This time last year, Finlay was about to embark on his journey through school. I had heard, I had researched and I had conflicting opinions as to what the best pair of school shoes would be for him. Obviously, I wanted something comfy, something hardwearing, but that wasn’t going to set me back a fortune. I thought I had picked the right pair, what a rookie I was! The first pair hardly lasted the first week. The next pair didn’t last much longer. The third did a good stint, but they defiantly needed replacing come the end of term. I was incredibly excited when I was asked to review a pair of back to school shoes from the wonderful guys over at Jake Shoes!

Hardwearing back to school shoes Jake shoes review

Jake Shoes is an award winning, independently owned and family run company set up in 1975. They have three high street stores based in Manchester, Stockport and Altrincham and an online store. Jake Shoes are proud of their ethos of offering a choice of shoes different from anywhere else and one of the reasons they believe they are still going strong after 43 years in the business.


So armed with my new expertise, I knew I wanted something comfy and breathable. That had Velcro fastening, although Finlay is going into year 1, he still struggles with his shoes. Velcro enables him to take his shoes on and off at ease independently. Lastly, they had to be hardwearing and I was adamant his next pair of school shoes would have a reinforced rubber tip to the toes. I am determined I will not see toes before the first term is up! So before I accepted I had a good nose through Jakes Shoes back to school selection. Could they provide me with what I was looking for? I was pleasantly surprised by the wide range of shoes they offered for both boys and girls, and for the younger and older child. However, most importantly, they offered a choice of shoe that met my criteria.


Hardwearing back to school shoes Jake shoes review Timberland


I decided to go for the woodman park velcro shoes in black leather from Timberland. They are made of quality leather so they are very smart looking for school. The Straps fasten with Velcro. This was what I wanted to ensure Finlay could take them off and put back on again all on his own. They also feature enhanced cushioning, so hopefully, they will be really comfy for him. Most importantly, they offer a Rubber overlay across the toes to ward off scuffs and scrapes. Fingers crossed. Once on, Finlay informs me they feel very comfortable to wear. They also feel very well made. I have high hopes for these shoes. I am not usually swayed by brands, but Timberland is known for its quality and robustness. Let’s hope they can stand the test of my 5 year old! .


Best Hardwearing back to school shoes Jake shoes review Timberland


Priced at £45.00, this is slightly more than I would usually want to pay for a pair of shoes. However, if they are as good as they say, hopefully (unless his feet grow too much) these may be the only pair of shoes we will need this year. So if you consider we bought 3 pairs last years, it’s kind of on par. Delivery is £3.50 (or free on orders over £50.00). Items are aimed to be dispatched the same day if ordered before 4 pm. You also have the option for next day delivery if you wish. Jake shoes also offer a price match promise. So if you find an item cheaper elsewhere, they will match the price.


Hardwearing back to school shoes Jake shoes review timberland rubber toes


You can check out the full range from Jake Shoes on their lovely website. They stock a wide range of branded, Timberland, Vans, Kickers to name a few. As well as a number of other quality lesser known brands. So be sure to know, there is definitely something from everyone.


Hardwearing back to school boys shoes Jake shoes review Timberland


Jake shoes also offer a monthly prize draw to win £50.00 to spend at Jake. If you win, that’s like another pair of school shoes for free!! To take part, take a shofie of your new pair of shoes and share it on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #Jakeshoefie. I would love to enter myself. However, these shoes were gifted in return for an honest review. It is only fair I pass on this occasion, but good luck to those who enter.


A huge thank you to Jake, I have one very happy little boy and I have a good feeling about these shoes!






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    • I was the opposite at school, super skinny. I still remember seeing the shiny slip ons with pretty little rainbow things on them and mum saying they will just slip off, buckles for you girl, haha!!

  1. I’ve just had to buy school shoes for the first time and we ended up going to Clark’s because that’s all I knew! It’s good to know there are other great brands out there with solid shoes, I’ll keep these guys in mind for next time. Kat x

  2. I really like the shoes you picked and they do look super hard wearing. Nothing is more annoying than having to replace shoes too often, as you say, it can work out very expensive!

  3. These look good. My son had a hole in his in the last week of school but they did last a long time considerig i paid around 20 pound. These look a lot tougher though!

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