An interview with my toddler


I haven’t been tagged to take part in the Interview with my toddler series. However, I have been reading through a lot of them and I do love them. I decided to help catch up with Blogtober17, I would interview Finlay for the topic of Quotes! Although technically he’s not a toddler anymore, he is only just out of that bracket. The idea is you ask your toddler a series of question and share all the answers! So as I said I haven’t been tagged,  I will link back to Cheryl’s post from Mummyof5miricles. Hers was the last interview I read, I hope she doesn’t mind! So over to the interview!


What’s the best Thing about being a toddler little boy (I had to change this!)?

Erm, going to school!

(you like going to school?)

and nursery!

(but you finished nursery though, you’re a big boy, you go to school)



What makes you Laugh?

Telling funny Jokes!

(Do you have a funny joke?)

Why does Poo grow on trees?


Cos them poo!

(we laugh!)


What do you love and why?

Cos I love you


Cos I love you

(awwww, that’s really sweet!)


Whats your Favourite Book?

Erm, Transformers!

(Transformers? I didn’t know you had a transformers book!)


Whats your Favourite food?

Not onion!

(no, but what do you like?)

Spaghetti and Chicken and Bacon!



What is your Favourite Song?

Singing – Transformers, Robots in Disguise!


Whats your Favourite TV Programme?

Singing again – Transformers!

(I see a pattern forming here!)


What’s your Favourite Toy?



What’s your favourite thing to do?


(Transformers again?)



(Thank you Finlay!)


So there you have it. I have a poo obsessed little boy who loves nothing more than Transformers. Think it’s safe to say he’s pretty normal there then! I was actually surprised Finlay sat down and answered these, but it was actually really funny, he made Chris and me laugh quite a bit.


Thank you to Finlay for taking part and thanks to anyone who reads this. I don’t have anyone to tag but if you would like to take part leave me a message in the comments and I will link you up!






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