Welcome to the World Emmeline Isabelle! I have to appologise as my last pregnancy update was way back in November when I was 22 weeks pregnant. I didnt write anymore after this as my anxiety took hold mostly due to my gestational diabetes diagnosis. I ended up taking a break from my blog to look after myself a bit. However, what seemed to me to be the quickest pregnancy in history, I would like to welcome our newest addition to the world, Emmeline Isabelle.


Welcome to the World


Welcome to the world Emmeline Isabelle!


Emmeline arrived on the 06th March 2017, one day past her due date via induction due to gestational diabetes. She weighed in at 8lb 1oz after a rather quick labour (you can read her birth story here).  After so much worry, I ended up having a positive VBAC experience led by an amazing midwife. We had decided not to find out her gender and it was such a wonderful suprise to discover we had a little girl. A boy would have been precious, but I had really hoped for a little girl. To be honest, I was so convinced I was carrying another boy that even now I don’t think it has sunk in and I have to keep checking!


The First Month


Emmeline slotted into our family perfectly. Finlay adores his little sister even though he was desperate for a brother. He is always ready to help change her and comfort her when she cries, it really is very sweet to watch. So far there is no hint of jealousy. I am not that naive though, I  expect it to happen at some point.


The first couple of weeks were quite tough, but when isn’t it with a newborn? I was breastfeeding and recovering from a 2nd degree tear which was extremely uncomfortable. However, we have been immensley lucky, Chris has four weeks paternity leave fully paid, a new policy at his work, brought in this year.


A few days after coming home, Emmeline was not gaining weight as she should have been, in fact she had lost 10 – 11% of her birth weight and droped to below 7lb. Although it was not enough to be re-admitted, she was monitored daily. In addition to weight loss, she after passing her meconium she did not poo for over a week. Her weight flucutated between small gains and small losses and remained relatively static.


Welcome to the World


The midwives all agreed the problem was a milk supply issue, although I was producing enough to sustain her after her initial loss, I wasnt producing enough for her to grow again and flourish.


In herself she was fine, alert, hydrated and generally quite happy. I was put on a plan of 2 hourly feeds, expressing then feeding. It was hoped that this would increase my supply and she would begin gaining and going to the toilet. I also saw the breastfeeding specialist who really helped and showed me how to get Emmeline to latch correctly. After 15/16 days it finally worked and her weight began to increase and finally after 9 days of no poo – we had the biggest explosion I have ever seen!


Character wise, Emmeline could not be any different to Fin. She is so content and happy, its unbeliavble. Now, I’m not saying she doesnt cry but its short lived and less ear piercing. She is just generally a very relaxed baby at the moment. She does however need more cuddles than Fin did, like all day but I can’t complain about that. Unfortunatley this mean she will not sleep in her moses basket….AT ALL, so we have had to take up co-sleeping. Although not my ideal choice, I  followed all the guidance to minimise any risk to get some much needed rest.


This month we also began to see some early smiles at around week 3. They definatley were not wind induced smiles. They happened when she was being interacted with and she would look you right in the eyes and smile. Big Nanny, Aunty and I were all blessed to recieve these early smiles. She is very alert and very strong. She has good muscle conrol in her neck, already lifting her head up and having a nose when ever she gets an oppotunity.


There’s not really more to add, the first few weeks are all about feeding, sleeping and growing. I still can’t belive we have a little girl,  – Welcome to the world my darling, Emmeline Isabelle.


Why not find out how Emmeline has grown over the months over on her page?


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