I point them to the First Steps Nutrition: Infant Milks in the UK. This gives very in depth details about all UK 1st stage.


Now onto my ALDI Baby Product Swaps…..


Everybody knows that babies can be expensive. So I’ll let you into a little Secret. I know a place where you can save money on your baby shop without cutting quality. ALDI! My ALDI baby product swaps will amaze you! Baby products that have beaten even the leading brands in prestigious baby and toddler awards time and time again. If anything makes you change your supermarket, these baby swaps will!


ALDI Baby Product Swaps


We are often made to feel like we need the best products for our babies and the best products are the more expensive leading brands. But what if I was to tell you that you can buy premium at a discount price? You can buy organic without the hefty price tag? You can buy the best without breaking the bank. I know because I have managed it!


ALDI has a super range of own brand baby and toddler items. They also sell premium brand products with huge discounts during their ‘special buys baby and toddler events‘. ALDI is a brand I love and has saved me a small fortune since I discovered it only a year ago (where on earth was I?!). And I am not the only one! Mum’s everywhere hail ALDI and its products as some of the best in the industry.  And when there is an army of mums behind it shouting how good it is, you need to listen! So by using my ALDI baby product Swaps, you too can save a small fortune.


Here are my 11 ALDI Baby Product Swaps any parent Must Know!


ALDI Baby Product Swaps

ALDI Baby Product Swaps 1: Mamia Nappies – Starting at only £1.09 for a pack of 24 Size 1 newborn nappies. These nappies are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and tested against the leading brand. They boast leak protection for 12 hours and keep your little one dry all night. Soft and breathable they are so great they have won many awards including Silver the Mother & Baby Awards, 2016!


ALDI Baby Product Swaps 2: Mamia Organic Soft Oaty Bars – only £1.29 for a box of 6, that’s a huge saving in comparison to the leading brands. Suitable from 12 Months they come in three delicious Flavours – Carrot Cake, Strawberry and Apple and Raspberry and Apple.


ALDI Baby Product Swaps


ALDI Baby Product Swaps 3: Mamia Sensitive baby wipes – at 55p per pack, these wipes are some of the cheapest on the market. Wining Silver in the 2016 Mother & Baby Awards. They are fragrance free and hypoallergenic, wipes containing aloe vera and chamomile to help keep your baby’s skin soft and smooth. They come in a handy little packet with a clip close lid ensuring they stay fresh at all times.


ALDI Baby Product Swaps 4: Mamia Super Concentrated Liquid Baby Soft Non-Bio Wash* – Only £1.99 for 28 washes, this great value wash is strong on stains but soft on your babies skin. It has great reviews in comparison to the current leading brands too at this price its worth a shot! *Part of ALDI’s special buys, only available at certain times of the year.


ALDI Baby Product Swaps 5: Mamia Baby Soft Fabric Conditioner* – 99p for 40 washes, Use after the Mamia baby soft liquid, ensuring fresh, soft clothes whilst protecting your baby sensitive, delicate skin.  A steal at this price! *Part of ALDI’s special buys, only available at certain times of the year.


ALDI Baby Product Swaps 6: Powerforce All purpose Antibac Wipes – 85p for 80 wipes. Bleach and alcohol free, these wipes kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses with up to 24hr protection. These wipes give the leading brand a run for their money and are perfect for on the go cleaning too.


ALDI Baby Product Swaps 7: Mamia Baby Bath – 79p for 500ml. PH Balanced with a tear free formula, perfectly suited for newborns. The Mamia baby bath is a gentle, relaxing bubble bath enthused with Vitamin E leaving babies skin soft and mosisturised. Voted silver in the 2016 Mumii Best Baby and Toddler Gear awards.


ALDI Baby Product Swaps


ALDI Baby Product Swaps 8: Mamia Baby Shampoo – 79p for 500ml. A mild baby shampoo with a tear free formula. Enthused with vitamin E, this shampoo is gentle on your babies skin, but leaves it soft and moisturised.


ALDI Baby Product Swaps 9: Mamia Organic Creamy Porridge – £1.29 for 200g. LBP Award Silver, 2016. Stage 1 from 4 months. 100% organic, smooth, creamy breakfast porridge. No added salt, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.


ALDI Baby Product Swaps 10: Mamia Organic Food Pouches – from 55p. A selection of Fruit, breakfast and meal pouches. LBP Award winners 2017. Stage 1 and 2. 100% organic. no added salts, sugars, thickeners, or artificial preservatives.


ALDI Baby Product Swaps 11: Mamia Organic Apple and Pear Fruit pots – 85p for a 4 pack. LBP award Winner 2016. 100% organic, stage 1 fruit pots. Suitable from 4 months with no added sugar (contains only naturally occurring sugar).


The next ALDI baby and toddler event is available online on Sunday 21st April 2019 hits stores on Thursday 25th April 2019. As always when the Event is on, there are a few amazing value big buys. Check out my sneek peek of the event, here!

So what are you waiting for? Use my ALDI Baby product Swaps now and start making some savings, heck, go this coming week and take advantage of the baby and toddler event too!


Why don’t you share this post with your friends so they too can start saving and I would love for you to tweet me your ALDI hauls!

Disclaimer: I recieved NO compensationin any way for this post, nor was it sponsored. I just love ALDI and their products

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