baby development milestones 5 months 20 weeks


Yay, I am only a few days late with Emmie’s 5 month update! Turn on that broken record, but man, these past 4 weeks have literally disappeared before my eyes! Maybe it’s because my last update was two weeks late, I don’t know. It just seems time is going a lot faster this time round. I swear she will be toddling in a few months. I can’t believe I am writing this, here is Emmie’s 5 Month update:


5 Months


Weight: 13lbs 4oz

I have literally just come back from the clinic after getting Emmie weighed. I was so surprised to find out she had dropped a number of percentiles. She has started looking so porky?!? Ordinarily, I don’t think I would worry too much. Emmie was always on the wee side but happily followed her 25 centile line. Now though she has dropped to maybe the 13th centile or there about’s. The health Visitor mentioned the drop, but wasn’t too worried and just asked if she was sleeping through now at night and to just carry on breast feeding. For me, I feel like an utter failure.


I couldn’t breast feed Fin and I so wanted to make it work with Emmie. After the shaky start to breast feeding, I finally felt in a happy place, confident and comfortable. But now I feel in turmoil. Am I not sustaining her enough? What does this mean? She finishes a feed herself, it’s not like I stop her. She feeds every 3 – 4 hours. I can feel my anxiety has already kicked in and I know stress will not help with milk production! The best thing I think I can do is get my pump out again to try and increase my supply as well as baking some lactation cookies and blending up some tigers milk!


I do wonder if perhaps she is just not taking so much milk at a feed. She has got to that point where she wants to know everything that is going on. So she is constantly on and off while she is feeding. wanting to know everything that is going on. I want to feed her in complete silence, but that obviously isn’t going to happen anytime soon with a 4 year old about! This also means she’s not too keen on my feeding shawl when I’m out. Has anyone ever wrapped a cat up in a towel to try and give it pills? That’s what I imagine I look like currently when I’m out feeding!


baby development milestones 5 months 20 weeks


Early on in the month Emmie really found her voice and started what I call singing. She would sit or lay there and just let loose with that beautiful little voice. Different pitches, different lengths, different noises all strung together. It’s quite clever when you really think about it, all this is her practising getting ready to talk. Seeing what her voice is capable of before she learns how to form letters and words.


This month we also discovered how to blow raspberries. I swear it’s non stop! She loves nothing more than to get a good mouth full of spittle along side it too. Lesson learned: don’t get too close to her face when she is in her raspberry blowing mood. You will be covered!


Emmie has fallen into a really good routine. She wakes about 7 am, she will need a nap mid morning and then a few hours at midday. Late in the afternoon, she might have a dose for 45 minutes or so and then she goes to bed about 7 pm. She will then sleep until we go to bed at about 11 pm, she then wakes for her last feed, but she goes straight back to sleep. I think this month though we have had the 4month sleep regression. While she generally will sleep through (she occasionally wakes for one quick feed before dosing back off) she had consistently woken twice a night for about 3 weeks. Thankfully, this week she has been sleeping through again (minus last nights raspberry ripple blow off, that had to warrant a nappy change, only to discover somehow there was nothing to show for it!).


baby development milestones 5 months 20 weeks


This month Emmie had her final round of early vaccines, hallelujah! No more until she is one! I was happy to learn she had already had all the rotavirus vaccines over the last few months as this one really played with her tummy. Unfortunately the final Meningitis vaccine gave her a slight fever like last time, but it was well controlled with Calpol.


I think my favourite sound this month has been hearing Emmie laughing at Finlay. She has been laughing for a while now, but this month I have really seen their relationship flourish. Emmie now looks for Fin when we enter a room and if he is there she smiles, which makes him do funny things and she really starts laughing. It’s the best sound ever!


So as this month draws to a close and a new one begins, I wonder if this is the month Emmie will crawl like her brother did?! I have a feeling no and I hope not for my own sanity. It’s looking more like she might master sitting first. Watch this space!






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