Come rain, wind or shine, we’re always out and about. So as Autumn draws in and days begin to get wetter, we are on the hunt for clothes to keep us warm and dry on our adventures. When Boots agreed to let me review their Boots Mini Club Puddle Suit, I was over the moon and excited to put it to the test! I regularly choose clothes from the Mini Club range as they are great quality,  durable and come in the most fantastic designs. I haven’t yet though, purchased a coat or waterproof, so hence my excitement!


Boots Mini Club Puddle Suit


Boots Mini Club Puddle Suit Review | Girls


This Autumn, the Mini Club range have released so many nature inspired designs and this Boots Mini Club Puddle Suit is perfect for any Nature Lover. The Puddle Suit is covered in Flowers and ferns and set beautifully against baby pink, splash resistant material. It has elasticated cuffs and hems to keep that rain and water out. There is a central zip fastener which makes getting this suit on and off so easy, which is a huge bonus. It takes me seconds! I think one of my favourite features is, it folds into itself to create a really cute teeny tiny cat rucksack. Emmie really loved having her own little bag to wear!


Boots Mini Club Puddle Suit


For our first trip we set out on a little stroll down the beach.  As we set off, Emmie wore her little Rucksack. It is so lightweight that at a year and half, it didn’t affect her balance at all like some bags can. The beach is only a couple of minutes from our house. As soon as we got there and the weather was on the turn, we sat down, I unfolded the suit from its bag, nipped off her boots and zipped her in. It literally took me a minute! So impressed.


We headed down to the shore and explored the pools and puddles. It was getting a bit chilly, but the hood stayed up nicely and the elasticated hems and cuffs kept the chill out and Emmie was happy to explore. She had a little splash, took a little tumble and fell on her knees into a puddle. She was fine and didn’t complain. I found out when we got home, she was dry as a bone! That’s a winner!


Boots Mini Club Puddle Suit


We then decided to go on a little trip to the forest at the weekend. It had been raining so it was another perfect opportunity to pop on the Puddle Suit. It was bound to be muddy with plenty of puddles to splash in. We spent a good few hours in the forest, Emmie was climbing and tripping over everything. I was slightly worried. Not because I thought she was cold and wet, but I was worried she was going to tear the suit! I mean she was literally like a bulldozer walking through bushes and brambles. Tripping on the leaves and roots, landing on her knees. However, the suit is still intact and looks as good as new. This is what I love about the Mini Club range, it’s such good quality!


This Boots Mini Club Puddle Suit is priced at £20 and worth every penny! If you have a little boy, than fear not, it comes in a Blue Autumnal Foxy Loxy design too!


*Disclaimer: I was gifted this puddle suit in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  1. This looks so cute and loving it folds away like that. Living in Sweden we rely heavily on really substantial outdoor gear, and all three children have all in one snowsuits. Oldest one is 10 and she still prefers a suit as the opportunity for snow getting in anywhere is severely reduced!!

  2. Love this!! My eldest had a puddle suit and it was a life saver on all our rainy walks. I want to get one for my youngest boy and this one lkkks fab for £20, love that it has a little bag too xx

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