2017 our year in review


What a fantastic idea for Blogtober17 – A year in review. This year has been jam packed for us. Some highs and some lows. I really can’t believe were almost at the end of October already though. Honestly, where has this year gone?! I hope time begins to slow down, it’s beginning to scare me somewhat. So what has this year dealt us? Read on to find out.



January was quite a hard month for me personally. I had been diagnosed with Gestation Diabetes a few days before Xmas. During January I was trying to get my head around altering my diet to help manage it. During weeks 32 – 36 Gestational Diabetes ramps up a notch, due to hormones and growth spurts. It was during January I hit this mark. I was quite stressed this month. Struggling with food and not knowing how GD would affect my birth choice for a VBAC. On top of that, we were back and forth to the vets with my poorly cat. It was quite a hard start to 2017 looking back!



Fin’s Birthday Month! We had never thrown Finlay a birthday party before. We decided that as this would be his last birthday on his own before he gained a sibling, we would arrange one. Blimey! Heavily pregnant and organising a 4 year olds party, I must have been crazy. I actually ended up in the paper for it after speaking to a journalist later in the year. They were interested how I saved money on his birthday shopping at Approved Food. This month I started my Maternity leave.



The best month of the year! Emmeline arrived a day after her due date, I was induced due to Gestational Diabetes. I had the most amazing birth with the most amazing midwife. I had worried for 12 weeks if I would be able to VBAC, but it happened! Also, it’s a girl!! We had decided to leave her gender as a surprise. I was so over the moon when I saw she was a she, I really wanted a girl this time around. Chris did too, although he didn’t admit it at the time!


2017 our year in review



The saddest of months. My furbaby of almost 14 years, took a turn for the worse I had to put him to sleep, one of the hardest decision of my life. I still feel so guilty now and question if I made the right choice. What makes it worse was having just had Emmie, I had been so busy in the weeks leading up to the event. It’s not that I ignored him, I had to give him 6 tablets a day followed by love and hugs. I was just preoccupied and for that, I will feel forever guilty.  In my heart of hears I know there was nothing more we could do. He was very poorly, and he had made it 6 extra months already. I still miss him and sometimes my mind still plays tricks on me and hes here again. RIP my angel (Writing this made me sob, how I still miss him!)


2017 our year in review



The month I decided to get my blog up and running again. I had started blogging in September 2016 but for a number of reasons, I didn’t have the time or the energy to put my heart into it properly. May saw me get everything back into order and since then my blog has gone from strength to strength. I really enjoy having my own little bit of the worldwide web!



June was a little bit uneventful really. We spent most of the weekends in the forest or in the garden with the BBQ and family. I do remember June was when we finally got our oven replaced after it being broken for weeks and weeks. Our lettings management people were being really ridiculous over getting it fixed and not wanting to have to pay out what was required. So they kept going back and forth for quotes. Basically, the oven had to be replaced the previous year as it broke and they replaced it with the cheapest thing they could find. The man that fixed it told me these cheap ovens are notorious for blowing where it blew. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again!



What an exciting month July was! Fin and Emmie’s little cousin Holly was born. We was all so excited for Holly’s arrival. She was a beautiful little rainbow, To have her arrival safely was the best news. I was excited too as we all knew she was a little girl.  I don’t have a sister nor any female cousins my age, So growing up I missed not having female company. I’m so excited for these two, (hopefully) for the relationship and bond that will develop between them – let’s hope they like each other!


2017 our year in review



August was a bit Much to be honest. My anxiety kicked up a notch. I didn’t get out as much as I had hoped. Chris was quite busy working some extra hours during the weekends and he also took off for a weekend riding along the South Downs. It was a bit of an anti climax really. I hoped for a lovely summer. While it wasn’t that bad, it really wasn’t great either. I also turned 35 this month, eek!



A huge milestone this month. Finlay started School. A time I was looking forward to and dreading all at the same time. Dreading because I am so rubbish at making friends myself and I find myself getting quite anxious in the playground, especially if I am on my own. However, I’m so excited for Finlay, school and education is such a great gift. Finlay has actually done amazing at school. I am so proud of him. Also, my good friend went back to Spain for a few months, I miss her!


2017 our year in review



This month saw my blogging go to a new level as I was taking part in Blogtober! However, on a personal note, I have been a little stressed. There’s a lot of uncertainty at my workplace currently. I’m trying to stay positive, but there’s worry of redundancy in the back of my head. Apart from that, we’re very much looking forward to Halloween at the weekend!


So that’s been my year so far, it doesn’t seem possible writing some of these things. It seems like only yesterday. How’s your year been going?





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