If you have a pre schooler and you haven’t heard of PJ Mask, where have you been? PJ Mask has been a firm favourite in our house for a long time now. Finlay loves following Catboy, Owlette and Gekko on their adventures. I thought I was in the know with this trio, but apparently not when Finlay corrected me for pronouncing Gekko wrong the other day, my bad! Anyway, Finlay was thrilled when we were given the opportunity to review the new PJ Mask Magazine which hit the shops this month!


PJ Mask Magazine Review: Powerful Fun for Little Heroes


I have to admit, I’m not usually a fan of children’s magazines. Usually I give them a wide berth when we go to shops. I just find that most of these magazines are so expensive, filled with tat, get read for 2 minutes and then end up in a crumpled heap. There’s usually better things I’d rather spend my non existent pennies on!

So when the PJ mask magazine arrived, I admit I had a low expectation. I can happily say though, I am impressed! The magazine came with some awesome free gifts; Keys to the Cat Car, a Spy Camera and a Disk Launcher Watch. Although they are made from cheap plastic and look flimsy, one week later they are all still in one piece. In this house that an amazing feat!


PJ Mask Magazine Review: Powerful Fun for Little Heroes - Free Gift


Before Finlay even started on the magazine, he had set up his cat car with the bean bag. His disk launcher watch was on and his spy camera was at the ready. He informed me he was protecting me and his little sister from the baddies. He played like this for ages as Emmie and I dodged the little flying disks. A small price to pay to keep Finlay entertained for so long!

When Finlay was finally ready to sit down and take a look inside the magazine, he was not disappointed. There is no way any child could get bored with this. I’ll eat my hat if they do! It’s bright, it’s bold and really inviting, it’s a great design.The PJ Mask Magazine is designed specifically to help your little one with literacy and maths. To be creative and to feel good. It will get them on the move and teach them about actions and consequences. I think that’s pretty awesome for a pre school magazine. It’s jam packed and includes:

  • stories
  • colouring
  • crafts
  • games
  • puzzles
  • sticking
  • pull out posters
  • plus many more


PJ Mask Magazine Review: Powerful Fun for Little Heroes- activities


The PJ Masks Magazine gets a huge thumbs up from us. It’s not often my expectations get exceeded but this little gem has certainly done that!

You can grab your copy of PJ Masks at all good newsagents and supermarkets now for a steal at £2.99 an issue.

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24 Comments on PJ Mask Magazine Review: Powerful Fun for Little Heroes

  1. I hadn’t heard of PJ Masks, I must admit, but my kids are 9 & 10 (am I forgiven??). Actually my sister mentioned them to me recently as a possible present idea for my niece. Is this the new Paw Patrol do you think?

  2. My kids loved themed magazines like this when they were really little. They’re older now and so I have no idea who this character is, but I love that such things still exist for kids. 🙂

  3. I think that there are so many magazines to choose from now that newer ones are getting better and better to compete for business. It sounds like this one was definitely a hit in your house, I love the image of you dodging flying discs!


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