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Today is Blogtober day 8 and we have a topic of holidays. I would say this post can loosely be classed as a holiday, technically I was working and studying. In fact perhaps I am even clutching at straws because I was in St. Lucia for so long that I often class myself as having lived there!


However, this was a great time in my life and rarely get the chance to talk about it on my blog. So today I am going to be taking you back to 2008 when I was studying for my MSc in Conservation Science at Imperial College London. I was given the fantastic opportunity to join Durrell and do my research thesis on an endangered population of whiptail Lizards from St. Lucia, which meant spending almost 5 months in the Caribbean! Lucky for me it wasn’t all work and no play and I got to spend many a day exploring this amazing part of the world.


St. Lucia is a small mountainous volcanic island on the Eastern Caribbean Sea. Only 27 Miles Long and 14 Miles wide. It is full of white sandy beaches and surrounded by warm tropical turquoise seas. The average temperature is 26.5c (24c -29c). There are a number of small islands around the mainland, two of which are called the Maria islands. These are home to the Endangered St. Lucian Whiptail lizard, found only on these islands (in the whole world!). A small population was moved to a similar island down the coast to help try and preserve the population which is at risk of extinction due to ever more frequent hurricanes. I spent my time accessing this new population to determine if this move was a success. I could talk about this forever but that’s not the point of this post!


Caribbean St Lucian Whiptail Lizard


Between studying these majestic lizards, I got to explore St. Lucia in all its glory. There is so much to see and do especially if you wish to venture out of the hotel resorts. Here’s my list of must do activities in St. Lucia.


Gros Islet Jump Up

Every Friday is a Fish Fry in St. Lucia. This was one of my favourite events. We went o a few different ones, but Gros Islet was the one we kept going back to.  Basically the Fish Fry or Jump Up is an epic street party from sundown until about 2am. Travellers and locals alike gather, eat fish off of plastic plates, drink the infamout Piton Beer. The speakers bout out carribbean vibes and you just have fun! Watch your bags though and if your a woman, then expect a lot of attention and several marriage proposals!

Climb the Pitons

The pitons are St. Lucias Iconic mountanious volcanic spiers. Gros piton although larger at 786m is easier to climb than Petit Piton at 739m, which is much more steeper. You will need a guide, but like all St. Lucians are friendly, fun and great company.

Sulphur Springs

Located near Soufriere, Soufriere Volcan is classed as the only drive in Volcano in the world! You can drive right up to and through the crater which contains boiling water and bubbling mud. Hold your noses though as it smells of rotten eggs!

Spinnakers Bar at Sunset

Spinnakers is a beach bar on Reduit beac, Rodney Bay. The sands are some of the whitest on the island and it has great views of Pidgeon point (National Park) and Martinique. Happy hour is 5 – 6pm and they do awesome cocktails just in time to sit on the beach and watch the sun set.

Anse Chastanet Beach

Anse Chastanet is 150m of Dark Silvery sand. It might not have the white sand that the rest of the island boasts, but it’s a great beach and it offeres the best Snorkling spots in St .Lucia! There is a beautiful coral reef just off shore teaming with brightly coloured fish

EnBas Saut Forest Trail and Waterfall

A beautiful 4km Hike through the forest will lead you to the stunning EnBas Waterfall, which you can bathe under (you wont want to miss this as it’s very humid in the forest)!


Holiday to the Caribbean Island of St Lucia


I could go on forever, all the beaches are stunning. I would just say do venture out and about to experience the real St. Lucia. If you go to Reduit beach, check when the cruise liners are due in as people come off and flood the beachs! If you have enjoyed this post and want a glimpse of what I got up to, I have a little video on you tube!




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    • You really must visit, it’s beautiful I hope for a lottery win too. I would love to re-visit but considering I don’t go on holiday when I do I should really visit another part of the world to see whats on offer!

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