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I apologise Bump watch was delayed this week as I intended to post it every Friday. Last week, however, was a pretty heart-wrenching day. Our beautiful old cat was rushed to vets with breathing difficulties. He has been diagnosed with heart failure and heart disease. I was pretty heartbroken and penned a post to him. I could really think about writing much else. Today I’m feeling a bit more positive, so here’s this week’s instalment of Bump watch albeit a little. On a plus I get to link straight up to #MaternityMondays

Week 18

I still feel pretty small for 18 weeks. Not that I can remember how big I was with Finlay. I never documented it so I’m relying on my terrible memory! I don’t remember being able to hide the bump so well last time round, so that’s what makes me feel I am smaller. It may be just because I didn’t have to hide it last time. I do remember not fitting into my jeans by 20 weeks and using a band to hold my button together!! This time, however, I still feel quite comfortable in jeans. Although I guess I have another two weeks to expand!

I have finally gained about 1lb back in weight this week. I had been dieting before I fell pregnant and lost 3/4 of a stone.  Nausea during the first weeks, however, caused me to lose about another 4lb on top. So I’m quite pleased to finally be putting a little bit of weight back on this week.

I have been experiencing tightening’s across my tummy this week. It has at times been extremely uncomfortable as it’s not as easy to move around/bend etc. This happened a lot of last pregnancy, but not this early on. I have also been experiencing pings of round ligament pain, but nothing to complain about.  Guess it just shows baby is growing nicely!18

This week I plucked up the courage to tell my boss about the pregnancy. I was worrying quite a bit about this, especially with everything that had gone on at work. An informal email to let her know in the first instance seemed best. I wasn’t sure if I would see her this week face to face and I really wanted to let her know . My boss took the news well, which surprised me. She asked a few questions and seemed quite happy for me. It’s a weight off my mind. It has also been nice to finally be able to talk about The pregnancy. Having now has a few chats with the girls in my team about babies.

Emotionally, it has been tough this week. Finlay is having the tantrums from hell.  Finlay’s current idea of a good morning at 6am is screaming, hissing, spitting and punching fits and it’s taking its toll. I feel exhausted most of the time and have been asleep by 8.30pm most nights. Friday, I spent most of the day sobbing over the cat, imagining him not around was hard. Luckily if the medicine works, we could have him around a few more years. This makes me happy.

This baby must be in a completely different position than Finlay was at this stage. If I remember correctly, I began feeling movement about 16 weeks with Finlay, but still nothing as yet with Tiny Tuppen #2.

I haven’t decided if I want to find out the sex of the baby. I really love the idea of a surprise, but would I be better prepared to know? We have most stuff stored from Finlay. As it the same time of year, everything will suitable season wise, so a boy would be good in that respect. If not we will need to shop. Also, I would really love a princess this time (not that I don’t want a boy), the main thing is it’s healthy, but I worry if I end up with a surprise boy I might have an initial ‘oh’ moment. However, I just love the idea of not knowing. Eeek decisions!



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