hugzzie review keeping warm on the school run in winter


Summer is now well and truly behind us and I have definitely noticed a dip in temperature this past week. Although it’s officially Autumn, Winter is coming and Jack Frost has most certainly been nipping at all our toes. It isn’t the most pleasant of things having brave the cold every morning for the school run, but none the less it has to be done. I am always cold, always have been, probably always will be. So I always wrap my babies up with this in mind come the colder weather. This annoys Finlay, he would go out in pants in the middle of a blizzard if he was allowed too. However, Emmie can’t protest yet and being so little it’s very important to make sure she’s warm.


A few weeks ago I was asked if I wanted to try out Hugzzies. Super soft teddy bear with a microwavable lavender infused wheat bag inside that hugs around the waist giving the feeling of a warm hug, for use at home or on the go! Totally I said, anything that can keep me my babies warm on the school run, is worth trying in my book.


hugzzie review keeping warm on the school run in winter


There are currently 5 designs to choose from, naturally as cat people we went for Carly the Cat. However, you have the options of Mikey the Monkey, Dexter the Dog, Pauley the Panda or Betty the Bunny. Basically, the design is a super cute teddy face with the lavender infused wheat bag inside. This is easily removable and you pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds, pop it back in the teddy, strap it around the waste and you get your feeling of a warm hug.


huge review keeping warm on the school run in winter


Once heated, the lavender smelled great and not overpowering. It will definitely be very relaxing to snuggle up with on the sofa. The wheat warmed up nicely, not too hot. Once popped back in the heat is felt more on the back of the teddy, which makes sense as this is the bit that goes against your body. It really felt nice, warm and cosy.  My only issue?  Of the three of us who do the school run, who would wear it?! Finlay, not interested, far too hot already (pretty sure it’s freezing today though). Me, definitely, but the guilt is too much. So, Emmie it is. We all know that thick winter coats are a no no in car seats. Emmie currently has a thin all in one, but it’s not going to do much soon in this cold. I managed to wrap the velcro waistbelt around her (didn’t want to lose my Hugzzie) and strap her in without affecting the car seat straps at all, so this is a huge bonus.


hugzzie review keeping warm on the school run in winter


I was really impressed with how long the Hugzzie kept it’s warmth, even when out in the cold. It takes me about an hour and a half from leaving my house to getting back through the door. It was still nice and warm. Emmie felt nice and snug and for once I wasn’t too worried about her being cold. She looked too cute too with wrapped up with ‘Carly’ and it really complemented her suit. Grey and pink is the in thing for little girls you know!


hugzzie review keeping warm on the school run in winter


Hugzzies are not just for the school run either, you can use them as a Children’s bum bag for toys (with the wheat bag removed), helps and eases pain relief, as a body warmer, keeping cool in the summer, to snuggle up with on the sofa or keeping warm on a cold winters night. Hugzzies get a big thumbs up from our house!


Hugzzies meet all European Safety Standards and can be purchesed for £9.99 on the Hugzzies website.






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