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Yesterday I brought you the gift ideas for the babies, today it’s time for the boys! However, just because it says boys, don’t overlook this if you have girls. Most of these items are aimed at either gender and those that are specifically marketed for boys can be enjoyed by girls just as much. So please have a little mooch around! If your stuck for ideas I guarantee there will be something here to make your little ones face light up on Xmas morning!


The Robot Coin Counting Money Box by Find me a Gift, is a great little present. I think teaching children about the value of money is a really important lesson and what better way than to save the pennies they earn? The great thing about this money box is that it actually counts what you put in and displays the total on it’s front! I’m ashamed to say that we have never had a money box for Finlay. We always spoke about it and never got around to it. He really loves to feed whatever coins he finds lying around and the LCD displays add it up instantly. It’s really kinda cool looking too and looks great on the shelf! A great present at a very reasonable price!


Christmas Gift Guide Xmas gift ideas for children boys robot counting money box


Sticker Books and Trading Cards have been enjoyed by children for generations and they still make a great gift today . Finlay was lucky enough to be sent Star Wars, Journey to the Last Jedi Trading Card Collection and Binder by Topps Direct, who specialise in sticker collections, collectable trading cards and trading card games. He has really enjoyed opening his packets (hoping for the limited edition cards!) and ticking off his collection on his poster. It really brought back memories from doing similar things when I was young, oh the nostalgia! If star wars isn’t your thing theres Shopkins, Football (Match Attack), Disney, WWE and so much more to choose one. A great little gift with items starting from as little as £1!


Christmas Gift Guide Xmas gift ideas for children boys trading cards


If you’re looking for an awesome rechargeable toothbrush for your little one, look no more. Buddies have created an amazing unique rechargeable toothbrush for children and two yummy flavour toothpaste, Zing Apple and Hint of Mint. Making teeth cleaning easy and fun. The Buddies toothbrush works with a canister dispenser of toothpaste that fits into the brush handle.This delivers the correct amount of toothpaste each time, with no mess. Not only that the toothpaste contains the recommended amount of fluoride to protect precious teeth and avoids nasties such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (A Dentist Approved Formula). Although Finlay will use normal mint toothpaste he much prefers these two flavours and particully enjoys the apple one!


Christmas Gift Guide Xmas gift ideas for children boys rechargable toothbrush


Technolgy has a wonderful place in today’s society, however it can easily begin to consume our lives, especially children. TV, SmartPhones, Ipads, Consoles etc. Time Tokens are an ingenious way to help you manage your child’s screen time, in a way where your child is in control. When I was asked to try them out, I jumped at the chance. I love technology, but we don’t want it to rule Finlay’s life. Finlay is quite young, but he is beginning to understand that he has to earn his screen time and when his time is up, it is up. Although Time Tokens might not be your bog standard present, I think they would make a great addition to any present that may increase screen time like a tablet or console!


Christmas Gift Guide Xmas gift ideas for children boys time tokens


If Arts and Crafts are your child’s thing then you Squidgydoodle in your Life. Squidgydoodle specialises in sensory Art and Craft boxes, delivered to your door. Each box is carefully put together to encourage your little people’s imaginations and sense of curiosity. Whats more there’s no right or wrong way for these crafts, just let your child’s imaginations run free. Each box will contain Art materials and equipment for 4 craft and sensory activities. We were sent the Winter Wonderland Box. Finlay has enjoyed making a tissue paper Xmas tree, snow, wintery prints and even a snowstorm. These are great little boxes, that I guarantee your little ones will love. A perfect present for Xmas or your child’s Xmas eve box.


Christmas Gift Guide Xmas gift ideas for children boys squidgydoodle craft box


If you have a Transformers fan than you need the Combiner Force Team Menasor Figure. Finlay is a huge Transformers fan and he has quite a few of the different figures from the one step changers through to the 3 step one. However when he asked Santa this year for a Transformer that had all the baddies (that’s Deceptacons) that go together. I was stumped and I thought Santa might have to bend the request slightly. However, when I found this one, It was just what he asked for. I wonder if he saw it somewhere. Anyway, it contains 5 different Transformers that combine together to make Menasor. How awesome is that? Anyway, he is going to love this come Xmas morning. I guarantee your Transformers fan will too!


Christmas Gift Guide Xmas gift ideas for children boys transformers

Playmobil has been around for Donkeys years. Finlay inherited Chris’s old bits from when he was a boy a little while ago and we have continued to add to his collection. He loves playing with all the different pieces and its great for imaginative and role play. I recently saw the City Action Construction Rubble Excavator I had to get it for Finlays Collection. He will really enjoy being able to play with the functional shovel. If you have a Playmobil fan, this is a bargain item from the city action range!


Christmas Gift Guide Xmas gift ideas for children boys playmobil


Finlay is just moving into the age bracket of Lego. Nanny brought him the “Batman Vs Mr Freeze” Building Set for his birthday earlier in the year. He loves Batman so this was perfect. the set is from the juniors range so its easier for the children to build. Once together the Batman boat has this little shooter, to shoot the batman disk which was a gimmick Finlay really enjoyed. This would make an ideal stocking filler.


Christmas Gift Guide Xmas gift ideas for children boys lego batman


One of Finlay’s favourite activities at the moment is going outside with daddy to play with the RC trucks. If your looking for a present then I would strongly consider an RC truck. It’s great for some bonding time between the boys. Although the Vatos RC Jeep isn’t the one Finlay owns, it’s very similar in specification. These types of RC vehicles are really robust and you can make them do jumps and all kinds of stunts, they are really fun to watch and would be a great present for a little boy at Xmas.


Christmas Gift Guide Xmas gift ideas for children boys remote control car


If your looking to buy a tablet for your little one, I highly recommend the Leapfrog LeapPad3 Learning Tablet. These tablets are designed especially for kids. They are strong and robust and can take a good old tumble without breaking. There are 1000+ educator approved games, apps, eBooks, videos, music and more. Covering core subjects like reading, maths, science and creativity. Finlay has had his tablet for a few years now and he really likes to play on it. It makes me feel happy to know that games are based on the latest educational research. So I really know Finlay is learning as he plays. It’s been a great buy for us and would be an ideal Xmas present for a child (also in pink).


Christmas Gift Guide Xmas gift ideas for children boys leapfrog leappad3

I hope you find my recomendations useful. We have loved all of these products, so they really do come  highly recommended. Does anything take your fancy?


Disclosure: This gift guide contains gifted products and products that I have purchased myself and genuinely love and believe would make ideal Christmas presents. This post contains affiliate links.









9 Comments on Christmas Gift Guide: Xmas Gift Ideas for Boys

  1. What a great Christmas Gift Guide! I’ve just ordered the robot money box for my daughter. She’s obsessed with coins and loves robots.

  2. Oh you’ve got some great ideas here, my son would definitely love the Transformer and the remote control jeep. I also like the idea of the money counting robot as we’re trying to teach my children the value of money at the moment.

  3. I love the idea of the counting money box. We have a money box for our son to save in but this would help as he grows up. I also think he’d enjoy the playmobil set!

  4. Ooh some fab ideas here! My boys are 3 & 6 and so lots of these presents are perfect for them. The Leapfrog sounds perfect for my 6 year old (I didn’t know they were based on latest educational research) and you can’t beat Play Mobile for longevity. They are such well made toys

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