Fairy Gardens, magical little oasis right in our backyards. Did you know that fairy Gardens can be dated right back to 1893? Created to lure fairies in to your garden and bring with them good luck for your home! How magical! Who believes in fairies? Put your hand up, I do! I do! I’m a big believer in magic! As well as the chance of luring little fairies into your garden creating a fairy garden is also a great way to ignite your child’s imagination, 2 birds 1 stone!!

I was so excited when Gardens2you provided Finlay with his very own Fairy garden kit to review. Together we want to help break the mould, fairies don’t just have to be for girls and their gardens definitely don’t have to be pink and fluffy! Finlay has thoroughly enjoyed setting up his fairy garden. It is by no means finished, but that’s what I love. They don’t have to be finished they can grow!

The Kit

Gardens2you provided us with a starter kit, consisting of a fairy door and 4 red toadstool mushrooms all created with Hand-finished polyresin and a large mushroom ornament  made from coloured resin. All the items are weather resistant which means come rain, snow, sun or frost the fairy garden will stand strong. Which is great, once you have your fairies they have no excuse to leave (although fairies can be quickly offended, so do not speak ill of them or they just pack up and go).

The kit is really pretty and well designed. They feel very sturdy and I really love how well they blend into the garden. The door is so very cute, the attention to detail is amazing, all down to the little handle. If red doesn’t take your fancy, the kits come in different designs and colours too. The large mushroom ornament is probably my favourite. It has a rounded stake so you can easily insert it into the ground. The little ‘fairies welcome’ sign is the icing on the cake. The mushroom is beautifully crafted and complements the kit beautifully. Gardens2you also sell many additional types of mushrooms, in a variety of colours and many other accessories to complete your fairy garden. The choice is yours and the possibilities endless!

Our creation

I knew straight away where I wanted the fairy garden. Finlay has a little blue whimsical wooden playhouse at the bottom of the garden. I knew it would be perfect if we had it nestled alongside that. We have many pots, rocks, solar lights and a few little garden ornaments. So I suggested to Finlay that we use all these bits for our Fairy garden! As Finlay is a boy I wanted it more natural and rustic looking so he could relate to it.

I found a large terracotta pot with some perfect plants and weeds growing in it. I layered up some of our garden rocks and placed a few pine cones about. Finlay wanted some of nannies garden animals so we swiped them from her pots as they were just the right size for the fairies. We placed the door against the pots and places the mushrooms around the door and rocks. with the large Mushroom ornament in the pot above the door. I actually got the scissors out and cut a path up to the door. Finlay then lined it with stones and cones. We placed a few lights, a wishing well and an old rustic watering can about and voila we have our Fairy Garden. It is not finished, I want to add some fairy type plants and make some little furniture, but for now, I have to say it looks amazing!!

How do I know it’s amazing, well I heard some little laughter down the bottom of the garden. I told Finlay to Investigate and the fairies had moved in and left him a mini transformer present by the door – so cute!

I would highly recommend Gardens2you fairy garden range if you are considering creating your very own fairy garden, there is so much to choose from and I guarantee you will not be disappointed!


Gardens to you have kindly given me the Red Door, 4 mushroom starter kits worth £24.95 to give away. This kit is currently sold out online so if you want one hurry up and enter today! To win simply tell me what your name would be if you were a fairy and why, in the comments below. I think I would have to be Chestnut strawberry lips – because I have brown hair and love strawberries!

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237 Comments on Finlays Fairy Garden: Review and Giveaway

  1. This is so cute! We visited a National Trust garden (Hardwick Hall) not long back and my son discovered some little fairy houses there. He was fascinated by them and he would love this!

  2. We love everything fairy garden related here at Coombe Mill, this looks a lovely kit to get creating with #TriedTested

  3. We have a dead tree in our garden that is too big too take out, so we started adding bits to it, windows, doors, etc, to make it into a fairy tree.

  4. Buttercup Glitter toes (i have no idea – my 4 year old named me!!!, im so glad i picked her name haha)

  5. Grumpy toothless fairy. Had a tooth out yesterday after failed root canal treatment. Tooth Fairy did not come:(

  6. I would like to be Twiggy, that’s the only time I’ll ever be little again. I’ll keep my long dark curls and cherry lips

  7. Hi, I would call myself Rainbow Light Fairy. My daughter who is 6 is mesmerised by the amazing powers rainbow colours have in our everyday lives and we reflect on them for our moods when we’re controlling our feelings. We adore rainbow colours 🌈
    We’d love to win, xx

  8. If I were a fairy, I think I would call myself flora-hasina (flora meaning flower, and I love them and hasina meaning gorgeous/beautiful). I am of Asian origin and really feel it’s time to bring in some ethnic fairy names 😉
    Thank you this beautiful giveaway, my girls adore fairy toadstools and are always on a lookout when in the woods.

  9. Twinkletoes! I got called this when I was younger because I wore big clumpy shoes at work. I never knew this until after I left 🙂

  10. My fairy name would be Shaylee which is Gaelic for Fairy Princess of the Field. My Gran was originally from the West of Ireland and used to tell me lots of stories about fairies when I was growing up.

  11. pink fairy as I love both pink and fairies I am totally and un-shamelessly a little girl at heart. My friends say I have the taste of a five year old.

  12. I would call myself Sparkle because I would make everyone’s eyes sparkle with happiness when they see my antics

  13. Prime Rose I think that is a beautiful name for a fairy! I would spend all my time in peoples pretty gardens 🙂 so the name suits.

  14. My little girl is totally obsessed with fairies, Ever since the tooth fairy first visited it’s all she can talk about.
    Just asked her what she thinks should be my fairy name and she’s chosen Meadow.

  15. I think I’d be called Firefly as I have red hair lol. Lovely giveaway I adore anything to do with fairies.

  16. Growing up my three daughters each had their own fairies that left them notes under their pillows. I named them Twinkle, Crystal and Diamond. I had the job of remembering the names for the letters. Crystal was mischievous and would hide Charlotte’s blue bear for a couple of days them bring him back. My girls are all grown up but they have kept a few letters I wrote and remember the fairies names. If I was a fairy I would be called Ruby and have bright red hair. I would visit sick children and leave them a note sprinkled with glitter.

  17. I’d be Bob, the one who can’t fly due to fear of heights but bravely saves the day in the final act when it looked like all hope was lost!

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