After the hit of my last toilet tube crafts I decided that Finlay and I would do some Xmas themed Toilet Tube Crafts. However, in true kid fashion Finlay deemed himself far too big to enjoy painting and left me holding the baby paintbrush. So my Kid made decorations, were in fact only briefly touched upon by 4 year old hands. I did however quite enjoy putting together this winter Xmas Eve scene that will be taking pride of place amongst the decorations come December! It does mean my photos are a bit poor and I didn’t take many, but it’s pretty self explanatory to make once you see the finished picture!


toilet roll Christmas Craft ideas Children Santa snowman reindeer tree


To make your scene you will need the following:


  • Toilet Tubes
  • boggly eyes
  • pom poms
  • pipe cleaners
  • a cereal box
  • cotton wool
  • Ribbon
  • glue
  • card
  • Felt Pens
  • paint
  • Sticky Diamontes


The Scenery


This is very simple, open up your empty cereal pack along the join. Fold it in half and then bend it inwards on itself to create a curve. You may need to make a cut on halfway along the bottom edge going from bottom to centre to enable you to pull it inwards slightly. Then fasten in place with glue. You can paint yours how you like but I went for a midnight blue sky with some green, green grass. I covered the grass with a slight covering of cotton wool held down with some glue to make a snowy effect. I then flicked some white paint on the blue for a snowy/star effect and dotted a few sparkly diamontes across. Place to one side.


toilet roll Christmas Craft ideas Children Santa snowman reindeer tree


Santa Claus


Paint the top half of your toilet tube Pink and the bottom half red. Make a cone from the card. Ensure it’s large enough to fit your toilet tube and paint it red. stick some cotton wool around the rim of your cone and glue down. Make a small ball of cotton wool and glue to the point of your cone. Fasten the cone to the toilet tube with a bit of glue. Get some more cotton wool and make a big fat beard for Santa. Glue on to googly eyes and give him a nice shiny red nose!


Christmas Tree


Cut your toilet tube by following the join and pull it apart. Paint your Tree gree. I used a sparkly paint but you can decorate your tree however you want. Simple or extravagant. Make a star I used a glittery gold pipe cleaner but you could use card if you want. Glue the star to the top of your tree and leave it to dry, it may be a bit floppy until it dries.


toilet roll Christmas Craft ideas Children Santa snowman reindeer tree




Very simple, paint your toilet roll white.  Cut out a triangular piece of orange card for his nose. Glue on some googly eyes and glue the nose below. Place some ribbon around the neck area to make a scarf. Glue two pom poms either side of the face and loop over a piece of pipe cleaner to make the ear muffs. Finally, give him some little buttons down his tummy.


toilet roll Christmas Craft ideas Children Santa snowman reindeer tree


Rudolf the Reindeer


You will need a marker for this little guy. Mark off the top third by drawing a line around it. Cut it off. Draw approximately 5mm line across the top of the roll until you are about 1/4 along, then mark diagonally down towards the centre. From the bottom mark a semi circle to create the legs and do this again at the front.  Cut along your lines for the antlers but as you get to the diagonal line down, do not cut through, you want it attached still. Snip the antlers at the back so they separate. Cut out your semi circles to for the legs. Fold down the midsection of the toilet tube to form the back and this creates the head at the same time. Wind the antlers with brown pipe cleaners. Draw on a little face and mark in some details with felt pens. Stick on some googly eyes and a big fat red pom pom for his nose.


toilet roll Christmas Craft ideas Children Santa snowman reindeer tree

Place it all togther and you have your very own Kids made Xmas eve Scene decoration! I think I might even add some twinkly LED lights to the mix when it goes up with the rest of the decorations to really bring it to life. What do you think?


toilet roll Christmas Craft ideas Children Santa snowman reindeer tree

This post is linking up with the Kid Made Christmas Decorations being run by the lovely Jen over at The Mad House. The series is running throughout November, with a fab new homemade Christmas decoration craft every day.  Do pop over and take a look at the wonderful creations. Yesterday Jo from Cup of Toast beautiful Xmas Star decorations. You can give those a whirl here.


I hope you have as much fun as I have, even though my child absquatulated on me!




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