Breastfeeding, something I wasn’t able to do with Finlay, but desperate to do with Emmie. I never quite believed it would happen. Almost 5 Months later, I am still exclusively breastfeeding!! I won’t lie, it hasn’t been easy. There were times I thought I couldn’t do it, but I persevered to a point where I was happy and confident in feeding my baby. Then Emmie began to grow and move, ECK!!

As if my pleas for help were heard, I was offered the chance to review some Boobie Beads (fantastic feeding and teething jewellery). Created by a mum for mums, Boobie Beads provide a welcome distraction for babies whilst feeding and double up as a teether. Made from soft silicone, BPA and toxin free, they make the perfect choice for little ones to play and chew on. I was sent a gorgeous orange and pink necklace to try out.


Boobie Bead Breastfeeding Necklace


Emmie was a great little feeder once we got over the initial bumps in the road. Now she is almost 5 months though, she thrashes about all impatient when I’m trying to latch her on. She wants to look about everywhere and grabs at everything. This is fine when I’m alone mostly, but in the company of others I can find it quite stressful. I’m quite a shy, reserved person and would not be happy just whooping my bosom out to breastfeed. I have a feeding shawl but this has started flying in all directions recently and exposure is imminent!

Enter, Boobie Beads.

I really liked the contrasting colours on the necklace I was sent. It looked really chic and contemporary and I wouldn’t feel out of place wearing this out and about. I thought the bright colours would be great for Emmie too. I popped the necklace on and Emmie was drawn to it instantly, she reached out and grabbed it. The geometric style bead was really easy for Emmie to grasp hold. Instantly I had less of a fight on my hand, she was so occupied with the beads she didn’t even realise I was laying her down and she latched straight on once she did (no flailing arms!). Through the feed she laid there and held and played with the beads, amazing! The necklace also has a clever little clip clasp, so if your baby pulls on it a bit too hard, you don’t get garrotted, it unclips.


Boobie Bead - Breastfeeding and Teething Jewellery Review


I have found Boobie Beads invaluable whilst breastfeeding recently. Less flailing means my shawl stays put latching Emmie on and she spends less time trying to sit up and grabbing at my hair and clothes. This in turn has made breastfeeding a much more relaxing experience for us both. I highly recommend this product. Boobie beads come in many chic and feminine designs.

As Emmie is also teething, this necklace has been great for her to chomp on. It gives her some welcome relief from teething pain. What’s great is, you can also pop them in the fridge to cool them, making it extra nice on those hurting gums. I think this product is going to be used to the max in the coming months in our household. I highly recommend Boobie Beads for anyone breastfeeding or with a teething baby.


Boobie Bead designs


They come in many chic and feminine designs and as well as jewellery they also make teether toys and dummy clips in the same BPA free, soft silicone, so head over to the Boobie Beads website to take a look.

You can also follow Boobie beads on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Have you used Boobie Beads or have you come up with any genius ways to help make breasfeeding easier for you? I would love to hear!











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