GUND: Jungle Friends Monkey Toy Review


Everybody loves a gorgeous, soft baby toy. I was lucky enough to be asked by GUND to review a couple of items from their new 2017 ‘Jungle Friends’ range, and boy do GUND do gorgeous, soft baby toys!

GUND –  is America’s most prestigious soft toy company with a heritage that reaches back to 1898. Famous for creating the world’s most huggable soft bears and animals. GUND create quality products with unparalleled huggability and have launched an exclusive range of plush baby toys and activity sets. The items within the new ‘Jungle Friends’ range are certainly no exception.

I was sent:


Monkey Rattle: The Monkey Rattle is priced at £6.95 and is made from special heathered fabric. This gives the rattle a really beautiful hue to it’s appearence. The fabric is also very soft and inviting to touch. Inside, the stuffing is dense but produces a really soft squishy feel. This also pads well around the internal ‘rattle’ too. The design is really fun and friendly. Combined, this really encourages your baby to touch and explore it. The rattle makes a really soft noise when shaken, which is perfect for sensitive little ears.

Emmie was very impressed when I gave her the rattle. I showed her the little monkey face and she beamed with delight. Emmie is at that age where she has just started to hold objects properly and give them a good shake. The great thing about this rattle is its softness. You know what babies are like, shake, shake, donk, waaaaah! No accidents waiting to happen with this one! It’s also the perfect size for her to grasp properly and is very light enabling her to lift it and shake it with little effort. The Monkey Rattle is suitable from birth, Machine washable (a huge bonus for me) and CE marked.

GUND: Jungle Friends Toy Review - Monkey rattle and cuddly toy!


Monkey Teddy: The Monkey Teddy is priced at £18.00 and again is made from the special heathered fabric. This monkey is adorable! I can not even begin to explain how soft and huggable this little guy is. He is made in the same design and colours as the rattle so they are a perfect pair. Again, the stuffing feels nice and dense, but not too packed full. He has a lovely bouncy feeling to him, which is what makes him so lovely to hug. Emmie really loves to lay hugging stuffed toys, she really pulls them into her. This one is no exception. The softness and bouncy feel make this one extra nice! He is the perfect size for little people (about 8inches), not too big, not too small.

What I especially love about this cuddly toy is he sits beautifully all by himself. So if you want a little cuddly to be a focal point in a nursery, he will sit beautifully on a shelf or unit. This little guy is suitable from birth, hand washable and CE marked.

So would I recommend these toys from GUND? Without a doubt! GUND definitely delivers on its promise of delivering quality, originality, and unparalleled huggability!

These toys are so soft, and so huggable and ooze quality. The whole range is so versatile, the soft hues and tones make them so versatile regardless of gender. The Jungle friends range would make an ideal present for a number of occasions, baby showers, birth presents, birthdays, Christmas. Emmie very much loves hers!”

GUND: New Range for 2017 'Jungle Friends'


The rest of the products from the Jungle friends range start from £6.95 for rattles and go up to £39.95 for the plush stacker. Each product within the range is made with the same heathered fabric, meaning they are ALL super soft and gentle to touch.  The other animals in the collection include Lions, Giraffes and Hippos and they all have friendly faces and are featured using a muted-tone colour palette including calming hues of grey, blue, yellow and brown.

Items within the ‘Jungle Range’  are available to buy directly from the GUND website with free delivery to addresses in the UK. So head over today!

You can Follow GUND on their social media channels here: FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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  1. These look so adorable! We have been looking for a new cuddly toy for the boys when we go on our travels. Will keep these in mind.

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