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As long as women have been getting pregnant, so has there been the old wives tales of gender prediction. Those that have been following Bump Watch know I am having a dilemma about whether I want to find out the sex of Tiny Tuppen or not. I so love the idea of having a surprise, but I feel the need to prepare for being the only girl in the family! It’s not that I don’t want another boy, It’s just I would love a girl. I worry that if I don’t find out, I might have a moment of disappointment at the birth. I’m sure and I’m certain that I won’t. I was hoping for a girl with Finlay, we found out the sex and although I had worried, I was was over the moon. obviously, the most important thing at the end of the day is a happy, healthy baby, but what the heart wants, it wants. So, you may think find out, but the desire for a traditional surprise is so strong too.

Anyway, The scan is next week and I am still very much undecided. Until then I thought for a bit of fun I would try out some of the old wives tales on gender prediction. I obviously take this very light hearted and with a pinch of salt, there’s no getting my hopes up, I am convinced anyway this new little monkey is a boy.

Baking Soda

Quite rank really! Basically you pee in a glass and add a tablespoon of baking soda to the mix. If it fizz’s its a boy, it nothing happens, its a girl.

RESULT: It fizzed like I had never seen anything fizz – Boy!

Chinese calendar

The Chinese gender predictor is based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar, the age you were and the month when you concieved. I thought to start with this was going to predic boy, but you actually have to work out your lunar age which is different to your actual age. Dont just go by an image chart, find a calculator which converts everything for you.


Morning Sickness

They say if you suffer with morning sickness, then you are more likely to be carrying a girl. I didnt have any sickness when I had Finlay, this time I had nausea from the moment I woke to Moment I went to sleep. It lasted to about week 16.



If you crave salty, savoury foods expect a boy, or sweet and citrus expect a girl. I have a very sweet tooth in general. I did lose this with when pregnant with Finlay. This time, I craved ornage juice for my first and when I felt ill I found chocolate helped and I cant stop eating it!



If you find your experiencing more headaches now that your pregnant, its a sure sign of a boy. I havent been getting any headaches, to be honest I dont remember experiencing more headaches with Finlay either.


Babies Heart Rate

Anything under 140BPM indicates you are carrying a boy, anything above, a girl. I havent heard Tiny Tuppens heartbeat yet, so this remains a mystery!

RESULT: Unknown

Sleep Position

Pregnant woment who favour sleeping on their left are said to be more likely to be carrying a boy. Those who favour the right, a girl. To be honest I always sleep on my left, I prefer it and often wake up to roll myself back over. I have noticed I have been waking up more on my right, but i just roll back again. I dont know with this one.

RESULTS: Inconclusive

Mayan Prediction

The ancientMaya civilisation ue to predic gender in the following way. If your age and the month you concieve are BOTH either odd or even numbers you will have a girl. If one is even and one is odd you will have a boy. For example I was 33 when I concieved in June (Odd/Even).

Result: Boy

Gender Dreaming

The old wives tale says if you dream of boys, you are carrying a girl and to dream of girls indicates you carrying a boy. Go Figure. I have had one gender dream quite early on, where I was having the 20 week scan and they said it was a boy.


Wedding Band

Take a thread and loop it around your wedding band. Lie down, hold the thread above the pregnant belly (you may need help with this bit!). If it swings in circles you are carrying a girl, if it swings to a fro, then expect a boy. I dont have a wedding band to try this one out!

RESULT: Uknown

Cold Feet

If your expecting a bad case of Cod feet once you got pregnant, you could becarrying a boy. If theres no change and your tootsies are warm and cosy, it may be a girl. No change there for me then.



6/11 = Girl, 2/11 = Boy, 3/11 = Unknown – ITS A GIRL!! We shall see.

Have you ever tried any of the old wives tales? were they right for you? Do you have a favourite? I would love to know!













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