Baby Milestones development 9 months old 36 weeks


Today is a very special milestone for little baby Emmeline. Today, and yes TODAY (I haven’t missed this update, first time ever I think!) Emmie is 9 months old. Special because she has been out in the big wide world for as long as she was tucked away in my tummy. So it’s been another month since Emmie’s 8 month update and another 4 weeks that have passed far too quickly. She is growing up very fast and has come leaps and bounds this month. without furthur ado, Today I am 9 months old!


Weight: 16lb 5oz


Emmie and I popped along to clinic this morning after I dropped Finlay at school ready to self weigh. I stripped Emmie off and popped her on the scales. The scale read 7.465kg, I didn’t have my little red book, but It was only 4oz heavier than her last weigh in. Cue worrying until I got home and found the book. It was then that I realised this is the time when the weight gain begins to slow. I guess babies get more active and that. So although she has only gained 4ozs she is still following her curve nicely. A slight drop since last month but nothing significant. Phew. She really is just going to be petite I think.


Baby Milestones development 9 months old 36 weeks


Emmie was begining to move last month. I can confirm she is now crawling. She began by commando crawling, dragging herself along. While she still prefers this method as the moment. The past week she has been up on all fours, she has moved, but she is still gaining confidence this moving this way. She can now get herself from her tummy to sitting and she is begining to try and pull herself up to standing, but she hasn’t quite got the strength to do this on her own yet. When she is up, she is beginging to take a few little steps, but she still needs to get her coordination and balance togther before she starts getting anywhere.


We have mastered clapping, which she very much enjoys doing. She has started to wave, but were still working on this one. Often we are met by a blank stare when we wave at her, then she will wave a few minutes later. Emmie has been making ‘Mama’ noises the last few weeks. A few people have said ‘aww she said mama’ but I’m not convinced. I don’t know she might be, but it just seems quite early.


Baby Milestones development 9 months old 36 weeks


Emmie is sleeping slightly better, but I can’t see her sleeping through the night anytime soon. After recovering from her sickness last month she had started only waking once a night. Typically she has now developed a chesty cough and last night she woke about 4 times. I was thinking a few days ago that Fin slept through consistently from 16 weeks. How early is that!?! Emmie is now 39 weeks and I fear she will never sleep through haha!


I’m so excited for the next few weeks, especially as it will be Emmie’s 1st Christmas but I really do wish time would slow down ever so slightly. I do also wonder if her hair will ever grow. she is no longer bald, but it’s very wispy, who knows! Don’t forget to tune in next month for the next instalment!


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