I’m taking part in Blogtober17 and today’s topic is Cars. I could tell you I have a Vauxhall Corsa but that’s pretty dull, so I thought a little bit out of the box! I was once told that a toddler owning the Little Tikes cosy coupe was a right of passage. This was immediately followed with ‘but it will end up faded and unused at the end of the garden’.

We, of course, bought one for Finlay. It has been well loved. He has had so much fun playing with it. Sometimes not what it was designed for. Like the time I caught him using it as a ladder and standing on its roof to peer over our 6ft fence into the neighbours garden! Other times it has sat in one place for days at a time. Overall though, it has been a great purchase. However, of late, it has been played with less and less. It got me thinking, do they really all end up like this? So I asked my fellow bloggers and here’s what they had to say:



Em from Em Linthorpe says: We have the police car edition! We have had it for a year and a half and because it doesn’t go outside, it’s still in pretty good nick. However my son, who is 2 and a half, mainly just tips it on its side and uses it as a climbing frame every day. So, it gets plenty of use!


Louise from A Strong Coffee to Go says: I have literally just sold ours and my nearly six year old was distraught. It was very much loved here but he really can’t fit in it anymore!


AK from The German Wife says: We have the police car and its still very well loved by my 7 and 3.5 year old one (got it when firstborn was 2) that reminds me i should retire it in the bike shed for the winter to keep it out of the rain.


Kate from Five Little Stars says: We have 2! My kids absolutely love theirs. I had to get a second because they fought over the first…but then they just played bumper cars – Typical siblings!!! When other kids come over they are like magnets – universally loved. We keep ours inside over the winter and undercover out of the sun during the summer when not being played with. 3 years and the original one is still going strong and looking good.


Sam from Mummy Market says: Ours is faded but well loved. It was handed down to my son by a friend (her son is now 12). I will be passing on when my son doesn’t fit/ has had enough. I think it will last forever !!!


Janet from Falcondale Life says: We were given a second hand one by a lady who lived on our street. Then when our kids grew out of it, we passed it on to another family on our street. I think it is still being passed around.


Lauren from Dilan and Me says: Ours is definitely rotting in the bottom of the garden, and it’s quite possible that my parents have a very retro version rotting in their loft from my childhood… they are definitely an essential for toddlerhood though!


Beth from A Blonde and a Baby says: This is so true! Lily occasionally uses hers but only to fill with mud, it is currently looking very sad, faded and very very dirty in the corner of our garden!


Katherine from Veggie Desserts Says: Our Cosy Coupe police car saw a lot of good times. From car washes to high speed chases, it was forever being driven around the house and garden. Now it’s busy fading in the garden, but the kids refuse to let me pass it on. So it sits, rained on, home only to spiders. Sometimes I think I can see a little tear falling from its big plastic boggle eye.


Leigh from Dad Geek Says: Ours was the Cosy Coupe Sport with flashy looking stickers and retractable parent handle. The kids are too big for it now (even though at least one of them refuses to admit it) and so it lives a lonely existence in the back garden, filling up with rain water and snails.


Jenny from Midwife and Life says: I got one from a friend for a fiver there’s no way I’d buy one new! He used it loads in the beginning, now uses it occasionally. If another child uses it though he soon regains interest!




Jodie from Maidenhead Mum says: I’ve managed without one after two kids. I like to think that they get their thrills at the childminders house and the local soft play and playgroup who all have one!
I also think that by the time they’ve actually figured out how to go forwards and not reverse over everyone, their time could be better spent on a balance bike!


Emma from Emma Reed Says: This is precisely why I don’t have one! I actually had an argument with my mil over it because she was buying my nephews one each and wanted Jake to have one too. I said first of all we have a tiny garden and no room for him to use it and secondly he won’t use it coz they never do when they have these things at home!


Jenny from Monkey and Mouse says: We never bought one, although it was THE toy of choice at toddler groups! Our garden is too small so there is nowhere to zoom around in, plus I felt sorry for all the sad faded Cozy Coupes in others gardens. Ha ha!


Jade from Mummies Waiting says: We never had one, because we didn’t want it ended up sad and broken at the bottom of the garden. Our local toddler group had 3… they’re all covered in tape!!


So there we have it! If you’re thinking of buying a cosy coupe, I would say the overall consensus is do it! They are a much loved toy that has been around since our childhoods. And if you do buy one it will most probably last forever. Even if that means it has a high chance of rotting in the back garden. It will always be loved and if you do manage to salvage it without being caught, pass it on! If you really can’t purchase one, then don’t worry, they are always in abundance at toddler groups! A right of passage though? I think so!






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    • We do have a slope to our garden but only slight. Although it did take Finlay quite a while and many a tantrum to muster the strength to go back up, despite how small it is haha!

  1. Great spin on the prompt, i dont own a car so i struggled with this one, but i finally thought up something hehe! My toddler doesnt own one of these, i just think they’re too big and wouldnt get much use out of it especially since our living isn’t massive x #blogtober2017

  2. I still remember mine from when I was little, it’s just a must have purchase! I’ve seen them in pink before but it’s got to be the yellow and red classic!

  3. We have the police one and although my little ones are too big for it now I just can’t bring myself to throw it away! My Mum bought extra stickers and customised it with the kids names and they still love it! x #Blogtober17

  4. We have one and it doesn’t get much love yet whenever we go to playgroups it’s the only thing he’ll play with 😂 He loves cars of all shapes and sizes really.

  5. My little girl is 18 months and I think she would love one! Might ask Nanny and Grandad for one for Christmas!
    Loved this take on the cars theme 🙂

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