Baltic Amber strung into jewellery has been long been hailed by many mums as a way to soothe babies through teething. Those who use Amber beads, swear by them, but there are also many that are sceptical of the healing properties they are supposed to possess. Then, there are also the safety concerns of babies wearing jewellery.


As Emmie is showing more and more signs of teething, I have begun once again to think how I can help soothe her sore gums. Teething gels are having little effect and although she doesn’t seem too bad with her symptoms, her drooling and mouth full of fist tell me she is feeling it! Finlay was never too bad with his teething and we sporadically used Amber beads, but I wanted to dig deeper to see if it could be the answer for Emmie.

So what’s the story behind Baltic Amber?

Amber has been used for centuries and was once thought to hold magical powers protecting the wearer from evil spirits and diseases. Today it is an unparalleled example of alternative medicine with proven health benefits for homoeopathic relief. Genuine Baltic Amber is known to contain succinic acid. Succinic acid acts as an anti-inflammatory and an analgesic (pain killer). Which basically means genuine Baltic beads can act as a natural drug free alternative to relieve teething pain in babies and children from its natural healing properties.



There are two thoughts to how wearing Amber can have healing properties. The first suggests that wearing it against warm skin releases minuscule amounts of healing oils (containing succinic acid) from within. These oils are then absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream. This resultsing in natural pain relief and reduced inflammation.


Secondly Amber has been studied and proven to be electromagnetically alive and produces a significant amount of pure, organic energy. This natural energy is able to stimulate the renewal of weakened energy related processes within cells. This strengthens the body and improves the immune system.


Are they safe?

The main concern most people have with Amber Jewellery is the choking hazard. However, these jewellery pieces are not designed to be chewed on like a teether. They should only be worn under clothes and the child should always be supervised while wearing them. Jewellery should always be removed before bed and never worn at night. Genuine manufacturers will produce their jewellery so each bead is strung with a knot either side of it. This means if the necklace does snap, then the beads will not scatter.


They can also be worn double wrapped around the wrist or ankle for mothers who would rather not have something around their babies neck. In fact, you can even buy amber beads in anklet form.


Another fear that mothers have is if the absorption of succinic acid is actually safe. Well Nobel prize winner Robert Koch analysed succinic acid and confirmed its positive influences. He discovered that there is no risk of the accumulation of surplus amounts of succinic acid in humans.


What do I think?

I think that the theory behind how Baltic Amber works is very interesting. I do think that alternative medicine can be just as beneficial as pharmaceutical medicines in some cases. Not tomention the testimones from mothers all around the world regarding amber jewellery is very convincing. Am I convinced? Not 100% I am on the fence! Although, I do think that as long as the beads are worn in the safest possible way and then only when the child is supervised. What have you got to lose? I think I will definitely be giving amber ago again. I am intrigued. I’ll definitely start using my beads more regularly.



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Have you or would you consider using Amber to sooth teething?


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100 Comments on Teething: Is Baltic Amber the Answer?

  1. Yes definitely! I have never heard of the use of amber for this before! Really interesting – Thank you 🙂

  2. I would definitely have considered it. In things like teething it’s worth trying everything you can to ease the process.

  3. I haven’t so far with my 3, hadn’t heard of it but my sister in law swaers by it!m Maybe Ill gove it a try with my new baby as currently nearly 5 months pregnant

  4. I have used an amber bracelet for my granddaughter and it did seem to soothe her at night during teething. Grandbaby 2 on the way so another bracelet would be great.

  5. I haven’t tried it with my 10 month old baby boy yet but I’m considering using them as he has his top teeth coming and seems to be a difficult time for him

  6. I used them for my 2 daughters and judging by their teething experiences it eased their pain. They both teethed without any real problems apart from a lot of drool and some dodgy nappies. They didn’t cry with pin or get upset, in fact i didn’t even notice some of the teeth until other people pointed them out!

  7. Yes! I’ve used it since my 14 month old was very young, and hers broke a few weeks ago! It may just be a coincidence but she has definitely been more whiny since not wearing it!

  8. Sounds PERFECT for ESMAY
    Haven’t tried this YET
    So hard to find something to help littleones throughout their teething

  9. ive only recently heard about these my friend has one for her son and says theyare great i would have tried one if id known about them

  10. I didn’t with my first as she had no problems teething but will definitely give it a try with my second.

  11. 25 years ago when my daughter Amber was a baby we lived in Poland for a while and I used Amber as a teether for my Amber and it did the trick. I would definitely recommend using it.

  12. This is something I had never previously considered as I didn’t know about it but it is certainly something I would consider now

  13. My best friend used this on her little girl and it worked! Would love to try for my 2 month old when the time comes :s

  14. I would consider using amber as a way of treating symptoms of teething as I have seen it work for friend’s babies.

  15. I haven’t tried but would be great to try for other family members or even for my son who has teeth but loves to chew clothes!

  16. I haven’t considered using an Amber Necklace for soothing my little ones teething pain but I know many people really put a lot of store in them, so I would love to try it.

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