baby development milestones 8 months 32 weeks


It’s November! That means it’s time for Emmie’s update. So this month on 06th Emmie turned 8 months old. Again I can’t believe it’s been a month since her last update! To be honest, this month has passed in a sleep deprived, illness ridden blur. In fact, I went to search my photos to grab some nice ones for this update and apart from a few blurry ones, I haven’t really got much, so I apologise for the dodgy snaps this month. I will try harder for next month! Anyway, here we are, Emmie’s Today I am 8 Months old!


Weight: 16lb 1oz


I took Emmie to clinic Wednesday to be weighed. It’s the first time since she was born that I self weighed. I was always worried about weight gain that I always had something I needed to ask or check over. Today I had nothing. Her digestive issues that have plagued her since we started weaning have worn off, she’s eating well, she’s still Breast Feeding well (yep I’m still going!). I think I am finally relaxed about it all. The weight gain backed this up. I think she has bumped up a few percentiles and is just under the 25th, but she is following her curve nicely. She is just a petite little lady, who happens to have the juiciest scrumptious thighs ever!


Emmie had her first trip to the zoo this month. She adored it, as she loves animals (Our poor cat!). I had her in the carrier in the afternoon when the rain passed and she just intently watched everything that was going on. The walkthrough enclosures were great and her little legs were kicking away with excitement. Her favourite though was the squirrel monkeys. They came right up to the glass and kept putting their little hands on pane and Emmie squealed with delight!


baby development milestones 8 months 32 weeks


So this month Emmie had her first Sickness and Vomiting bug, brought home by the lovely Finlay from school and it made its way around the whole family. Luckily, although she was ill and off her food, she still breastfed well, so I was able to keep her hydrated and it passed after a few days none the worse. However, she also has had her first proper cold too and we have had quite a few unsettled nights. I mean waking  5 – 6 times a night, tired is an understatement!


Sitting is now well and truly mastered. We have movement, but not quite a crawl. Emmie can get herself from sitting to laying on her tummy. She is just beginning to balance herself on all fours, but only just. When on her tummy she has mastered moving by turning on the spot and going backwards. It’s amazing where she can end up doing this! She also holds her arms out to be picked up, and now sits rather nicely on my hip when I carry her.


baby development milestones 8 months 32 weeks


Emmie has really started to babble this month. I swear she was waving and trying to say bye over the last few days. It’s probably just coincidence but you know when things happen just too much to be?! Your’ll have to tune in next month, I’ll have the answer then! That aside she still likes to growl (apparently some babies do this because they like the feel of it!). We are continuing with Sing and Sign, I have been a little bit slack. We had two weeks off due to half term and I have been lazy, but Emmie continues to sign Milk when she is breastfeeding.


Next month is quite a considerable milestones, 9 months! As much time out as she was in! Wow, I have a feeling she will be on the move by my next update, so tune in next month to see what she’s up too!










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  1. How cute that you took Emmie to the zoo! Animals are such a good learning experience for children’s development – even when they are small. Lovely photos, she looks very cute!

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