Milo#MySundayPhoto – Milo.

Some people are not animal people, some people are. I fall not the latter. My family would not be complete without a little furry friend part of it. As far as I can remember animals have alway been a big part of my life and I would not have it any other way.

Milo entered my life 13 years. A present for my 21st birthday. I always thought of myself as a dog person, but to have a dog would have been unfair as I worked full time. So I decided I would love a cat to keep me company. Independent enough to not need me 24/7 and that I could go to work and not worry.

Milo slotted into my life perfectly, he was my little fur baby. Unlike most cats he was actually very needy. He was a brute in size, but scared of anything and everything. I ended up being his comforter and protector. Although he had a nervous disposition he was actually really friendly. He has one of the most placid temperaments I have ever known in a cat, a real gentle giant. Never has he got mad, even now with a toddler running around. The bond between us was and still is inseparable.

Friday evening came the day I knew would one day come. I had hoped later rather than sooner. He came up to our bedroom panting and struggling to breathe. Milo relaxed after a while but something was obviously wrong. In the morning, we rushed him to the vets straight away. I honestly thought we would lose him. I was heartbroken. After a day of tests and scans he was diagnosed with primary heart disease and first stage heart failure. I cried my eyes out.

The vets were great, there was some hope. Although he was very poorly, he was in good spirits. Alert, inquisitive and feeding. The vet had seen worse cases where the animals had lived happily for a few years. We can control the systems with medication as long as Milo will take them. He wouldn’t be in discomfort or pain and could live happily for another few years. All I can say is thank god for dreamies!! In went the pill into the centre of the treat and Milo swallowed it whole! It’s still early days, he needs a review next week and another scan, hopefully the news will be good. Until then he is being spoiled rotten, my dearest and oldest friend.



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  1. My heart skipped a beat reading this.. So glad you’ve got some medication and a bit more time with Milo. They are such a part of our families and your’e right people who don’t do animals will never understand and miss out on so much unconditional love. Thanks for sharing #mySundayphoto

  2. I once had a cat similar to your love and when I lost him my heart broke. Still think of that cat 30 years later. Take care and cherish the days.

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