Almost one year ago today, Finlay started school. As he entered Foundation Stage, I remembered back over the last 4.5 years. Without meaning to sound cliche, it had gone in a blink of an eye. That tiny newborn was standing before me, a child. In crisp, slightly too big school uniform, looking so so grown up. A lump was in my throat, but I remember feeling immense pride. We all stood in our kitchen that first morning filled with such a strange excitement. None of us quite knowing what this next chapter in life would hold, but knowing somehow, it was going to be good.


First day starting school


I learnt many things that the first term, like how amazing my darling little boy could be. That he took it all in his stride and got stuck in 100%, never complaining and wanting so hard to please. I learnt that clothes just disappear and then thankfully reappear. That the wrong shoes won’t last the term and you will never have enough clean jumpers and t-shirts or that trousers will never last on the legs of four year olds! However, without a doubt the best thing I learnt was that my little boy survived his transition to school and flourished, why did I worry?


As the terms moved on It made me laugh how you can instantly be transported back to your own childhood when the teacher says “can I have a word” at pick up! Feelings stirred in me that I hadn’t felt for years and I’m the four year old being reprimanded by my teacher. I think this is some kind of superpower that all teachers have just to make sure we’re on board. Don’t get me wrong, Finlay’s teacher was amazing and so kind, a lovely woman and I am forever grateful to her for her support.


starting school what to expect


We all learned as time went on Finlay would struggle at times. I appreciate how difficult the conversation must have been to initiate when his teacher raised her concerns. We followed her advice and sought a referral to the local paediatrics department. This is still in process (we learned how long this process can take), but Finlay’s teacher, supported him throughout, never pushing him too much, but encouraging him and finding ways that worked for him. There were times when I wanted the playground to swallow me up, but she was there, calming him down. She did a fantastic job and he finished the year meeting and exceeding his targets. We learned just how lucky we were for Finlay to have her as his first teacher.


In his last term I learnt how bad mum guilt can be. I only sent him to school in uniform on mufti day. Luckily daddy had spare clothes in the car, but my gosh. You see, you start the year so organised but by the time the last few months come around, its gone to pot! I even sent Finlay to School with one shoe on once, yep beat that!


Starting School what to expect in the first year


I guess the point of this post is, starting school is so exciting. However, it’s also extremely daunting and full of the unexpected. For both parents and children, especially if it’s your firstborn. You will have so many worries, but these little humans really are amazing creatures. They will make you feel more proud than you ever thought you could feel this year. They will be naughty at times, they will cry and scream and fight. You will forget something (hopefully not one shoes!) but it really doesn’t matter. They don’t have to be perfect and nor do you. This year is the start of something amazing!

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24 Comments on Looking back: One year after starting school!

    • haha, he still brings it up …. mummy if I’m naughty will you send me to school with one shoe again. Nooooo you can’t say that Finlay it was an accident lol xx

  1. How lovely, We’re all the same are’nt we? we all look on at all the other parents wishing we could absolutly have it all together everyone slips up at times. It’s amazing when you look back over that first year how much the little ones grow and develop. I remember with my elder two Each book day I would send them to school dressed as Horrid Henry and Perfect Peter.On the third year of dressing them as the duo, we rocked up to school that book day except the new head had decided no fancy dress!!! We frantically ran back to the car to go home to change . It was horrendous.

  2. Aww look at him, how cute. My little one has just started reception and is doing amazing. Its so hard but also so rewarding.

  3. My little boy starts reception Monday. I can’t stop crying, but I’m reading all of the one year blog posts I can find, they are so reassuring!!! Glad Finley took it in his stride, brilliant. #StayClassyMama

  4. He is so cuteee and yes we have so less experience with the first child and we seemed worried always but once we hv second child n so on… we will be super experienced and can do so many things together like a super woman .. lol 🙂

  5. My, didn’t he grow in that year. And that teacher sounds like a brilliant teacher to have. Great when you get one who is supportive and finds ways to work with all the children instead of concentrating one some and forgetting about others.

    • Everything grew by several centimetres except his feet apparently – takes after my hobbit sized feet obviously. On a serious note, ye supportive teachers make all the difference. I dread to think how it could have been if he was just labelled naughty!

  6. I remember well when my first born started and yes, it was both exciting and extremely worrying. My youngest started foundation stage last week and so far she has been amazing. Lets hope it continues. Thank you for linking up with #stayclassymama

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