Yankee Halloween Candle Review Witches brew & Forbidden Apple


When I saw that Yankee Candles had released a Halloween range of Candles I began to smile. That smile turned to laughter and before knew I was cackling like a witch high on eye of newt! Why? Well, I am a huge fan of Yankee candles! They are my all time favourite scents and I just couldn’t hold in my excitement. Yankee, wonderful sniffy scented candles and Halloween! Two of my favourite things together. Imagine my delight when I found out I was being sent some of the range to review. I hopped on my broomstick and did a few loops for joy!


So for those of you not in the know. Why are Yankee Candles so great? The simple answer is they last for a very long time and they smell divine, before, during and long after burning. I find many scented candles, just don’t do what they say on the tin. They might look nice. They might smell nice when you give them a good wiff. However, when it comes to burning and letting off that scent I always feel let down. Unless that is, I am burning a Yankee! Add to this the huge variety of scents you are spoilt for choice! There’s a reason why they get some of the best reviews worldwide!


So I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to receive, but I was excited when my parcel arrived and inside I found the Witches Brew Medium Jar Candle and the Forbidden Apple Medium Pillar Candle.


Witches Brew Medium Jar Candle, £19.99.

A limited Edition Halloween Candle with a spicy sweet aroma of exotic patchouli that casts a captivating spell! It boasts a burn time of 65 – 90 hours.  The candle is black and sit’s within the transparent glass jar. On the jar is a small spooky silver silohette scene of Pumpkins, ravens and spooky woods. The label is orange so it constrast against the black, creating a really authentic Halloween feel.


Yankee Halloween Candle Review Witches Brew


Having a good old sniff before lighting, it smelled spicy but with sweet undertones. It reminded me of the smell you get if you have ever wandered into little craft shops that you find nestled down back alleys. Actually this is what I can imagine Harry potter and Diagon Alley smelling like! It’s very Hocus pocus and perfect for Halloween! I left the candle burning  for an hour or so and the room filled with a very subtle, sweet, spicey smell. I actually thought the scent might be overpowering when it was burnt but it wasn’t. It was really nice and a great aroma for Halloween. I could still smell many hours after I had blown the candle out!


Forbidden Apple Medium Pillar Candle, £17.99.

Another Limited Edition Candle but this one is a seductive potion that takes apple – mixed with bergamot, black oak and vanilla noir – to someplace forbidden. This one boasts an even longer 95 Hour burn time! This candle is an vibrant apple green colour and sits in a Black Glass Pillar. It features a green scull and cross bones on the front, reminding you that this fruit is forbidden!


Yankee Halloween Candle Review Forbidden Apple


On sniffing, you get a gorgeous scent of apple. You know the scents that smell so divine you just want to eat them? Well this is one of them. I have to say I didn’t really smell too much else, perhaps a slight undertone of vanilla. As a Halloween candle I think I would have liked it to be less apple and a bit more spicey or musky. However, the apple fragrance is lovely and I will happily use this anytime of the year without the neighbours thinking I’m cujuring up some kind of potion! I left this one burning for an hour and I could still smell the aroma long into the evening.


There was no doubt I would be impressed with the Halloween range of Yankee candles, and I certainly was. I was slightly disappointed that the Forbidden Apple Candle wasn’t more Halloween scented. However, it does look the part and as a yankee candle, it smells great! So if your looking for some Halloween candles to get you in the Halloween spirit, these are perfect. Yankee even has a range of Halloween accessories to go with them. If you were to get just one of these I would definitely recoomemed Witches Brew as my favourite!


p.s I am sneaking this into the Blogtober17 series, topic Relaxation (a few days late) with a tedious link to relaxing with lovely smelling candles!







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  1. I love Yankee Candles. I haven’t had one for ages and am yet to find a shop selling them near us in Portugal but they never fail to impress me.

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