How to make an easy superhero birthday cake


Blogtober17 is drawing to a close, the topic a few days ago was Villains and Superheros. I wasn’t sure how to approach this topic even though I have a superhero obsessed little boy! Then I remembered for his birthday way back in February I made him a Superhero birthday cake and it was relatively simple to make. So I thought I would share with you how I did this, in case anyone ever needs to make one. Please excuse the poor photography, I didn’t get a good shot at the time!


What you will need

2 x 7 inch round Madeira cakes

Butter Icing and Jam

Icing sugar

Fondant Icing in white, black, blue, yellow and red

Cake/Floristry wire

Printer and paper




Now, I’m not going to go into recipe details or cooking, but you will need a simple Madeira cake recipe. You can use A SIMPLE Victoria sponge, but a Madeira is denser and will hold the weight of the fondant icing better. I used two batches of the 7inch round cake recipe. I cut each cake in half to give me 4 tiers, as I wanted a small high cake.


You will also need to print some POW Printables and attach to the Bakers/Floristry wire.


Layer the cakes together with a thin spread of butter icing and Jam. Then cover the whole cake with a thin covering of butter icing. This will act as a glue to hold the fondant icing in place. If your cake seems a little wobbly. Hold it in place with a wooden cake pick, just remember where it is when it comes to cutting!


Roll out the white fondant icing so it’s not too thick, ensuring it’s wide enough to cover the whole cake. From the top down, lower on your white icing. Gently rub this until you get an even coverage of the cake. You may get some creases as you finish up. Don’t worry you will cover these. Place the cake to one side.


How to make an easy superhero birthday cake


Using the black icing create some black silhouette buildings. Enough to go around the edge of the cake. I think I made 6 or 7.


With the yellow Icing, cut out small Squares, these will act as windows.


Make up some icing glue (icing sugar and small amount of water). Stick the black silhouettes around the cake (cover any tears or creases!). Randomly stick the yellow squares onto the buildings to create windows. It’s best that they are inline though, like lights on a building.


With the blue and yellow icing, create two POW stars, one of each colour, it needs to fit the top of  the cake. In the red Icing, cut out your child’s name. Layer the POW stars up and  place the name on top of these. Finally, pop into the top of your cake your POW spray printables and voila an easy superhero cake!


Have you ever made a birthday cake? was it simple or elaborate? Success or failure? I’d love to know!



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