Plastic Straws have become hot topic of conversational in recent months due to the impact that single use plastic is having on the environment. While this is GREAT for the environment, as a parent, it had left me scratching my head for suitable plastic straw alternatives for kids! We all know kids love straws and at times they can be a life send, it’s the material the straws are made from that’s the issue and not their functionality.


Plastic Straw Alternatives for Kids


So what is the problem with plastic straws? Plastic waste in general is a huge problem for the environment. Plastic does not biodegrade. Nearly every piece of plastic that has ever been made is still in the environment somewhere. Unless it’s been burnt, but this too is extremely bad, as toxic fumes are released into the atmosphere. If it hasn’t been burnt though, it’s still here! While plastic is general is not great for the environment, the main issue really lies with single use plastics. This is where straws come into it. Straws have quite possible the shortest lifespan of any plastic. Open, drink, Bin! The majority once binned find their way into the oceans. While they don’t degrade, they do break up into smaller parts over time. These parts are then often digested by marine life with often fatal consequences. In the UK alone it is estimated that we use 8.5 billion plastic straws a year! That is crazy! I have been so guilty of using straws in the past and not even thinking about what happens next.


Plastic Straw Alternatives for Kids


Thankfully in the UK (and worldwide) the issue is being addressed and the UK is committed to reducing all avoidable plastic waste by 2042. There are also talks about banning single use plastics in a bid to help clean up the world’s oceans. Major companies like McDonalds have already phased out plastic straws. So if we don’t use plastic, what’s the alternative for those kids that love to guzzle their drinks through straws? Thankfully, there are many planet friendly plastic straw alternatives for kids!


Introducing Grassroots: Plastic Straw Alternatives for Kids!


Grassroots; ridding the world of plastic one household at a time are a fairly new producer of eco friendly biodegradable straws. They are made from non toxic food grade paper and ZERO plastic! I was given the opportunity to review these plastic straw alternatives for kids and I was quite excited as I am so passionate about nature and the environment. The straws were delivered in a presentation box, which in itself made them instantly more attractive than being in a boring clear box or bag that your plastic straws generally come in when you buy bulk. Grassroots describe their straws as ‘the prettiest straws you’ve ever seen‘ and on opening my box I wasn’t disappointed. The box is packed full of 200 stunning stripped straws in a variety of colours, just like a beautiful rainbow!


Plastic Straw Alternatives for Kids



These straws are described a durable straws that do not bend or easily chipped, so I was keen to put them to the test. After all, there is nothing worse than a soggy straw! The straws themselves are very tough, I wouldn’t say you can’t bend them, but it would take a bit of force. There is no worry about them collapsing in on themselves while drinking. I also left a straw in a squash for 4 hours as a test. Although it has ever so slightly absorbed some of the squash, it was relatively as it was when I put it in. So thumbs up for durability! We used the straws in Squash, Fizzy and Milk and Finlay did not have a bad word to say.


Platic Straw Alternatives for Kids


As a plastic straw alternative for kids, these straws are brilliant. The colourful, vibrant design makes them perfect for kids. A box of 200 is £8.99 making each straw about 5p and I can’t think of money better spent. I also think these straws are great for crafting and make a great talking point for kids and introducing them to the concept of plastic free. Opting for biodegradable straws such as these by Grassroots is a great way to start changing your own habits, no matter how small a change, every little helps.


Plastic Straw Alternatives for Kids


You can purchase your Grassroots Straws today, here on Amazon!


Disclosure: I was sent a packet of straws free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own

7 Comments on Plastic Straw Alternatives for Kids | Grassroots!

  1. We have moved away from plastic straws and we use reusable ones. They are brilliant, my daughter even asked the person in Costa when they were going to get rid of their plastic starws!

  2. We have a big collection of paper straws in different colours, that we have been using since we’ve ditched plastic ones. Not sure what brand they are, but happy with them so far. I also recently bought some metal straws, but I keep forgetting to put them in my bag when we go out.

  3. It’s great that they last well in the drinks. Personally, I have no problems which require the use of plastic straws, as I know some people do! But it’s teally good that these paper ones last well as it could mean there’s an alternative that will suit everyone

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