Lamaze HeadingEvery baby needs at least one Lamaze toy, its a right of passage. If your an established parent, then you probably know of Lamaze. If your a new parent, then this will not be the first and last time you hear of them. Lamaze is a fantastic toy brand that produces energetic and fun learning toys for children 0 – 24 months. I remember Finlay loving his Lamaze toys when he was a baby and so I didnt hesitate in finding Emmie some of her own, she especially loves her Emily Doll. So I was really please when Lamaze got in contact recently to ask if we wanted to review a couple of toys that are new for 2017, I didn’t hesitate in saying yes!

Phillip the Pelican

£11.99 from Lamaze, Age: 0+


Lamaze -Phillip PelicanPhillip is part of the Lamaze clip and go rang and is new for 2017. His unique feature is he has a little peek a boo fishy hiding in his beak pouch! You can open his beak by giving his tummy a good old squeeze. Its a little tricky and definatley designed for the adults to do when engaing with their baby in play. However the beak lifts open very easily anyway, so baby can get to the fish quite easily if they are playing on their own. As well as a fish a little mirror is hidden on the underside of the top beak.

Just like all Lamaze toys Phillip is full of brightly contarsting colours and a number of different textures and crinkles to encourage play and exploration. Philip has a clip attached to his head which enables you to hook him to a buggy/stroller/carrier/bag for on the go fun.

I have to admit when Phillip first arrived I loved him as I adore pelicans, but I wasn’t sure how Emmie would take to him as he was quite large and I wasn’t sure how well she would be able to grip on him. She is after all only 14 weeks old and not long been taking an interest in things. Initially I sat him next to her, but she just couldn’t get a good enough hold and he kept falling away.

Then I had my urika moment, Doh! I realised he wasn’t designed for this. He was Clip and Go, designed to be strung up. So I put Emmie under her play gym (and bouncer) and strung Phillip up and Emmie was mesmerised. He hung at just the right height, she could grab hold of his beak. She’s a little young and uncordinated to pick out the fish, but I popped it out and she really enjoyed holding it. She gave it a really good examine.

What was really good as well, as Emmie knocked Phillip about he twisted and turned. This gave her access to his back and tail, which has some little brightly coloured tassles, again a different texture for her to explore. I really liked how many different textures are on Phillip and then how these are used differently to really help stimulate her senses. His wings crinkle and crunch and are really easy for her to grab hold off. He is extremely bright, really colourful, silky and fluffy and even has beans in his bottom! Emmie really enjoys playing with him. This really suprised me considering how little she is, well done Phillip and well done Lamaze, Thumbs up from us!


Emmie with Lamaze Phillip

Stacking Starseeker

£19.99 from Lamaze, Age: 6m +

Lamaze Stacking StarseekerStacking Starseeker is part of the Lamaze Activity range. The star Seeker Rocket, breaks into 4 different pieces. Your baby can stack it up, break it apart and stack it again enabling the development of fine motor skills. The segments are easy to hold and hidden inside is a brightly coloured plush astronaught. They can also discover a little pocket with a teether on the front. Both to encourage put in and take out play. This rocket is brightly coloured with contrasting pattens and lots of crinkles to stimulate your babies senses as per usual with Lamaze toys.

I really liked the concept of this rocket when it first arrived but as it said 6 months +, I wasn’t sure if it would be suitable for Emmie. After I had a good nose at all the bits and parts I came to the conclusion the age grouping was not a safety issue but based on development. So I propped her up and gave it to her to play with. Sure, she wasn’t going to sit there stacking it up, but she might enjoy it anyway.

As soon as I gave it to her, she started smiling and gooing. I think she liked it. The two middle parts of the rocket house the astronaught and are hollow. This enabled Emmie to really get a good grip.  She was really pleased with herself and was waving it about everywhere.

The bright colours really caught Emmies attention and she sat for ages taking it all in. Really concentrating at what she was looking at. She then found the teether, which again she could grab nice and easily. She hasn’t quite managed to guide it up to her mouth yet, but I think she will really enjoy it when she does as she dribbling like a good un.

The rocket also features a number of different textures, the top is all crinkly and crunchy. There are loads of fluffy and silky parts as you move down and the bottom section contains a rattle. The rocket ‘stablisers’ are attached to this segment which means baby can easily grab these and give it a good shake. As I said she’s too young to play with it as an activity toy, but with all the colours and textures, it still engages and stimulates her, and she gets to grow into it.


Emmie with Lamaze Stacking Starseeker

Well after these reviews I have to admit I am now an even bigger fan of Lamaze, especially after seeing how well Emmie has responded to these toys. They still come highly recommened by me, a couple more for the xmas list I think!

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7 Comments on Lamaze Toy Review: Phillip Pelican & Stacking Starseeker

  1. I love Lamaze! My older daughter had so many toys and I’m sure I’m going to end up doing the same with my 2 month old! I’m glad your daughter enjoys them!

    • Tell me about it, I’m sure toys toys are like gremlins, get them wet and they multiply. I’m actually planning to get Fins old baby toys out this weekend – Bring on the tears!

  2. I’ve always loved Lamaze – I’m kinda said that my kids are too big for it now. These look lovely.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

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