On the 06th September Emmeline turned 18 months old. I can’t quite believe I’m writing this post. Not just because of the milestone, but I actually haven’t update about Emmie since she was 9 Months old. This was down to my little break, but my how things have changed since back then. She is no longer a baby, she’s a full blown toddler. I have so much to update you with!


18 Months old


Emmeline is so different from her older brother, they are honestly like chalk and cheese. Fin is wild and always has been, Emmeline is calm and relaxed. That doesn’t mean she hasn’t found her voice and she will growl and scream defiantly if anything is taken from her. However, most of the time she just gets on with things. She is very independent and will happily try and do things on her own and will ask for help if she needs it. She is very clever and is very good at working out puzzles, especially shape sorters and she loves books. Emmeline is also beginning to identify colours and will point out the blue tiles in the bathroom and say ‘booo’!


18 months old baby toddler milestone


Emmeline is such a funny little character and everybody who meets her, loves her. She can be very shy, especially if she hasn’t met you before. She likes to turn her head and sit very still. I think she thinks if she is still enough then you actually won’t see her.  Once she has warmed up to you, she is so cheeky and everything she does is hilarious, even if she isn’t trying to be. There’s a very cheeky twinkle in her eye!


She confidently walks about, which she started to do at 12 months, but she can now run and she also has begun to jump. She is an apt climber and I often turn round to find her climbing up to the top of her brother’s mid sleeper bed. Her goal is to peel off all Fin’s meticulously placed stickers on his wall!!!


Emmeline still goes to Sing and Sign, and she can sign for most things she wants now. She is picking up new signs all the time, the trouble is, I’m the only person that really knows what she’s signing for. She is, however, coming along nicely with her speech too. Finlay was a very late talker, so it’s very strange for me to hear her talking so young, in fact only yesterday she joined two words together and said ‘bye bye teddy’ as we went upstairs. I don’t really know how many words she says but it’s a lot and I’m very happy with her speech development.


18 months old baby toddler milestone


Emmeline is still breastfed, but only morning and night. She hasn’t ever shown any signs of wanting to wean off. I was going to start a few months back but we have had to trial dairy free with her and she refused a lot of alternative milks, so she currently has oat milk, so I have continued to breastfeed to ensure she has all her nutrients while she is still little. I am hoping though we will get back to cows milk soon and I can wean her fully.


Emmie doesn’t sleep well. She never has. She will wake several times a night almost every night, it is very tiring. This is one of the reasons why we are trailing dairy free (doctors orders). I have a gut instinct she has some kind of intolerance, but what? I don’t know. She always has a runny bottom with lots of food bits in it. She has wind a lot, often a huge pot belly and quite dry scaly skin. When she wakes, she often wakes with a painful cry as if she has belly ache and I can often hear her tummy gurgling in the night. I’m not entirely convinced dairy is the problem, but we had to try it. I’m leaning more towards wheat, but it could also be Lactose or wheat, or something else entirely.


She was late to teethe and she still only has 6 teeth! Four at the top and 2 at the bottom. Although I think I can feel another one just breaking through at the top. I wonder if she will ever get all her teeth. I think it makes her look quite young, especially when younger babies seem to have more teeth than her. I’m sure they will come eventually!


18 months old baby toddler milestone


Although I haven’t had Emmeline weighed for about 6 months, she is still on the smaller size, I think having weighed her and me she is about 22lbs. I’m sure Finlay was that before he was a year! She has always been little though, so she definitely takes after me, although funnily in height she is just over average!


She adores shoes, I recently ordered her some winter boots and when she spotted them she got so excited and started exclaiming ‘Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!’ She has a choice of Toys, mostly her brothers hand me downs, but she just loves to play with her dolly and teddys, feeding them and dressing them and taking nappies on and off. I think it’s funny how some of these things are just in our DNA. I have always been very gender neutral when it comes to toys, both, always had a range of boys and girls toys, but Finlay always prefered cars and Emmeline, her dollies!


Emmie goes to nursery 3 days a week, which she has done since I went back to work in March. She really enjoys it and has so much fun socialising with the other babies. She also adores her careworkers and always blows them kisses when she leaves. They tell often tell me how she has had them in fits of laughter with her antics!


So I think I have covered most things briefly. I will keep her you updated with her possible allergies and hopefully, I might start sleeping soon!


10 Comments on Emmeline: Today I am 18 Months old

  1. Ahhh what a goreous cheeky cutie pie! I can relate to the sleep part…our daughter was the same but now she is five she is a great sleep so there is plenty of time to get better at that they are still going through so many changes at this stage.

  2. Emmeline is a beautiful girl and it looks like she has a sweet personality too. I have noticed that girls tend to develop speaking skills faster than boys, I guess it explains why females are generally more expressive than males 🙂

  3. Finger crossed you get some sleep soon, you’re a real trooper still going strong after 18months of no sleep! This is a lovely update and will be lovely to look back on in the future. I hope the doctors figure out what the allergy is and things get sorted soon xx

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