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As some of you are aware I have been taking part in Blogtober17 all of October. A post a day to a predetermined topic. I have tried really hard to fit them in with what I was planning to talk about, have talked about or closely linking the topic into the whole parenting niche thing. Well, day 21 has stumped me with unusual crushes. My poor tired little head can’t think so I am just going to post away today, you can call it getting to know ‘me‘ better!


My top 5 Unusals Crushes




Name: Taylor Hanson

Unusual Because: He had long blonde hair, most people thought he was a girl!

I can imagine a lot of you, especially the younger lot are thinking who? But let me tell you, when I was 13, I was in Love with this boy.  I seriously thought he was the one and we woulget married and have a hundred kids. He’s basically done that I hear, but not with me! He was the lead singer of Hanson who released the crazy little tune, Mmmbop! Yes, my first love, it ended when he cut his hair haha!




Name: Liam Neeson

Unusual Because: He’s Old enough to be my dad, possibly even my grandad!!

Liams pretty damn cool, have you seen Taken? He also has a pretty lovely voice. I often forget I crush on Liam until every xmas and I watch Love actually. Then I just want to rescue him! Who cares about his age, sugar daddies are hot!




Name: Russell Howard

Unusual Because: Well he’s a bit odd looking, sorry Russell!!!What A goof! He looks like a goof, but he is so funny – I think

However, what a goof Russell is! He is so funny and cracks me up. I really love to watch russell and I have to admit, I have a little crush!




Name: Jake Sully

Unuashal Because: He’s a massive Blue Alien

The lead male character in Avatar. He’s a bit naughty, a bit rebelious, but also a bit Handsom. Who doesn’t love a naughty boy?!




Name: Ed Sheeran

Unusual Because:  He’s s much younger than me and not your average hotty!

I just love Ed’s voice, it’s so spellbinding! He really does make me go weak at the knees when ever his songs come on the radio. He seems like a cool guy too and I’m such a geek, we’re perfect for each other haha!


So there we have it! Do you have any weird and wonderful crushes you would like to share?



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