I have the perfect outdoor Nature Craft for the kids this Autumn! Think how amazing it would be if trees had faces! Well, they can with this really easy activity that can be incorporated into any outdoor walk, or even just the garden! Today I am going to show you how to create Mud Tree Faces! This is a really fun, yet simple activity that will get your child’s imagination running, literally, wild!


Kids outdoor nature craft Mud Tree faces


What you will need:

  • Small container of water
  • Something to dig with
  • Small jug or bowl
  • Collection pot or bag
  • Leaves, shells, pine cones, stones, twigs etc
  • Lots of Imagination!


Outdoor Craft


Once your out and about tell your children that at some point along your walk you will be making some magical mud faces for the tree’s. Give them a little bag, and get them to forage as you walk for items that could be used. Get them to think about the features on a face. What would make good eyes? Eyebrows? Lips? Hair? Get them to think about colour. Anything goes! Our little Finlay tends to live in the moment than forward plans. He just collected what he liked and that’s fine. Being outdoors, free and making their own desicions is one of the things that makes outdoor learning and outdoor craft, so engaging.


Autumn Kids outdoor nature craft Mud tree faces


When you have finished foraging, find a tree trunk! It doesn’t really matter what tree you use, but I find it better to use a trunk that the mud cant stick too better. So look for small diverts or ones that are leaning or have forks in them. Just to hold that mud on better.


Autumn kids outdoor nature craft mud tree faces


Now comes the messy part! Dig up some mud and put it in your jug or bowl. Start adding water a bit at a time and mix it together with a stick until a thick paste forms. You don’t want it too runny or it will fall straight off. The great thing is there’s always more mud to firm it back up if that happens!

Slowly slop the mud onto the trunk and mould it into a face shape. Then let your child use their foraged items to create whatever face they desire! I’d love to see your kids creations, so why not tag me on twitter!



Kids outdoor nature craft: Mud Tree Faces


9 comments on “Mud Tree Faces: Outdoor Crafts for Kids!”

  1. I love making mud faces! Yours are so much fun (love those snail shell eyes!) – and I love how you’ve dug up mud to mix with water. We’ve only ever made these using lumps of clay that we’ve brought along from home, but I really like the idea of finding ALL the resources you need out in the woods. We’ll definitely be trying this!

  2. That’s such a great idea. My daughter loves jumping in the mud so I’m sure she will love using it to make faces. We’ve been enjoying some inside crafts lately and the idea to do that outside is super exiting!

  3. Amazing idea! I love this! I am always trying to think of ways to keep the boys entertained on our walks in the woods so will definitely be trying this out xx

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