Pet Christmas Present Cat Felix Goody bag tin


Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge animal Lover. I have had animals in my life since I was born and to be honest I couldn’t ever imagine not having one around. Nor could I imagine the children growing up without a pet. To us, our pets are extended members of our family. We like to spoil them as much as we spoil the kids! This year has been tough, we lost our old Ginger Moggy. He was a beautiful old soul and he has left a very big hole in our lives. None more so than in Sebastian’s, our posh pedigree Havana Brown, Oriental Shorthair. So he deserves some extra special love, treats and affection as he adjusts to life without his much loved brother from another mother!


When got in touch to ask if they could send Sebastian a little treat, it was a big fat yes! specialise in online pet supplies and was founded with the help of a £5,000 Prince’s Trust loan in 2010 by Adam, his partner Lexi (now wife) and kitties Hugo and Jasper. are special because of their unique Bottomless Bowl auto reorder service. They were first online pet shop to introduce a subscription service to pet food so that Pet Parents would never need to worry about running out of food. In fact, the company came about because Adams mother suffered from arthritis and struggled to carry pet supplies from the supermarket. Adam wanted to create a service to help people and save them money. What a guy!


Pet Christmas Present Cat Felix Christmas Goody bag tin


So I was excited to find out that would be sending Sebastian some cat treats. In fact, he would be receiving the Felix Christmas Goody Bag for Cats, nom nom! Sebastian does love a good treat. Actually, it has been a while since we have had a bag in the cupboard. You see, Oriental Shorthairs are smart cookies, and Sebastian is no exception. He will often break into the food cupboard and gorge. I had yet to replace the last lot he had feasted on. Which is why I was excited to receive the Felix Christmas Goody Bag. It comes with a lidded metal tin, which is absolutely gorgeous by the way. I kid you not if Sebastian manages to open this I will eat my hat!


Pet Christmas Present Cat Felix Christmas Goody bag tin


Inside the tin you will find five 60g packets of Felix Goody bag treats. Inside our tin, we had the Dairy Delicious, Mixed Grill, Original Mix, Picnic Mix and Seafood Mix. Each bag contains an irresistible, colourful mix of of yoghurty, cheesy, Milky, Meaty treats full of enticing aromas, delicious flavours and appealing textures. So what did Sebastian think? PURRFECT! He couldn’t wait to get stuck in. In fact, at one point he gobbled them up so fast they almost made a reappearance. He forgot to chew them! If your looking for a great little Christmas present for your Feline friend then we definitely recommend the the Felix Christmas Goody Bag and to make life that little bit easier why not set up a Bottomless Bowl auto reorder to ensure you never run out of treats!


Pet Christmas Present Cat Felix Christmas Goody bag tin


9 Comments on Felix Christmas Goody Bag Tin – The Purrfect Christmas Gifts for Cats!

  1. Adam sounds like a great guy! We don’t have a cat but have have always had dogs and I am a sucker for buying christmas things for them. If its got a clever name or is in a christmas packet I have to get it because pets like christmas too! Sadly this will be our first christmas without our little fur babies but they will be remembered and celebrated this year.

  2. Looks like Sebastian was certainly treated. We always buy our dog a Christmas stocking full of treats. Pets are fully fledged members of the family and deserve to be treated at Christmas too!

  3. Oh I love this! My cats a huge treat hawks so they’d go mad for this little gift set. Maybe santa will bring one for then, if they can manage to stay off the naughty list!

    Katie xoxo

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