baby milestones development 6 months 24 weeks


I know, I know I am late with this one again. Emmie turned 6 months on the 06th September, wow! Half a year, how did that happen?! The last few weeks since my last update have passed in a bit of a blur to be honest as Finlay started school. So we’re just getting used to our new routine. So really Emmies half year milestone kind of blended into life, I hear that happens a lot with number two, and well anymore after that just have to be thankful for a birthday card haha! Seriously though, I don’t remember time passing quite so fast with Finlay. How it happened I don’t know, but today Emmie is 6 months old!


6 Months


weight: 14lb 4oz


So last month I began with Emmie’s slight drop on the percentiles as it kind of threw me off guard. To be honest, it was silly, but as I am a natural worrier it got to me. I realise now though that she was eating well and doing fine despite this. I was producing enough milk and to be honest life doesn’t ever follow a line perfectly. When she was weighed this month although she hasn’t moved back up to the 25th centile that she had been following, she has gained what is expected this last month and hasn’t dropped down any further.


This led me to have several discussions with people about weaning and early weaning. Obviously, everyone is entitled to wean how they see fit, but I am happy to have left it to when I did. Although I think Emmie would have happily accepted some first foods (and I had actually given a few spoons of baby rice at 5 months). I don’t think her digestive system was quite ready (you can read about that on her 7 month update soon!) and I don’t believe this drop was a sign that she was needing to be weaned.


baby milestones development 6 months 24 weeks


I think one of the most exciting things that happened this month is Emmie began to sit. Finlay was quite late when he mastered sitting. I think because he was already moving by this age. Emmie on the over hand is quite content to just sit. This is fine by me, more than fine to be honest haha! She has gained enough strength to sit up independently and over the last few weeks has gained great balance control too. She still topples occasionally (which Finlay finds hilarious, especially when he blows her over, but to be fair she finds it pretty funny too) so we still have cushions or her foam play mat around or beneath her to keep her safe.


As she has gained some good core strength, this last month I have started to introduce her seat unit on the buggy now. I think she really enjoys this as it means she can have a good nose when we are out and about now. It also means I don’t have to fill my car up with the carrycot if I don’t want to use the car seat. My boots quite small and it will not fit everything in. I have a Quinny Zapp Extra 2 for when I’m out and about in my car and everything folds up small which is great for my little boot.


Emmie has discovered some new noises this month. She has taken to growling like the cutest little gremlin!


Let’s talk about hair, or the lack of it haha. Although Emmie has a tiny bit more than she had a few months ago, she’s still kinda bald! This has surprised me as Finlay, although not thick had quite a good, long, fine covering by this stage. He has lovely hair now, let’s hope she has a hair explosion soon. The worst thing is to have a BROTHER that has better hair than you!


baby milestones development 6 months 24 weeks


Talking about siblings, Emmie and Finlay have been gorgeous this month. Emmie just adores Finlay, she always wants to see him. She reaches out and smiles at him whenever he enters the room. At the same time, Finlay always wants Emmie to join in with him. I was so worried when we found out Emmie was a girl. I thought Finlay would not be interested in a sister. He is such a boys boy, but I couldn’t be more wrong. I love the relationship that is blossoming between these two!



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