Rainy Day Ideas and Activities for Children


We knew it was coming, it had been forecast, but waking up to the rain and grey skies was a tad gloomy. Especially after the glorious sunshine of the past few days. Apparently in the south we were hotter than Thailand, and it was glorious!


Rainy days come with mixed emotions in our house. I love the sunshine, the long days of summer. Chris on the other hand, can’t wait for autumn and the cozy storms it brings. Finlay, well come rain or shine he loves being out. However, he especially loves a play in the rain. He’s a typical boy as soon as there’s a puddle, he is in it. So when I asked him if he wanted to go out and splash in some puddles, I got a massive yes and he kissed my knee and said “THANK YOU MUMMY”!! He was happy. However, I know venturing out in the rain isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so I thought I would share some of our other rainy day activities to inspire you.



Rainy Days and Muddle Puddles


Our Top Ten Rainy Day Activities


Splash in Muddy Muddles

As we already said this is our number one activity for rainy days. Put your waterproofs and wellies on and go and find them puddles. Its actually really fun to let your hair down and jump around with your kids. On the same topic, if you live near a forest or nature walk, ake your little ones bike. Finlay loves skidding through the squishy mud on his balance bike, its messy, but remember its only mud, it will wash off!!


Bake, Bake, Bake

What better excuse to make some tasty cakes or biscuits? I always keep a box of those fairy cake mixes in the cupboard. They are quick and easy and Finlay loves sticking the edible stickers on at the end! If you fancy something else, why not try jam tarts or cheese straws!


Make a Den

Get those cushions, duvets and sheets out and make a fantastic den. I remember how magical it was when I was little. Think of make believe adventures to combine with the den, is it a ship drifting on the ocean with pirates and sharks lurking? or perhaps a fairy kingdom, a princess waiting for her prince to rescue her?


Craft some items

I have a draw full of paper, paints, glue, glitter (yes we have this evil stuff, Finlay seems to love it), pipe cleaners,boggly eyes, tissue paper, old greeting cards and we just make crazy things. I admit this can be messy and isn’t my number one activity, but its  great for the imagination every once in a while.


Make Rock Creatures

Grab some stones and Rocks (Easy for us as we live on the beach) and paint them. Stick some some eyes on them and voila – Rock Creatures. You can make them look like bugs, Lady birds, snails, butterflies or turn them into monsters. Decorate with stickers and glitter too!


Use the time to catch up reading some books. Involve the children, ask them what they can see, what lessons they think they have learnt etc. Also activity books are great fun to do together and pass some time.


Play Board games

The type of games will vary depending on the age of your child. ELC and Orchard have some great  games for younger toddlers. Finlay is getting to the age where hes beginning to understand some more complex games which is nice. He apparently loves Ludo (but hes doesn’t get that just yet, haha) Some of Favourites are hungry Hippos, Elefun and we even have a very Retro 80’s Mr pop that belonged to Chris Finlay loves.


Dress up

Whats not fun about dress up and make believe? Combine it with some of the other activities. make your costume! Dress up in use your den in the adventure. Act out your Chileans favourite,book, film and TV characters!


Get involved with toys

Get out the toys and play together. I often let Fin play while I’m trying so hard to fit everything else in. Don’t get me wrong, Finlay plays happily on his own, but its great to play with him. To put everything aside and just spend that time being part of his make believe world, the little things, rainy days can make us remember this!


Watch  Movies

Last but not least, do not let anyone tell you that TV is the spawn of the devil. I Think that TV can be a life saver. Especially if your busy. As long as you don’t have your little one glued to it 24/7 then don’t worry. On those rainy days make it extra special, Grab a duvet, get some popcorn, put your feet up and relax and watch a movie together!


What’s your favourite things to do on a rainy day?







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