Best Toy Subscription Box Companies for your children

Toy subscription boxes provide a convenient and cost-effective way for parents to provide age-appropriate toys for their children. Subscription boxes offer a variety of benefits, from personalized toy selections to STEM activities.

This article will explore some of the top toy subscription box companies. Each has something unique to offer, and all provide a great opportunity for parents to find the perfect toy subscription box for their family.

Understanding Toy Subscriptions

Toy subscriptions provide a convenient alternative to purchasing individual toys, allowing parents to save time and select age-appropriate products for their children, while also providing educational components such as STEM activities and Montessori-inspired learning.

Comparing toy subscription prices, age appropriate toy selections, and educational benefits of toy subscriptions can help parents make the best investment in their child’s development.

Sustainability in toy subscription services, personalized toy subscriptions for individual interests, and the role of parents in interacting with subscription box toys are all considerations when selecting the best option.

The convenience of skipping or cancelling toy subscriptions, toy rental services as an alternative to purchasing, and Montessori inspired toy subscriptions for child-led learning provide parents with more flexibility.

Curated toy boxes for child development are a valuable resource, offering the value of expert selections and age-appropriate products. Children develop fast, and the turnover of toys for the child’s age is rapid, leaving no option but to sell or give away.

Toy subscription boxes service this need for constant replenishment of stimulating toys, meaning you can simply return when done.

With this understanding, parents can explore the benefits of subscription boxes.

toy subscription boxes

Benefits of Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes provide a convenient way of delivering age-appropriate toys and activities to children, eliminating the need to research, order, or shop for toys individually.

Benefits of toy subscriptions for child development include cost effective options, customization and personalization, sustainability and eco-friendly options, comparison of different subscription services children’s toys, and age-appropriate boxes.

Gifting for birthdays and holidays, educational purposes, creativity and imagination, and STEM learning are all possible with toy subscriptions. This enables babies, toddlers and pre school children to get access to toys that improve fine motor skills and develop key skills.

Additionally, many great companies offer sustainable and eco-friendly options, making them an ideal choice for families looking to reduce their environmental impact.

Finally, toy subscription boxes provide an easy and cost-effective way to keep children entertained and learning without having to constantly shop for exciting new toys.

Transcending into the subsequent section, a review of Wizard Wonders will provide further insight into the benefits of toy subscriptions.

whirli toy subscription box
Whirli toy subscription box

Whirli Toy Subscription Service

Whirli offers a sustainable toy subscription service that allows users to borrow toys and swap them for tokens to be spent on more toys. Benefits include access to over 1000 toys, no time limits or penalties, and discounted prices. The toy selection is age-appropriate for newborns to 8-year-olds and meets UK and EU safety standards.

Different pricing options are available, with Delivery Bolt-On and Delivery Booster options available in January 2023. Reviews are generally positive, praising the quality and sustainability of all the toys. The toy swap process is simple and efficient, with tokens returned when toys are sent back.

Delivery and shipping is available to any UK address with standard and premium options. Customer support and cancellation policy is also available. Compared to other subscription services, Whirli offers a unique toy exchange process and sustainable practices that make it a great choice for parents.

Whirli did go into administration in May 2022, but were saved from going bust by new  owners who have brought the business back bigger and better than ever, branching out into key baby equipment like prams, strollers and baby carriers. Making a rental service to save the pocket and the environment. So give baby toy rental a whirlie.

Wizard Wonders Review

Wizard Wonders is a personalized story-based subscription service that promotes reading, creativity, and cross-curricular learning for children. It offers benefits such as age-appropriate book selection and activities tailored to the child’s interests.

The age range for Wizard Wonders is 4-8 and all the materials and activities are designed to encourage storytelling, creativity, and cross-curricular learning. The customization options allow parents to choose books from a variety of genres and topics that are tailored to the child’s interests. The stories are also accompanied by activities and worksheets to reinforce the learning.

Parents can also be involved in the process by discussing the stories with their children and helping them complete the activities. Wizard Wonders is a great way to encourage learning, imagination, and creativity while providing hours of entertainment for children. With its customization options and educational activities, it is sure to be a hit with parents and children alike.

Bike Club Overview

Bike Club offers a unique solution to the problem of growing out of a bike, with its bike subscription service that allows parents to trade in bikes as their child grows.

Bike Club customers benefit from an extensive selection of bikes and the ability to swap out bikes as their child’s needs change. Subscribers can choose from a variety of pricing options and membership perks, such as discounts on accessories, free shipping, and free bike servicing.

Customers can review the selection of bikes online and receive helpful customer support when needed. Bike Club bikes are safe and reliable, with features such as adjustable handlebars and adjustable seats.

Bike Club’s user experience is hassle-free, delivering a convenient and cost-effective way to keep up with a child’s changing needs. With its flexible subscription options, Bike Club is an ideal choice for families with growing children.

Peas and Pod Features

Inspired by Montessori and Steiner schools, Peas and Pod offers a child-led learning subscription box that promotes nature exploration and fun. Its benefits include a curated selection of toys and activities tailored to the age range of 0-7 years. Monthly subscription boxes include items such as puzzles, books, art activities, and toys that promote sensory exploration.

Parents can choose from the Peas and Pod subscription options, which range from a one-time box to an annual subscription. Customers have praised the Peas and Pod toy selection for its quality and the ability to promote learning.

Grow With Me Subscription

Grow With Me Subscription provides a unique selection of wooden or sensory toys and a book tailored to the baby’s age, helping to promote learning and development. It offers subscription customization, age-appropriate toys, and sensory play to facilitate creative movement and exploration.

Parents can also enjoy eco-friendly toys made with sustainable materials, hands-on learning activities, and a personalized toy selection for their child. A focus on cultural exploration, history education, and environmental awareness is included in the subscription, making it a great choice for parents looking to foster a sense of belonging in their child.

With its customizable options and age-appropriate materials, Grow With Me Subscription is an ideal choice for parents who want to enhance their baby’s learning and development.

Moving onward, Bring a Book to Life offers a unique subscription to promote reading and learning.

Bring a Book to Life

Bring a Book to Life is a subscription box that encourages reading and learning, containing an age-appropriate book with associated toys and activities. It offers interactive reading to help families create special bonding moments and storytelling adventures.

The box includes book-themed activities to promote literacy development and imaginative play. Parents can also benefit from book recommendations, early childhood literacy tips, and engaging book selections. With story-based learning, the box provides a unique way to develop a love for books and reading.

An ideal way to foster a child’s love of literature, Bring a Book to Life offers an enjoyable experience for the whole family. Through its offerings, it helps families enjoy the journey of learning together.

The Curiosity Box Details

The Curiosity Box is a STEM learning subscription box that provides science and engineering experiments and activities for children. It is tailored to promote creative problem-solving, while encouraging exploration and discovery. The box includes personalized stories to spark the imagination, and helps to develop critical thinking skills.

The Curiosity Box offers a unique way to explore science topics, and is beneficial for both children and adults. Additionally, it is a sustainable toy subscription service that includes high-quality, eco-friendly toys. It is also inspired by Montessori and Steiner schools, to promote nature fun and educational history focused projects.

Subscription boxes for babies and toddlers are also available, with developmentally appropriate toys to help reach milestones and enrich the senses. For those looking for more flexibility, rental toy subscriptions are available to swap out toys to keep up with changing interests.

Transitioning to the next section, Nano and Jumbo Box subscriptions provide a curriculum-linked, fun-filled way to explore science and engineering.

Nano and Jumbo Box

Nano and Jumbo Box subscriptions provide an exciting opportunity to explore science and engineering through engaging and educational activities. With experiments, collectible stickers, posters, and themed activities, as well as lab equipment linked to the national curriculum, there is something for every age, from 4 to 11.

Subscriptions can be for 3 months, a year, or one-off options. STEM learning is at the heart of Nano and Jumbo Box, with science experiments for inquisitive minds. As an added bonus, the boxes are also filled with fun and surprises.

The subscription duration options offer flexibility to meet the needs of every family, making this an ideal choice for those who want to spark a love of learning.

Little Sensory Box Review

Offering quarterly boxes filled with sensory-play items for babies aged zero to twelve months, the Little Sensory Box provides an exciting opportunity for parents to introduce their children to stimulating and age-appropriate toys.

This Montessori-inspired play set encourages sensory development and includes sustainably sourced toys. It also offers personalized selections and DIY activities to keep children engaged.

Furthermore, the box also provides STEM-focused toys and collectible subscriptions for cultural learning. Additionally, parents can enjoy affordable subscription options to keep their child’s toy collections fresh.

With this, parents can ensure their little one’s development is supported and they have a sense of belonging. Transitioning into the next topic of Little Crumbs Boxes.

Little Crumbs Boxes

Little Crumbs Boxes provide monthly deliveries of recipe cards, craft projects, and stories for children aged three to ten, tailored to encourage creative play and family togetherness. Benefits of Little Crumbs Boxes include age appropriate toys, crafts, recipes, and storytime to stimulate sensory, imaginative, and learning development.

Parents report that Little Crumbs Boxes provide an excellent bonding experience for their families. Customer reviews highlight the high quality boxes and variety of the boxes, with many noting they are a better value than other subscription boxes. Together, Little Crumbs Boxes offer an engaging and educational experience that are sure to bring smiles and lasting family memories.

Mini Monsters Play Well Box

Mini Monsters Play Well Box provides a themed subscription for children aged three to five, designed to promote creative play and movement. With its subscription box benefits, Mini Monsters Play Well Box offers an understanding of toy subscriptions that is unparalleled. The Mini Monsters Play Well Box is one of the best toy subscription companies, along with Wizard Wonders Review, Bike Club Overview, Peas and Pod Features, Grow With Me Subscription, Bring a Book to Life, and Whirli Subscription Service.

Through its creative play and movement, Mini Monsters Play Well Box helps children develop physical and emotional skills. This subscription box can help families bond and create lasting memories as they discover the wonders of life together.

Moving forward, the Mysteries in Time Package offers a monthly subscription package for children aged seven to eleven, focusing on history and problem-solving.

Mysteries in Time Package

Moving on from Mini Monsters Play Well Box, the Mysteries in Time Package is a monthly subscription box for children aged 7 to 11, focusing on history and problem-solving. It encourages critical thinking and provides hands-on activities to explore different eras, from Ancient Egypt to World War II.

It also offers:
– STEM-focused toy subscriptions
– Montessori-inspired educational toys
– Sustainable and eco-friendly options
– Personalized toy subscriptions
– Hands-on learning boxes for toddlers
– Developmentally appropriate toys for babies
– Collectible toy subscriptions
– Toy subscriptions for preschoolers

It is a great way to foster a love for history and develop problem-solving skills in young learners.

Lovevery Play Kits

Lovevery Play Kits are carefully curated to promote the developmental progress of babies, featuring high-quality toys and sustainably made materials. Lovevery’s pricing starts at $80 for the first year and increases to $120 after. Subscription options include the choice to adjust the kit as the child grows.

Reviews by customers highlight the quality of all the sensory toys and toys and the value of the subscription. The kits include items to help reach milestones and enrich the senses, such as tummy time mirrors, stacking cups, and teething rings. With options for additional grow-with-me products, the kits are made with sustainable materials and designed with the help of childhood development experts.

Tiny Earth Toys Rentals

Tiny Earth Toys offers a unique solution for toy acquisition with its own toy rental and toy subscription service, providing high-quality, mostly wooden toys that can be swapped out every two months to keep up with a child’s changing interests. The benefits of borrowing toys are plentiful, and the wooden toy rentals offer long-lasting playtime.

Compared to KiwiCo subscription options for sensory boxes that provide STEM activities for kids, Tiny Earth Toys offers a comprehensive review of toys that are high quality and sustainable. For collectors, the toy subscription box provides themed toy box options. Lovevery toy box review is also available for those who prefer a personalized toy box.

With a wide range of options for toy rentals, Tiny Earth Toys is the perfect choice for families looking for an affordable and sustainable way to keep their children entertained.

Didi’s Toy Box Personalization

Didi’s Toy Box offers a personalized toy subscription service that makes selecting toys for a child easy. It offers a curated selection of age-appropriate toys from brand partners that are delivered monthly.

Subscription plans start at one month and can be extended up to 12 months with discounts for longer plans.

Shipping costs are $5 to $8 per box.

The toys are Montessori-inspired, eco-friendly, and sustainable.

It also includes cultural and wildlife exploration items to promote learning.


Subscription boxes offer a convenient way to provide age-appropriate toys for children. The variety of boxes available ensures parents can find the right one for their child, whether that be children’s toy boxes, one designed for STEM activities or one with natural and organic toys.

With the range of toy subscription boxes available, parents can rest assured that their child will have access to the best toys.