9 of the best baby products for girls


Still a day behind with Blogtober17, I was hoping to get back on track this evening but Finlay has gone down with the puking bug from hell. Our house stinks, in fact I’m pretty sure everything stinks. We have been through two bed covers, one bath and one shower in the space of a few hours. Poor sausage!

Anyway, to lighten the mood and rid the stink, lets talk above love. The topic for Blogtober Day 12. There’s loads of things I could talk about here, but I have seen so many adorable baby items recently. I just had to share some of the most recent baby items I am loving right now!


9 Baby products for little girls


1.Next, Turquoise Jersey Dress, £8 – £9

I spotted this dress just after I went into the next sale last month. Actually I brought a unicorn one for a bargain £4 in the sale. As I got home I checked online to see if there were any items I had missed in store. When this beauty popped up, I fell in love instantly. I love all the ‘Boy’ themed girls dresses. I’ve really had had to resist buying this at the moment. Really hoping it comes up in the winter sale.


2.Jellycat, Cordy Roy Fox, £21.00

I’m a bit of a sucker for Britains nature. It stems back to my degree and dissertation studying Badgers. Anything Badgers and Fox’s I love and I spotted this not so long ago. Emmie really doesn’t need anymore soft toys, but Jellycat is such a gorgeous brand. Again, I am trying hard to resist!


3.Adain + Anais, Lovebird 4 pack swaddles, £44.95

Emmie is far too old to be swaddled now and our muslins are slowly becoming redundant now. It doesnt mean I can’t browse though. I love this brand, the designs are beautiful. In fact I would have them all if I could. However, I came across these designs and I could just picture little baby Emmie all snuggled safe in these!


4.Hugzzies, Carly the Cat, £9.99

I am currently in the process of writing a review for one of these and I love it so much I had to pop it in here. I always worry on cold days about Emmie been warm enough, even more now the winter months are coming in. These are ingenius. Heat the little lavender infused microwaveable wheat bag. Perfect for keeping the baby warm on those cold school run mornings!


5.Sainsbury’s, Pink Gruffalo Corduroy Pinny, Bodysuit & Tights set, £14.00

TU Clothes are such good quality and they stay looking new for such a long time. I always have a nose when I’m passing. I Love the Gruffalo clothes and that they update their designs so regually. This little set has caught my eye on a few occasions recently!


6.Lamaze, Play and Grow Tilly Twinklewings, £11.99

Its a unicorn, do I have to say more? I am just a little bit obsessed with Unicorns and I’m so glad I have a girl. Otherwise Fin would have to have Unicorn clothes and toys! Lamaze toys are great for babies, they have so many different colours and parts to get babies minds ticking!


7.Zippy, Baby Bandana Dribble Bib Birds, £3.50

I was fortunate enough to review some Zippy bibs back in the summer and I loved them. Happily I can say my opinion has not changed, the bibs are still going strong and look gorgeous. I came across these designs the other day and jsut fell in love. So simple, but classic!


8.Little Green Radicals, Midnight Peacock Snowsuit, £48.00

I almost fell of my chair when I saw this. I wanted it there and then. It looks so warm and cosy and that design is just so beautiful. I don’t think I can add anything else. I love it just because!


9.Vans, Peanuts Authentic Shoes (Dance Party), £32.00

Baby shoes!!! Nothing makes a girl gush more than a really cute pair of mini adult shoes! When I saw Vans had a new ‘Peanuts’ collection I had to go browse. If I wasn’t on maternity leave then these would be a perfect xmas present for Emmie.


Do you Love anything on my list, or would you add something else? Let me know in the comments!










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