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Welcome to my first ever Bump Watch post. It seems so long ago now when I first found out I was pregnant with Tiny Tuppen #2. In fact, I think initially, I was in a bit of denial. It wasn’t that this baby wasn’t planned or wanted, but I was smack bang in the middle of a work dispute. Chris and I had been discussing expanding our family earlier in the year, but when I was issued with my ‘At Risk of Redundancy’ notice. The sensible option was to wait and see if I still had a job.

I learnt my job was safe and babies once again became a topic of conversation. However, as the universe likes to test us, I was then told my working pattern no longer fitted the  organisation. My hours were cut, and my working pattern completely changed. It left me in a very difficult situation financially. My dispute began in June and I also fell pregnant in June!!!

So with all the stress and my mind being on other things, I wasn’t keeping track of my cycle. It wasn’t until I was about 2 weeks late that I mentioned it to Chris, but I convinced myself it was due to stress. About a week later, we finally got a test and a BFP! Chris was over the moon, all I could think about was work. I was between contracts, signed off with stress, on garden leave and I had been served my redundancy notice unless I could agree to the change of terms. So to protect myself, I had to keep it very quiet and hence my first bump watch at 17 weeks!

The First few weeks

The first few weeks were a bit of a blur with everything going on. However, once the sickness set in about 7 weeks, I was nauseous from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to sleep. Thankfully I was never sick, but I struggled to eat and drink and I lost about 4lbs in weight. In addition to the nausea, I was sooooo tired. I had never experience anything like it. I would wake up from long undisturbed nights sleep, completely dazed and shattered. I felt constantly hung over minus the headache!

Getting through the day was hard especially with a very active 3.5 year old. I thought this period would never end and I longed for the 12 – 14 week respite all the books say. Well lucky me, it carried right on and I can honestly say its only really last week that I have slightly more energy. Although I’m not nauseous now, my appetite isn’t great, but its slowly getting better. What we do for our babies, the joys!!

Booking in and the Dating Scan

I had my booking in appointment at 10 Weeks and my EDD was 09th March 2017. To be honest it was pretty much as I remembered it with Finlay although I don’t remember it taking quite so long at an hour and a half! Lots of questions about family history and in addition previous birth this time. As I disclosed my Anxiety issues and there was a tonne of paperwork to complete and people to copy in because of it. At the appointment I had my bloods taken, dating scan and my consultant appointment booked (due to previous C-Section).

At 13 weeks exactly we had our dating scan. I was worried that Tiny Tuppen wasn’t OK, however I had no need to worry. Tiny Tuppen was present, with a good heartbeat, with everything that it should have, nothing that it shouldn’t. Tiny Tuppen also was very active (I think another boy!). Tiny Tuppen measured as 13+4, resulting in EDD as 05th March. However, I ended up missing the Combined Screening test through lack of communication.

Consultant Appointment

At 15 weeks I had my consultant appointment. This is when it came to light I had missed the combine screening test. Chris and I were not told to go the get bloods taken on the scan day. We remember the conversation about the Screening and when we would find out the results. It seems odd we would both miss the part about going to get blood tests. The Hospital were sure we were told. Anyway, the consultant advised we could have a Quad screen test combined with the NT measurement taken at the dating scan.

The appointment with my consultant was pretty straight forward. I really want to try for a VBAC with this baby and the consultant had no objections as long as Tiny Tuppen is not Breech. To help reassure us the consultant has booked us in for a scan at 37 weeks to double check the presentation (Fingers crossed with this one). If it’s all good, we can go for a VBAC.

A few days after this appointment, we got the good news that Tiny Tuppen had screened negative for Downs and Edwards. The results were 1 – 2300 and 1 in 50000 retrospectively, which I think are pretty good odds.

16 Weeks Appointment

The Midwife called me 40 minutes before my appointment, which really annoyed me. As I was the only one booked into the Clinic she had made the decision to cancel my appointment. The midwife asked me to go somewhere else that afternoon for the appointment, but I couldn’t as I had plans. I felt like it wasn’t my fault and why leave it until 8.20am when my appointment was at 9am. I guess she had her reasons.

I had my appointment a week later with a different midwife. Surprisingly I found out that midwifes no longer check the babies heart beat at 16 weeks. I was really looking forward to this, especially for reassurance, but that’s the new government guideline’s. Apart from asking a few questions and filling in a few notes, BP and urine checks, that was pretty much it. My next appointment will be at 24 weeks (apart from the 20 week scan).

Worries so far with this pregnancy

  • unexplained bleeding (had my first bleed with Finlay at 16 weeks and regularly after)
  • Hoping stress hasn’t affected baby.
  • Is VBAC right choice?
  • How will work take the news?
  • Is baby OK?
  • Plagiocephaly
  • Breech presentation

Symptoms Vs Last pregnancy

  • No current bleeds – Touch Wood!
  • Loads of nausea – (None last pregnancy).
  • Tiredness – Much more severe this time.
  • No appetite.
  • No Nasty candida – again touch wood (constant from start to Finish with last pregnancy)
  • No movement felt yet – Pretty sure it was 16 weeks with Finlay
  • No Cravings – same last pregnancy

Well, that was a crash course through my first 17 weeks of pregnancy. I tried to keep it brief, I could have gone into so much more detail, waffling about this and that.

Find out next week how things are going and how work take my news!



3 comments on “Bump Watch – Tiny Tuppen #2 Weeks 1 -17”

  1. Oh how exciting, rubbish about work though. I hope you get it sorted.
    I’ve been in denial about this pregnancy too but we went for a private scan today and it feels a bit more real today. We have very similar due dates eeekkk #maternitymondays

    • Brilliant!! I hope it went well, would love a private scan but keeping an eye on the pennies. We have just over two weeks until the anomaly scan. In that between stage where symptoms are going but not feeling movement. Can’t decide either if I want to find out if it’s pink or blue!! X

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