Welcome to my first proper monthly update of baby Emmeline! Today we are celebrating her baby milestones 2 Months (or 8 weeks). Technically she is almost 3 months old now, but I am catching up on the backlog. So Without further ado, welcome to Emmies Today I am series. If you have wandered here first you can read about Emmies first month in our ‘Welcome to the world’ post, but for now I give you, baby Milestones 2 months!


Baby Milestones 2 Months old | 8 Weeks


Baby Milestones 2 Months | 8 Weeks


Weight: 9lb 2oz


The first 4 weeks passed in a bit of a blur, in fact, I don’t know where the last 4 weeks have gone! I looked at Emmie the other day and I couldn’t believe how big she was. Where did my scrawny little newborn go?


Emmie has become more aware of her surrounding over these last few weeks and I love how much she adores her big brother. As soon as she hears him, she looks about everywhere until she sees him and then stares and smiles. Finlay has still not shown any jealousy towards having a sibling and I just love him for that. He is, however, being slightly more naughty than usual, but I think he is adapting to sharing mummy and daddy and it’s his way of getting attention.


Emmie had her HV check and she weighed in at 9lb 2oz. I was really pleased as it meant she is consistently gaining weight and following the 25th centile, in fact, she’s 25th centile for head and length too. It doesn’t surprise me she is on the smaller end of the scale, I’m quite teeny myself and was scrawny bean as a child so I think she takes after me!


baby milestones development 2 months old 8 weeks


Emmie also had her 6 week check. Nothing out of the ordinary to report, she is one healthy bubba. Although Emmie was born with a gap in her bottom gum. It doesn’t bother her, nor does it affect her latch, but I was worried it might affect her teeth eventually. The doctor said it looked normal and was nothing to worry about. I think I might have to keep an eye on this one, possibly get a second opinion as I haven’t heard of any other baby missing a portion of gum before.


Feeding is going well, but I am constantly worried I am not producing enough milk for her. I don’t think this is the case as she appears to be growing well. She feeds every 2 hours or so, I think she likes to take smaller more frequent feeds. It’s quite tiring. Hopefully soon, she will start going longer between feeds.


Sleep wise, we have made a lot of progress since last month. After refusing to sleep in her basket, slowly I began to introduce small daytime sleeps. This has moved on to her now having all her naps in her basket including all through the night, Yipee!! She is also an awesome sleeper (touch wood). I give her a feed about 10.30/11pm and she will go through to 4am, have a feed and then sleep until 7am.


Character wise, she is a sweetheart. So content and so happy, She will give everyone the biggest smile, she very rarely cries (apart from the odd colicy bout about 7pm but shes usually asleep by 8pm now). She has discovered cooing, although not often at the moment. However, when she does, it is the cutest sound!


Physically, her head and neck control are amazing, she is always lifting her head up to have a good nose around. Obviously, takes after my mum! She has plenty of ‘Tummy Time’ as I worry she will develop Flat head syndrome after Finlay’s ordeal as a baby. However so far so good, she has a perfectly round bonce! She has also just discovered her hands and will sit and stare at them for ages.


I have noticed her eyes are turning darker, so she will definitely follow in her brother’s footsteps for eye colour. Her hair is still very dark. It’s very much fluffy baby hair though, so we will see over the next few months if it changes. I dont think there’s much else to report this month, she is still very tiny and spends most of her time eating and sleeping. Its alright for some! Overall Emmie has slotted in perfectly to our little family. There was obviously an Emmie shaped hole waiting to be filled by her all along.


I hope you enjoyed Emmie’s baby Milestones 2 Months. Why not read how she’s been getting on at 3 months old?


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